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Zebra post-time skip


Japanese ゼブラ
Romanized Zebura
English Zebra
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday February 9th, 475 GA
Age 25 (start of the series);
29 (Post-Timeskip)
Status Alive
Height 255 cm
Weight 310 Kg
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation Four Heavenly Kings
Occupation Gourmet Hunter
Partner Dharma Horse;
Personal Status
Relatives Ichiryu (adoptive father)
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 123
Anime Episode 56
Japanese Kenji Matsuda
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The Four Heavenly Kings as Children

Zebra and the other Four Heavenly Kings as children with their master Ichiryu.

Not much is known about Zebra's past, however it is known that during his childhood he, along with four other children named Toriko, Coco, Sunny and Rin were young starving orphans living alone in a poverty stricken nation with no one to care for them, that was until they were discovered by the IGO's top members Ichiryu and Mansam, who came to their nation to distribute food to the poor. Having noticed the childrens' potential, Ichiryu decided to take them under his wing and teach them the ways of the Bishokuya and train them to their physical peaks.

Eventually Zebra, Toriko, Sunny and Coco became the Four Heavenly Kings, some of the most well known Bishokuya in the Human World and Rin became the right-hand assistant of Mansam. At an unknown point during or after their training, Zebra and his fellow students were injected with Gourmet Cells which increased their physical power beyond that of normal humans. It is also mentioned that Zebra and the other kings were Chain Animals in the Gourmet Coliseum, however the full details behind this have yet to be explained. At some undisclosed point Zebra was challenged by, and almost killed Match inflicting all the scars on him with one attack.

Puffer Whale ArcEdit

Arrest and ImprisonmentEdit

Zebra in Prison Eps 51

Zebra in Honey Prison.

Some time before the story began, Zebra was arrested for starting wars, killing creatures and bringing 26 entire species to extinction (although all of these creatures were dangerous and ecosystem destroying beings that threatened the stability of life). However this along with his destructive behavior were not tolerated for too long as Saiseiyas Yosaku and Teppei were sent to bring him to justice and were successful in defeating and capturing him (although he claimed to have lost on purpose). He was then given the Death Sentence and sent to Honey Prison for his execution, where he was confined in the lowest level of the prison's floors, an area which no one had ever survived. On his own volition, he has been continuously executed everyday since arriving.

Regal Mammoth ArcEdit

In order to capture the Jewel Meat before the Gourmet Corp., chief Mansam requests the presence of all Four Heavenly Kings. However, the release of Zebra is refused when the IGO Judical Affairs Bureau Director, Gras, went to do so.

Melk Stardust ArcEdit

Zebra Eps 57

Zebra awaiting Toriko.

To release Zebra, Saiseiya Yosaku, and IGO president, Ichiryu, personally went to see Warden Love, to get her to do so, since sending Gras was ineffective. They managed to come to an agreement, though Love was still against it.

Mellow Cola ArcEdit

Toriko, needing Zebra's ability to get an Ingredient on Ichiryu's List, goes to Honey Prison with Komatsu to pick the 'problem child' up. Zebra then greets Toriko via a Sound Bullet, telling the 'Glutton' that the food he was bringing wasn't nearly enough. As Toriko approaches the prison, he collects wild beasts on the way, all the while talking to Zebra, who communicated back using Sound Bullets. As Toriko enters the prison, Zebra goes silent, and starts 'charging' for an attack.

Sound Bazooka

Zebra is freed at last.

Just as the Combo actually meets Zebra, Toriko realizes that he was 'charging', and just then four Execution Beasts starts moving, intending to tear the 'problem child' apart. However Zebra manages to withstand it, and unleashes a devastating Sound Bazooka, breaking his chains, knocking out the Execution Beasts and causing everyone in the vicinity to close up their ears and duck for cover. Toriko angrily yells at Zebra once he's done, though the 'problem child' just cheekily said that he was just trying to wake the 'Glutton' up, and that the world must have been boring without him, which Toriko firmly denies. Zebra then goes to kill every prisoner that talked badly about him behind his back, though all the time, he was listening into Komatsu as the Chef cooked. Meanwhile, around the Human World, news of Zebra's release has thrown the world into panic, and countries were taking emergency counter-measures, in the event that Zebra visits them.

He enters the dining hall covered in the blood of his victims, scaring Komatsu and then seeing he'll eat the small Chef, though Toriko grabbed Zebra by his hair, telling the larger Bishokuya not to threaten his partner. Just as it looks like things were going to come to blows, Warden Love used her Tranquilizing Pheromones, calming Toriko down, though Zebra seems mainly unaffected. They then sit down to eat, and while Love tries to explain to Zebra the conditions of his release, which was to find 100 new types of foods, and capture of 500 criminals. However, the man in question was, quite frankly, ignoring her and talking to Toriko about the Mellow Cola, the target Toriko wished to capture, the Glutton explained that Ichiryu said it was the world's tastiest cola. Toriko then asked Zebra if he likes cola, and though Zebra denied it, the Glutton was unconvinced since the Problem Child was heavily salivating. With the banquet finished, Zebra questions Komatsu about whether he cooked the meal, to which the Chef replies in the affirmative. Zebra recalls what he heard while Komatsu was walking to the prison, and while the chef was cooking. Zebra then warns Komatsu about being cocky in his presence, making the already scared Komatsu even more nervous. When Ohban entered and informed the diners about the 'Monster of the Forest,' Zebra considers the beast to be cocky, and goes outside of Honey Prison to deal with it personally. He then prepares and fires a Thunder Noise, stunning several other beasts including the 'Monster of the Forrest,' the Magma Tortoise, and finishes it of with Voice Missile. After defeating the beasts, he has strained his throat, and asks Toriko for something to drink after he has eaten the monsters, to which Toriko asks if Zebra wanted to have some cola.

