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Yosaku GGB
Bloodstained Yosaku
Japanese 与作 (よさく)
Romanized Yosaku
Aliases Bloodstained Yosaku
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday 08.12.????
Age 55 (start of the series);
59 (Post Time-Skip)
Status Alive
Height 195 cm
Weight 140 kg
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Ico igo IGO

Teppei, Toriko, Sunny

Occupation Saiseiya,


0th Biotope member

Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 94
Anime Debut Episode 36
Japanese Voice Ginga Banjou
English Voice Bruce Carey
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"Bloodstained" Yosaku, is a very famous Saiseiya and a no-need-for-rules type of guy. He has a revival institute in the giant tree "Mother Wood", where he carries out all his revivals. The institute is also covered in blood from all his failures from the past. He is acquainted with Ryu, the former boss of the Gourmet Yakuza, and Ichiryu, the President of IGO. In addition, he is a member of the IGO's 0th Biotope.

He is currently working to revive the dessert of Acacia's full course menu, EARTH.


Yosaku Expressions

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He has a rather rough and brash personality, ironic considering his occupation, such as gleefully laughing at the fact that the Gourmet Show Window was destroyed (despite sending Teppei to prevent its destruction), waking up patients by brutally striking their pressure points and is frequently seen smoking, while blatantly ignoring the no-smoking rule. He has a running gag where he "breaks rules", something which he frequently states and boasts about. Nevertheless, although he states that he breaks rules he also states that he will never break a promise he makes. He has a lot of respect for Ryu as he invited him to be a member of the 0th Biotope despite being in the Gourmet Yakuza and stood up for him when Rapp implied Ryu of leaking the information on CENTER, the hidden ingredient of Acacia's full course to the Bishokukai.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Yosaku is a member of the 0th Biotope, located in the Gourmet World, thus he can cope with both its harsh environment and the powerful beasts that live there. The fact that he was able to take down Zebra, the strongest of the Four Heavenly Kings, with Teppei's assistance (though Teppei notes that Yosaku had fully restrained him), is a testament to his power and he was likewise able to defeat Sunny in a sparring match almost totally unharmed. His strength is such that he is easily able to enter the Gourmet World, doing so to rescue Sunny after he attempted to brave the Gourmet World on his own.

Since he was able to immobilize Zebra, it is likely he is a master of Knocking. Physically speaking, his Resuscitation Shock requires extremely quick and accurate strikes, which he proved himself to be capable of. He is also able to stand on bodies of water, probably using the same method Setsuno uses, namely by rapidly stepping in place before either foot sinks much like basilisk lizards. Yosaku's resistance to pain is astounding, as showcased when he got his arm ripped off and reattached it without even flinching.

Saiseiya SkillsEdit

Yosaku has many techniques and equipment used to revive ingredients. He has a revival institution inside Mother Wood that is his own workspace for his Saiseiya work. Inside it was mentioned that "incredible ingredients were being revived"(stated by Sunny) such as Chako Bird and Morning Rose. Yosaku is also well versed in the rehabiliation and curing of humans. He is a very knowledgeable saiseiya and is shown to completely heal heavily injured people in mere minutes. Teppei, a very skilled saiseiya himself, was his disciple. He is possibly the best after Mohyan Shaishai, as he alone was put in charge of reviving EARTH (the desert in Acacia's Full Course Menu).


Yosaku Kitsuke Shock small
  • Resuscitation Shock (気付けショック, Kitsuke Shokku): Yosaku brutally presses at all the body's pressure points. This can wake people from comatose states in an instant.

Yosaku Paste Spittle small
  • Paste Spittle (ペーストスピトル, Pēsuto Supitoru): Yosaku's saliva works as a strong bonding agent and he employs it to seal wounds. He used this on a Gourmet Yakuza member whose arm was nearly ripped off stating that in will heal within ten minutes.
  • Paste Phlegm (ペーストフレム, Pēsuto Furemu): Yosaku secretes a mucous substance that has stronger glueing properties than his saliva. He spits it at bisected limbs to reattach them to the body instantly, as he did with his bifurcated arm which he then used to punch Kaitora.
  • Wood Punch (ウッドパンチ, Uddo Panchi): A basic, frontal punch which, thanks to Yosaku's brawn, packs great power and is not easy to dodge. He was able to inflict a fair amount of damage to Kaitora with it.


Century Soup ArcEdit

Yosaku was mentioned by Teppei multiple times on his trip to Ice Hell but eventually made his appearance in the country of healing, Life where he meets TorikoSunny and his gang. They then seek his help in healing them and he agrees, bringing them to his revival institution in the Saiseiya base, Mother Wood. He heals Match and his mafia gang, gives Takimaru the all-curing medicine he needs for Aimaru, uses a Revival Seed to regrow Toriko's arm, and finally promises to take Sunny to Gourmet World. He was then shown later tasting the Century Soup Komatsu perfected.

Reality of Gourmet World ArcEdit

He appeared again at the 1st Biotope, meeting Ichiryuu to go to Honey Prison to talk to Love in releasing Zebra. When they arrived at the prison, he then greets Pricom, Captain of the Guard at Honey Prison. Ichiryu then comtemplates that Zebra already knew they had arrived and wonders when they'll be attacked. Eventually, they succeeded and Love allows Zebra to be released, where he then travels with Toriko and Komatsu to obtain the Mellow Cola.

Bubble Fruit ArcEdit

Yosaku went to the meeting of the 0th Biotope on Cloud Tree, here he got into a short-lived argument with fellow member Rapp about Ryu as well as reassuring the IGO president Ichiryu of his responsibility for the revival of EARTH.

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

Yosaku appears alongside Manan in Sector G Gourmet Garden. Yosaku commented on how it will be hard to revive EARTH but is surprised to see that the day has ‘finally’ come. Kaitora appears in front of them as they were in a discussion. Yosaku then wanted to ask Kaitora something that only the Bishokukai Saiseiya knows. Kaitora then tells Yosaku that Mohyan Shaishai was behind the revival of the Four Beast. Kaitora also reveals that Mohyan was part of NEO. After expressing surprise, Yosaku was stabbed from behind, possibly by a Nitro.


Yosaku CAD

Yosaku's CAD

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