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Wicked Beanstalk Eps 45
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Japanese 邪悪な豆の木
Romanized Jaakuna Mame no Ki
Aliases Killer Bean Tree
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Type Plant
Capture Level 46
Length Impossible to measure
Price 7,000 yen per bean
Diet Carnivorous (mostly Air Gorillas)
Habitat Sky Plant
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 104
Anime Episode 45
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The Wicked Beanstalk (邪悪な豆の木 Jaakuna Mame no Ki) is a crafty carnivorous plant that lies in wait for unsuspecting prey in the Sky Plant.


It disguises itself as an innocent bean plant sprouting tasty beans.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Since it nabs creatures that go after the beans, they're difficult to harvest. Gourmet Hunters often tackle a Killer Bean Tree to illustrate their bravery and fortitude rather than to make a profit.

As FoodEdit

Its beans have a richer taste and are more nutritious than typical beans. They're a versatile ingredient, often mashed into soups and sauces.