Zebra, Toriko and Komatsu then travel on a Lift House across the Valley of Dust Clouds to get to Sand Gardens. As they travel, Toriko sews up Zebra's ripped left cheek as a form of camouflage, but just as he finishes, Zebra rips it by opening his mouth after hearing that a meal is ready. This causes Toriko to get annoyed, and they start fighting, another out of many they've had on the 1 month long trip. When the Bishokuya sit down to eat, they compliment each other on their growth. Zebra then turns his attention to Komatsu, and advises the Chef to treat him as an environment, since if an environment isn't maintained, creatures around it start to die, scaring Komatsu. Zebra is then annoyed as Toriko told Komatsu that he doesn't need to treat the Problem Child that way. When they finally reach the Sand Gardens, Zebra finds a local, who begs Zebra to spare his life, which the Bishokuya complies on the condition that he is treated to some delicious cuisine, separating Zebra from the Combo. He eventually finds them purchasing camels for the trip, when he is suddenly surrounded by citizens, praising him, which confuses Komatsu who has heard about Zebra's grave sins. Interestingly, Zebra's release has yielded some positive effects, such that one desert town that was ravaged by war regarded him as a savior who brought it to an end (the country that owned the town temporarily postponed the war in order to deal with or avoid him). Zebra was starting to get annoyed at all the praise he was receiving, until he noticed a dangerous creature approaching. Just as the Eight-Tail Scorpion was about to attack a little girl, Zebra sliced it up with Voice Cutter. He then told the citizens that they better adapt to him.

Zebra then confronts Komatsu, saying that he heard the Chef say that he din't want the Bishokuya to come along. Komatsu apologizes for getting 'cocky' and saying such things before learning of the full circumstances of Zebra's arrest and release. Zebra, who was listening to Komatsu's pulse, realizes that the chef wasn't lying then or now, even though Komatsu knew the Bishokuya would be listening. Komatsu's directness impresses the Bishokuya, so Zebra told Komatsu of how, in his own opinion, the biggest form of 'cockiness,' is to lie. When Komatsu said that he wouldn't do that, Zebra says he knows how honest and direct Komatsu is, and it is to the point that he wishes that Komatsu would lie a little. He then goes on to say that his condition for his help on this trip would be Komatsu's cooking. Komatsu then countered with the condition that Zebra can't meaninglessly kill beasts. Zebra agreed on the condition that Komatsu cooks his meals for free, to which the Chef agreed to do, if Zebra supplied his kitchen with Ingredients. They started listing other conditions, with Komatsu requesting that the Bishokuya sews up his ripped cheek, amongst other things, and Zebra demanding that Komatsu can't be cocky in his presence and to fix his 'pig nose', plus more. When Toriko calls for them, Zebra asks Komatsu if the Chef has 'adapted' to Toriko, and that Komatsu might make a better Combo with himself. Zebra then makes one more condition, that Komatsu forms a Combo with himself once they capture the cola. The Chef, understanding that they probably won't get the Mellow Cola without Zebra, requests that Zebra reveals his life time Full Course Menu. Komatsu is shocked when Zebra reveals that he doesn't have one, and wasn't interested in making one. The Chef states that, even if Toriko hasn't decided his entire Full Course yet, he is sure it will be a good one, that he wishes ro cook it, and that whether he joins Zebra as a Combo, or not, depends on his Full Course. Zebra, understanding that he'll have to make his own Full Course compete with Toriko's agrees to these terms. Komatsu then makes one last condition, that Zebra works with Toriko as much as he can, to wish the Bishokuya reluctantly but easily agrees to.

With that they saddle up their camels and head for the location of the Mellow Cola, the Gourmet Pyramid. When the old lady who rents them the camels heard of their intended destination, she warns against it, saying that the place is nick-named the Bishokuya Graveyard, which Zebra simply laughs at, saying that the location is getting cocky. While Toriko and Komatsu were riding a Water Storage Camel, Zebra got a Wine Camel, which the Problem Child states is because he's an adult, though the Glutton refutes this, saying that Zebra gets easily drunk and then tends to go on a rampage. As they travel, a school of Desert Sharks attempt to attack the party, but was chased of by Zebra's Weak Point Voice, once he learnt that they weren't edible. They endure some minor difficulties in their travels, but eventually they reach the 'Red Maze of Sand', also known as the Desert Labyrinth, to which Toriko says is due to oxidized iron in the sand, though, Zebra also adds that blood from various beasts have mixed into the sand and looks like he is enjoying himself.

Soon after they enter the maze, Komatsu disappears, the camels collapses and falls into quicksand, and the two remaining Bishokuya are surrounded by a bizarre mirage. Zebra confirms that Komatsu was taken by a mirage soon after entering the 'Red Maze', and agreed to find Komatsu if Toriko took care of the incoming beasts. Zebra, getting annoyed at the Desert Labyrinth for getting cocky and 'lying' to him via mirages, uses Echo Map to see the truth, and is surprised to see how far away Komatsu has gone. When Toriko asks about Komatsu, Zebra confirms his safety and that the Chef was sucked into quicksand. However Toriko was surprised that Zebra's voice was breaking, meaning that the Problem Child was exerting his voice to the maximum range of approximately 70km. Toriko expresses his worry for his Combo, and requests that they go after Komatsu, to which Zebra says that he'll send Roar Bullets to chase of any beasts trying to attack Komatsu, and questions whether the Chef has really adapted to the Glutton. They then go after Komatsu, with Zebra guiding, who advises Toriko to stay close and follow him through the mirages. They start to slow their pace due to the intense heat, and the two Bishokuya start teasing each other, claiming the other to be suffering from the environment. Soon a Sand Flower Fish bursts out of the desert, which Zebra requests that Toriko captures. After eating the meat, Zebra's Gourmet Cells evolved to handle the intense desert heat. When Toriko asks how Zebra is coping to the environment, the Problem Child responds that it is the environment that needs to cope with him. When Toriko says that if Komatsu is still alive, the Chef is really lucky, Zebra acknowledges this by saying that Komatsu's 'luck' may be the real deal, since chasing him has lead them to their ultimate destination, the Gourmaet Pyramid.As Zebra scans the structure using Echolocation, he is shocked at the size of it, for what they see is actually the tip of an immense castle, with the tip alone being approximately 500M in height.

When Komatsu awakened within the 'pyramid', he is confronted by a large beast that was scared of by Zebra's Roar Bullet. Zebra the talks to Komatsu via Sound Bullets, telling the Chef that he was in the lower levels of the Gourmet Pyramid, and that he needs to do two things: try not to die, and think of the menu of the feast they are going to have after capturing the Mellow Cola. It is revealed that all the while, when Komatsu was descending through the quicksand, Zebra has been sending 'strong' words to Komatsu. Mean while, back with Toriko, Zebra informs that Komatsu is already within the pyramid, and that even though he has taken precautions, there were many mysterious things in the structure. When Toriko asks about how cooperative Zebra was on this trip, the Problem Child responds with an evil grin that it will be a problem if something were to happen to Komatsu, who was the reward for this capture. Zebra then guides Toriko downstairs, saying that most people who make it this far make the mistake of going up instead of down. Unfortunately though Zebra lost track of Komatsu's voice as they started descending. Just as they started, they encountered an unfortunate Gorgops, which ended up as the Bishokuya's meal. However, soon after entering an open space, Zebra started to show signs of fatigue, as he has been continuously bee using Echo Map for five hours, consuming alot of calories. The open space then started to shift to reveal a Unicorn Cerberus, and though Toriko started attacking it, Zebra was the one who finished it. Zebra then wrote on his cloak with the beasts blood, revealing that he closed his map and lost track of Komatsu. After eating the beast and claiming that it wasn't enough for him to recover, he tells Toriko, using his own developed sign language, to tell Toriko to follow him, and then to punch a hole in a specific spot in the wall. They then descend a staircase.

In the mean time, Komatsu has encountered an Escarjaw, but was protected thanks to Zebra's Sound Armor, which reminds Komatsu that as a chef, he has think as any beast he finds as an Ingredient, giving him new found resolve. As the Bishokuya's descend to find Komatsu, they encounter various wild beasts along the way, like Dangoal, Tiger Fang, Mimic Bagworms and Evil Hunter, which they kill and eat, steadily recovering their energy, all the while rushing ahead, until finally, Zebra can properly use his voice. He then reactivates his Echo Map, but finds that Komatsu has stumbled onto a powerful beast. He tries to Intimidate it using a Roar Bullet, but fails. Realizing how powerful the beast is, he cancels the map, informs Toriko that they're taking a shortcut, and destroys the floor using Sound Bazooka. The Bishokuya fall upon Komatsu's location much to the Chef's joy. Realizing that something has broken through the Sound Armor he put around Komatsu, he assumes it's the beast in front of him, the master of the Pyramid, the Salamander Sphinx.

Toriko and Zebra charging for the Mellow Cola

Zebra and Toriko prepare to battle the Salamander Sphinx for its Mellow Cola.

Zebra starts attacking it, starting of by firing an attack upwards, followed by a Voice Missile directly at the beast, and then a Voice Cutter at it's belly. Zebra then thought it was defeated after the Thunder Noise descended, so was shocked to see it seemed unaffected, and instead attacked the Bishokuya with it's tongue. Zebra tried to defend using Sound Wall, but was surprised when the beasts tongue curved around it. Toriko managed to push Zebra aside, and revealed that, according to the information he received from Melk the First, the Mellow Cola, matures within this beast, and confirms it with his nose, much to Zebra's surprise. The Salamander Sphinx then goes on the attack, and with a simple wave of its paw created several powerful slashes. Zebra finds this amusing, and with that the two Bishokuya engage the beast.

Machine Gun Voice on Salamander Sphinx

Zebra attacking the Salamander Sphinx with his Machine Gun Voice with little effect.

Zebra used Machine Gun Voice, but the Sphinx merely shook it off. Toriko follows with a Flying Fork, which the Sphinx catches with it's teeth, and then a Leg Knife, which the beast avoided, displaying its incredible speed. Seeing that the attacks won't hit unless they are at the speed of sound, Zebra uses Single Slash Voice Cutter to cut the Sphinx's shoulder, and taking a mouthful of its blood, believing it to be the cola. However he spits it out, realizing that it isn't the case, and both he and Toriko are pushed back by the beast's assault. When he questions Toriko about the cola, the Glutton says that he heard it matured inside the beast, but he never said it was the blood, causing Zebra to think that it was the beasts urine. Komatsu then reveals that the cola is the Sphinx's tears. When they ask how he knows this, Komatsu reveals an ancient cook book he found, and when Zebra questions whether he can actually read the ancient writing, the Chef completely denies it. He goes onto say that he has read hundreds of cooking books, and by observing the pictures, and the length of the lines, he can somehow guess the preparation for getting the Mellow Cola. With that, the Bishokuya entrust Komatsu with directing them, as they attack the Sphinx, with Zebra happily saying that making beasts cry is his specialty. Though at first Komatsu seems hesitant, Zebra tells the Chef to pull it together, giving him new found resolve. Komatsu's first order is to evenly beat every inch of the beast, which Zebra did using Sound Bazooka. They then had to hit the Sphinx in the solar plexus, which Toriko did with a 10-Hit Nail Punch, while Zebra covered him with Sound Wall. When the beast went on a rampage again, Komatsu wavered, but regained his focus with the Bishokuya's encouragement. When they had to slice of the scales of it's back, Zebra distracted it while Toriko cut the scales with Leg Knife. This was followed by Zebra having to cut at the back of the beasts leg, clockwise from its right fore leg. They then had to pull a feather from each of its wings at the same time. Komatsu guided the two Kings through each stage until the last step, which was to tenderize the Sphinx's snake tail. Putting all their remaining power into it they pummel the tail, Toriko with his 15-Hit Nail Punch, and Zebra with his Voice Missile. They then turn to see the beast start tearing. However, at their jubilance to see the Salamander Sphinx releasing its cola, they let down their guard, allowing a mysterious Birdman creature to attack Komatsu with a fatal blow, and knock the two exhausted Bishokuya away easily and consumes the cola.

However, after seeing the fallen Komatsu, and remembering their conversation about the Problem Child's condition, together with the fact that the new threat stole the Mellow Cola, gave Zebra new energy in the form of intense rage, Toriko also stands up using Autophagy, and together the two Kings attack the creature, Zebra with Meteor Noise, Toriko using a 17-Hit Nail Punch. The creature first went for Toriko but was blown away by the Nail Punch, and then hit by Zebra's attack. Zebra then grabs the Birdman by its head, and hit it at point-black with several Voice Missiles. However it managed to get away with a weak imitation of Toriko's Nail Punch. It ws then that Zebra realized that he has seen a child version of this creature being held in Honey Prison. Toriko, knowing that both their power ups will only last a short time, proposes that they use joint attacks, though Zebra seems reluctant. Toriko then lets loose a barrage of Rapid Flying Forks, which the creature dodges, managing to get close and hitting Toriko. However that puts him in position for Zebra's Machine Gun Voice, leaving it open for Toriko's Leg Fork and Leg Knife, though it managed to dodge Toriko's 17-Hit Nail Punch. It got into position to get hit by the Meteor Noise that Zebra prepared at the beginning but managed to dodge that as well. Toriko then silently communicates with Zebra, asking him to combine their attacks, and after glancing at Komatsu and remembering their promise, launches his voice at Toriko. He uses Sound Wall to prevent the creature from escaping the attack, as Toriko uses the propulsion of Zebra's voice to perform 17-Hit Speed of Sound Nail Punch.

Zebra using Death Sound on Nitro

Zebra kills the Birdman with his Death Noise.

The Bishokuya were slightly startled when the creature was still alive after that attack, however Zebra could tell it was dying, and as 'thanks' for giving them such a 'fun' battle, ends its life with Death Noise. They briefly talk about the creature, when Zebra heard a heart beat. At first they thought it was the Birdman, before they realize that Komatsu is still alive. Zebra reveals he wrapped a stronger Sound Armor around Komatsu after the first one was destroyed, and thought that the creature broke through it. After Komatsu thanks Zebra, he suddenly asks about the cola, causing the Bishokuya to realize their fatigue. Toriko apologizes to Komatsu, saying that the creature drank it, and when the Chef asks where the Salamander Sphinx is now, Zebra pointed it out. Komatsu then revealed that it is not done, that what came out earlier was the oxidized scum, and that the true Mellow Cola is 10 to a 100 times more than that.

Sphinx happy for releasing the Cola

The Salamander Sphinx finally releases its Mellow Cola.

As the Bishokuya turn to face the the Salamander Sphinx, it burst into tears, revealing the true Mellow Cola. They happily bathe in it, and after taking a mouthful of it, Zebra's Gourmet Cells evolved. With that, Zebra decided to put the Mello Cola into his Full Course Menu, and states that with this, Komatsu can be his Combo.

Zebra then tells the shocked Toriko about the conditions he and Komatsu had for the Problem Child's cooperation on this trip. When Zebra asks what Komatsu thought about his Full Course, Komatsu reluctantly had to say that he couldn't make a decision with only one position filled starting an argument between Zebra nad Toriko about their Full Courses. Komatsu then states that he agreed to this condition because he believed that there is no way that Toriko's Full Course would lose to anybody else. Seeing the amount of trust the Chef has for Toriko, Zebra agrees, and states that he'll make a Full Course Menu that will amaze Komatsu, and in return, Komatsu has to prepare the banquet when the return home. Komatsu happily agrees, then pulls out a Gourmet Rucksack and sucks up as much of the Mellow Cola as he can. When Toriko asks Zebra to open his Echo Map for the way out, Zebra indicates that he can't do it since his throat is sore. Toriko then decides to guide the way by following their scent. Toriko thanks the Salamander Sphinx for its tears, however, it gets angry and chases them away, though Zebra seems to want to stay and fight it for getting cocky. When they reached the outside, Zebra's voice returned, and he protected Komatsu with a Mellow Cola enhanced Sound Armor. As they traveled back through the Sand Gardens, they picked up samples of desserts on the way, like Black Sugar Desert and Rice Desert. When they got back, Toriko wanted to give the old lady who rented them the camels some Mellow Cola as thanks, though ended up fighting Zebra who didn't want to share.

When they eventually got back, Zebra and Toriko were invited to Hotel Gourmet for the promised celebratory banquet, though it caused a massive ruckus with the guests. When Komatsu greeted them, Zebra suddenly told the chef not to get cocky. Startled, Komatsu wondered what he did that was cocky, when Toriko revealed that Zebra was actually embarrassed since he became a fan of Komatsu's cooking after the banquet at Honey Prison. Zebra, overhearing this, suddenly attacked Toriko for saying too much. After having a toast with Mellow Cola, the two Heavenly Kings eat their feast of Komatsu's cooking, which eventually had the staff buying food from other hotels. With the meal done, Komatsu came out of the kitchen and asked how their meal was, though Zebra wanted to know why Komatsu didn't prepare the Birdman. As Komatsu starts to explain that he didn't think that it could be cooked, three people make their appearance.

Chief Mansam and Chief Ray of the IGO send Rapp to get the creature, but Zebra gets in the large mans way, threatening for trying to take his 'prey'. Mansam warns against it, saying that Rapp is part of 0th Biotopes staff. Mansam explains about the 0th Biotope, located in the Gourmet World, and it's staff. When Zebra hears that the Saiseiya Yosaku was part of it, and that Rapp has strength comparable to him, the Problem Child gets even more interested in fighting him. However, Rapp asks not to, saying that he might not get away unharmed. Zebra is impressed by his honesty, and turns his attention to Mansam who he knew was lying about the creature. After confirming with Zebra that no one can hear their conversation, Mansam, Ray and Rapp explain about the mysterious creature, Nitro and their recent actions, like targeting Chefs in the Human World. When Zebra said that he knew that Mansam was still hiding something, the Chief then revealed that the Gourmet Corp. were involved, and that the creature possibly held a hint to Acacia's Main Course, GOD. However, in the end, Zebra held little interest in this topic, and left, leaving Komatsu's safety in Toriko's hands.

Toriko's Break ArcEdit

Zebra attacked by beasts

Zebra fulfilling the conditions of his parole by capturing many beasts.

During this time, Zebra focuses on completing his parole conditions which include capturing criminals and discovering new ingredients to ensure his freedom.

In the anime, Zebra appears at Gourmet Beach during the Fireworcuits display. Having heard of the newly prepared Gatsukatsu Curry Toriko and the others helped to revive, he takes a short break from his community service to taste it and enjoy the beach for a bit. After sampling a dish at Cumin's food stand, Zebra expresses some interest and rudely proclaims the food to meet his standards. Toriko then assures Cumin that that is the best compliment Zebra can give. Everyone present then enjoys the curry while marveling at the Fireworks display for the rest of the night.

Meteor Garlic ArcEdit

The Four Heavenly Kings are summoned by Chief Mansam to the 1st Biotope, to participate as a Gourmet Santa, though Zebra doesn't attend. It is then revealed that immediately after collecting the Mellow Cola, he was able to discover 100 new type of foods, all of them A-Class and captured 500 criminals, half of them were nearly dead, completing his release conditions. He was instead now searching for Ingredients to make up his Full Course Menu.

Bubble Fruit ArcEdit

When he next meets Toriko and Komatsu, it is with the other two Heavenly Kings and Rin at Pot Pond, where they were summoned by Ichiryu. He greets them with a Sound Bullet, claiming he wants to eat the Madam Fish, and starts to make it a competition. He then talks to Komatsu, asking if his cooking skill has dulled, to which Komatsu states that he has been working hard to refine it. When Komatsu asks about Zebra's Full Course Menu, Zebra reveals he has only three more spots to fill, having made Kishin Intestines his Hors d'Oeuvree, Equator Soup his Soup, BBQ Island his Meat Dish, and Daruma Hermit's Tribute his Dessert. The Kings and Komatsu then go their seperate ways to catch the Madam Fish. Using Voice Sonar, Zebra tries to find the location of the Madam Fish, but finds that other creatures were using sonar as well, which messed up his own. He then used Voice Bazooka to eliminate and eat them. He then went in the direction of the Madam Fish, to find that the other Kings have all converged on Komatsu's location, causing them to wonder out loud how much Food Luck the young Chef has. Just then, Komatsu hooked the fish, and while Zebra said to let him to do the angling, Sunny told the Problem Child not to use his voice, as it may deterioate the taste. They manage to pull the massive fish out of the pond, but then the Kings start bickering amongst themselves claiming credit for the capture. In the end, Zebra ate too much of it to be useful for Toriko's Ehou Maki.

Later, when the Dodurian Bomb fell, he was one of the many people all over the world who grimaced at its scent.

Four Beasts ArcEdit

With the last Ingredient of the Four Heavenly Kings training for the Gourmet World being the Four Beasts, the Kings meet up at Gourmet Town and have a feast at Zen Ou Restaurant, located on the highest floor of the Gourmet Towers' knife building. When the other Kings start talking about Coco's fortune telling business, and they try to involve the Problem Child in the conversation, Zebra clearly states how little he cares. The owner-Chef of the restaurant, Yuda, then appears, carrying several trays balanced on his hand and head. While Yuda talked with the other Kings, Zebra speed ate all the newly brought dishes, surprising the owner, and starting a fight with Toriko who also wanted to eat the dishes, though Zebra blamed it on them for talking too long. Komatsu and Rin then arrives with a Gourmet Case full of prepared Bubble Fruits and a message from the IGO president. After commenting how tasty it looks, he takes a bite, and finds that his Gourmet Cells evolved, along with the other Bishokuya. The message from the president then plays, and Ichiryu explains how the Four Beasts will enter the Human World from the North, South, East and West, and how proud he was of the Kings. Just as Ichiryu was about to tell them two important details, Zebra knocks of the television, impatient to go kill and eat the Beasts and tells the other Bishokuya that their Animal Partners have arrived. With that, Toriko's Battle Wolf, Terry Cloth, Coco's Emperor Crow, Kiss and Sunny's Mother Snake, Quinn appears. Rin then asks if Zebra also has an Animal Partner, to which Zebra says that he isn't weak enough to require it, but he does have a beast for transportation. With that, the massive Daruma Horse approaches the Towers, and when Komatsu seems to be panicking, the Problem Child calmly stated that it was a creature he was borrowing from the Daruma Hermit. With that, the Four Kings split up, each one to take on a Beast. When the Mount Turtle was finish destroying the Allied Army Forces, Zebra and the Daruma Horse appear on the ravage battlefield. Zebra promptly told the Allied forces to leave if they didn't want to die and then told the Daruma Horse to not get involved in the fight because he was going to enjoy this.

Final blow

Zebra uses Beat Punch to defeat the Mount Turtle.

During his battle with the Mount Turtle Zebra unleash a relentless assault. He use his Voice Meteor Shower when the Mount Turtle was shooting out magma missiles from his mouth since he thought the Mount Turtle was showing off. When Zebra use his Voice Burst on his opponent, he realize that “voice” wasn't going to be enough to finish the fight. He decided that the Mount Turtle needed a “fist”. As Zebra gears up for his next attack, he explain that he can use the vibrations of his punch to make it more destructive. He unleash his Beat Punch onto the skull of the Mount Turtle with full force, leaving the face of the Mount Turtle bugged out from the impact. With that fatal blow, Zebra told the Turtle King to “Never Get Cocky” and to think it over in the afterlife.

As the Mount Turtle's body spasms from the attack, Zebra begin to notice that it wasn't dying because it had some life left in it. Zebra later gets a call from Rin through the Measuring Tongs that the Mount Turtle, Gaoh, King Octopus Kong, and Invite Death are not four separate entities as originally thought, but part of one main body. The Mount Turtle dug underground, to return to the main body. Zebra use his Echolocation to track its direction, not wanting to lose it, he called the Daruma Horse to help him keep up with the Mount Turtle.

As Zebra and the Daruma Horse enter Central City, he use his Sound Wall to protect the destruction of the buildings from the Daruma Horse destroying them. He saw the “Main Body” absorbing its “limbs” and begin releasing Green Rain. When Zebra quarry the situation, Coco reveal that the Gourmet World has different colors of rain but Green Rain is the worst in this situation. Zebra complain that Coco, Toriko, and Sunny are late as the latter two was arriving and was going to get in his way. Coco ask Zebra to lend him the Daruma Horse as the Green Rain can kill humans in one hours, and Yuda in the Zen Ou Restaurant can make an antidote. Zebra and the rest of the Heavenly Kings begin to face off against the “true” Four Beast. As the Four Heavenly Kings analyze the Four Beast, Zebra went on the assault first, as he saw the rest of them a hindrance to him. He propel himself to the Four Beast using his Jet Voice. When Sunny became angry for not working together, Coco explained to Sunny that Zebra was “moving alone” for awhile now as he was using his Sound Bullet and sending it several hundred million citizens to leave the area where the battle will happen. Zebra unleashed his Meteor Noise to attack the Four Beast from the back and hit him with a Beat Punch, which proves ineffective as he was swatted away through several buildings.

As the Four Heavenly King recover from their first attempt at the Four Beast, Rin release her Endorphin Smoke to ease the pain they felt as they were injured in that attack. As Toriko was convincing Rin to help out with getting the people who has been hit by the Green Rain, Teppei appear and use his Umbrella Tree to protect The Four Heavenly Kings and Rin from any more rain coming in contact with them. Zebra became enraged when he saw the Saiseyia, but Teppei that this was not the time for bringing up the past. After telling Rin that using Dense Fog will lessen the concentration on the rain and weaken the poison, Sunny angrily ask Teppei is he was going to help out in defeating the Four Beast; in which he replies that it’s a Bishokuya’s job. The Four Heavenly Kings gotten their resolve back as they didn't want Ichiryu laughing at them for failing to defeat the Four Beast, and commenced their counterattack.

Later on the battle, Toriko, Coco, Sunny and Zebra are laying on the rubble of the city as the Four Beast roars in triumphantly. As Sunny comments on the dire situation that has them hanging on to their lives, Zebra muses over the fact that the Green Rain’s poison is what giving them the problem in which he start coughing up a gush of blood from his mouth. He began to ask Coco if he was able to create antibodies to counter the poison. Coco replied that he has been analyzing its composition, but its hard to decipher do to because it’s from the Gourmet World. Just as they were ready to prepare for the worst, Toriko stomach began to growl. Coco, Sunny & Zebra scold him for making that unrefined sound with his stomach. Toriko explained the message Ichiryu gave them, explaining that the more the Four Beast take damage, the more the tastier the meat gets. Eventually the other kings stomach started to growl as well.  With the “curiosity of a taste” on their mind they gain their second wind to fight, but the Four Beast had no interest in letting live anymore launched an air bullet; only for Zebra to use his Jet Voice to dodge it. When Coco and Sunny saw Toriko coughing up blood, they realize they are running out of time as their vitality can’t hold out anymore. Zebra suggest they use an attack so powerful that the Four Beast can’t make it flow out. The Four Men Combination Technique that they were unable to successfully complete during their training days was the only option left in defeating the Four Beast. Zebra explains that everyone’s appetite and spirits need to match perfectly or the move won’t work (much to the chagrin of the other Kings who replied that he’s the one who matches the least). When the Four Beast was about to attack again; Terry, Kiss and Quinn show up to assist in holding off the dreaded beast long enough for the technique to be complete. With the reassurance of their partners, the Four Heavenly Kings begin to prepare the ultimate technique. As they were sending their spirits, Zebra question them if they got enough appetite, in which they was able to generate a small portion of the Appetite Energy. When Terry, Kiss, and Quinn was about to die at the tentacles of the Four Beast, the technique that they fail during their training days is now complete. With their new technique vs the Four Beast, the showdown came to an close when the Four Beast realize it appetite was insignificant to the Dinner of Kings. When the four of them released the Dinner of Kings, it ate the Four Beast relentlessly as it grows larger due the savoriness of its opponent. Despite it fury and struggle, the Four Beast wasn't able to stop it from consuming it. With this, the threat to human world came to a dramatic end.

As they gain a quick breather from the fight, their animal partners return to them as the Daruma Horse came with Komatsu and Rin riding on its head with the Medicinal Mochi to give them. When they look at the Dinner of Kings floating in the sky, they saw its “leftover” next to it. Both Zebra and Coco confirm that it was the ten of thousands of people that was consumed by the Four Beast. As the container that was holding them burst open, Sunny use his Hair Net to catch them as they landed to the ground.

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

On the day of the Cooking Festival, Zebra arrives along with the rest of the Four Heavenly Kings to witness the events on Cooking Island. Upon arriving, Zebra and the other Kings are bombarded by the masses of people at the fest who are eager to show their thanks to the heroes of the Human World, Zebra however is not too pleased with the attention and quickly frightens off the gaggle of annoying fans. The Kings then head towards Cooking Stadium to cheer for Komatsu during his competition for the title of "Super Cook".

The first match of the tournament is the Cooking Triathlon, the preliminaries of the Cooking Fest. Upon starting, Zebra and the other Kings are confronted by the infamous chef from Gourmet World, Tengu Brunch, who asks Zebra to form a combo with him after seeing the impressive sound attack he aimed at him and hearing of his reputation, however Zebra rejects him stating that Komatsu will be his combo partner, much to Toriko's annoyance. The disappointed Brunch then leaves to meet Komatsu and see what kind of man he is and then catch up with the racers in the triathlon. During the triathlon, Komatsu quickly falls behind the other chefs during the swimming portion, Zebra however makes him some Voice Life Jacket to help him effortlessly swim across the water, but Komatsu refuses, wanting to win with his own strength. Throughout the rest of the tournament, Zebra watches on quietly from the stands with the rest of the Kings as Komatsu passes through all the rounds of Cooking Fest with some aid from Brunch who has becomes good friends with Komatsu after seeing his love for ingredients. Once the finals begin, the stadium is invaded by the Gourmet Corp. who have come to kidnap all the chefs present at Cooking Fest and take them back to their headquarters in Gourmet World. Thousands of Scum Beasts then appear from the sky as they begin attacking and kidnapping all the chefs in sight, and all the warriors present in the stands get ready to battle them along with the stronger chefs and a huge battle commences. However Zebra himself remains silent and unmoved as he merely stays sitting down while everything around him is destroyed. It is then revealed that Zebra is concentrating all his effort in creating sound barriers to protect the defenseless civilians in the stadium and on the island and is slowly building up strength to create sound bubbles for every civilian which will transport them off the island and on to the mainland.

For most of the battle, Zebra remains focused on his task while all the other fighters focus on protecting the chefs, however Zebra is able to focus a bit of his hearing to eavesdrop on a conversation between a group of wealthy individuals who mention that they are part of the "New Food Utopia" organization and are secretly plotting their own objective, but plan to let the Gourmet Corp. and IGO forces finish themselves off and await the arrival of their most important member before making their move. Zebra also overhears of the number of traitorous individuals who have joined NEO's side.

When the Nitro appear in the Cooking Stadium, Zebra was anxiously waiting to fight them as he was still evacuating the civilians away from the island. He mumble to himself “wait you little lizards.” as he watch the chefs fight them and the Scum Beasts. As the remaining Scum Beast descend upon the worn out Chefs, Zebra release his Death Sound to kill off the remaining Scum Beast that was airborne. Zebra finally steps into the battlefield to fight off all the rest of the Gourmet Corp. Both Gur and Zaragira lunge at Zebra considering him the most cocky of the all, which resulted in Gur being hit by Zebra’s Beat Punch and having Zaragira skull collapse inward by Zebra’s Voice Breath. With those two dying is an array of exploding organs, Zebra turn his focus on the three Nitros. The Nitros begin to attack Zebra. The Nitro with the vest begin to lock arms with Zebra, as the he begin to open his beak to bite on his shoulder. Zebra kneed its mouth shut and use his Machine Gun Voice and combo that with a Voice Burst that went upward to the sky. When the Nitro begin to fall back, Zebra created his Sound Knuckle and punch the Nitro in the stomach, sending it flying back. Not letting up on the assault, Zebra initiate his Speed of Sound Movement to stay on his prey. The relentless beating that was laid upon the Nitro was bloody and brutal. Each punch made its mark on the Nitro body, for it was digging him into a personal crater that Zebra made for him. After looking at the limp body, Zebra remarked that he’s want to be entertain more and wants the Nitro to get up. The two remaining Nitros attack Zebra in a pincer attack. Zebra let out a snide grin as he release his Sound Bazooka on all three of them, the blast shook the Cooking Stadium as well. Zebra thought to himself that it was time to wrap up up this fight as “there are more bastards besides you Gourmet Corp. that are getting cocky.”

When Joie and the now brainwashed Teppei appear in the Cooking Stadium; Zebra was there to confront the two. He reveal that he knows about NEO and their plans and without hesitation use his Voice Missile. Teppei block it with his Sound Insulation Tree to nullify it effect. He then use the Earthquake Resistant Root to bind Zebra’s mouth from using his sound techniques. All Zebra can do is watch as Joie revived the three fallen Nitros that was effortlessly defeat by him; even stronger than before.

When the Meteor Spice fell from the sky, Zebra was shown freeing one of his hands as the impending doom from Midora hangs above the Human World. Later, he and Sunny are seen talking about what happened at Cooking Fest over a meal in Coco's House when Coco finally arrives.

Billion Bird ArcEdit

After the year and a half time skip, Zebra is first seen at the IGO headquarters waiting for Toriko and Komatsu's return. Zebra, in his own way, congratulates Komatsu for not dying in the Gourmet World saying that "If you managed to die like an idiot in the Gourmet World... I'd have followed you all the way to Hell, twisted your body up an run it through a press, then minced you up into ground meat". He, as well as the others in the room, express a shocked speechlessness when Toriko nonchalantly accepts Rin's abrupt marriage proposal. As everyone fusses over what the proposal means he states that Toriko and Komatsu's partnership is now over.

As the Four Kings and Komatsu search the 1st Biotope for Ichiryu's Main Dish, Zebra questions whether or not it is actually there. He states that while the full course becomes an infinite source of food when brought together, he hadn't found anything even while searching the whole island with his Echolocation. Zebra and the others watch as Toriko uses his sense of smell to detected the faintest hint of Ichiryu and leads them to a spot where there was no damage done, despite Zebra attempting to wreck the whole island in frustration. Zebra and the others enter, and find the final ingredient as an old figure watches the from inside the house, unnoticed.

Then they all head to the 17th cultivation court within the 1st Bitope where the many chefs were present. Komatsu opens the chest finding the ingredient called the Billion Bird Egg. Komatsu huddles over the egg to warm is so as to make it hatch; however, Sunny admonished him telling him an egg needs to be rubbed to be warmed. Sunny stops Zebra's attempt to break the egg, saying that it'll just be born if you hit it as hard as you can, much to the chefs and Coco's dismay. After Toriko builds its nest, Zebra notes that he could hear the heartbeat of the bird, saying it'll be born in a few days. Once the bird hatched Toriko uses the other ingredients of the full course to make the bird grown, then scares it to produce eggs. As Toriko, Coco, and Sunny rejoice in the successful birth, Zebra states the problem is the birds' taste. As the other chefs prepare the Billion Bird into various dishes the world rejoices. Komatsu's sincere appreciation for the Billion Bird causes it to lay a special egg which he takes to Hotel Gourmet to eat with Zebra and the others. As Zebra and the others eat the egg their hair, nails, and eyelashes grow out with Zebra stating it's more of a drink than an egg. When Rin comes in to discuss her wedding date with Toriko, she comments on everyone's effeminate appearance.

Later Toriko takes everyone back to the 1st Biotope intending to meet the guardian of Ichiryu's main dish inside the Tree House. Finding no entrance to the first floor, Zebra uses his Voice Cutter to open up the tree but is shocked when it does no damage at all. Zebra then follows Coco who found an entrance in the 3rd floor but when go to the 2nd floor, there is no entrance leading to the 1st floor. When Toriko fails at creating a hole with his Nail Punch, Zebra uses his Sound Bazooka but it does nothing at all. They all go outside the Tree House. Then Sunny searches the spot and finds an hidden entrance in the well. They all follow the path leading to the bath house where they come across a dead end and then Coco finds the pond there to be suspicious and dives in but Zebra finds it to come out of the well with his Echo Location. When Komatsu finds the first floor window to open up normally, Zebra gets angry and kicks the windows with his leg and they all enter to find a Nitro sitting in a chair. Zebra listens to all the Nitro who named him as Chichi had to say regarding to who he was and his connection to Ichiryu. Then Chichi takes them all to a floor below saying Ichiryu had an ingredient prepared for them. Zebra loses his consciousness at the mere sight of the apple and his Appetite Devil takes over his body. Chichi knocks him back to sense and tells that it was an item of Acacia's Full Course and finds them dumbstruck. Chichi then apologizes saying that it was a joke but it had a very tiny amount of the smell stained on it. Chichi then says that the allure of the real thing is nothing like it. Then they all have a dinner of the apple and some other ingredients in the Tree House.

AIR ArcEdit

Zebra, along with the rest of the Four Heavenly Kings were getting ready to cast off from the human world. With their traveling companion and Octomellon, Zebra and the others head for the Gourmet World. They get caught in the Thorn Sea and Zebra helps survive the ordeal. When Toriko and Coco get separated, Zebra does nothing to help (which is because he could hear they were close by).

After Toriko defeats the Soy Milk Road, Zebra and the others regroup with him and Coco. They then are greeted by Mappy, who is there to lead them to his home and help them acquire AIR. They travel together and learn that one of the eight kings resides in Area 8, the Horse King, Heracles as after they travel past its hoof print, Zebra and the others react shocked by their Gourmet Cells react to just its hoof print. Once they reach the Gold Swamp, they are forced to go underwater as steel cloud's come down on them. As a result, they are unable to emerge up due to the clouds and Mappy reveals that there is a maze under the swamp that is only able to emerge with high food luck. Zebra checks out the maze with his echo map and is shocked to see how large the maze truly is. With that, the kings and Komatsu travel into the maze with Octo-chan.

Eventually, they emerge out of the swamp and enter Mappy's village, who's inhabitants are all of various mutated humans. The group are later found by Tengu Brunch who takes them to the Daruma Hermit and Melk the first who, as stated by Zebra, has a method to help them prepare for AIR.

Zebra grudgingly partners up with Brunch and the duo go out to the field in Area 8 that rains meteors. Zebra is able to destroy them once he and Brunch work together. They regroup with Komatsu and Mappy and are shocked to see that Toriko is fighting Heracles to hold them off. Zebra uses his jet voice to speed them to AIR's location and, with Sunny and Coco's help, are able to create AIR.

After settling down with Heracle's birth of her child, Zebra is shocked to see that NEO arrived as Teppei stabs Komatsu from behind and crushes his heart. Zebra fights off Shigematsu's beast and kills it but is unable to stop Teppei from escaping. The group then use artificial organs for Komatsu and learn from the Hermit that PAIR in Area 7 is the only thing that can save Komatsu, but the area is ruled by Bambina, one of the eight kings.

PAIR ArcEdit

Once the Denshark, their new ride, arrives, Zebra and the others leave Area 8 to Area 7 to save Komatsu's life.


GOD ArcEdit

Zebra, Coco, and Sunny succumb to Joie's microbes and collapse to the ground after fighting him for an hour within his Back Channel.[1]

Chichi uses a Dark Technique to heal the Four Heavenly Kings and to strengthen them with the Red Nitros' cells from its own body.[2]


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