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The Toriko trading card game.


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Set 1Edit

Set 2Edit

Set 3Edit

Set 4Edit

Red C Final

Set 5Edit

Set 6Edit

Set 7Edit

Set 8Edit

Set 9Edit

Set 10Edit

Set 11Edit

Miracle BattleEdit

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Promotion CardEdit

Set 1 "Fierce Gourmet Age"Edit

Charisma Bishokuya DeckEdit

Set 2 "Jewel Meat Battle"Edit

Rush, Bishokuya Deck! Ice Continent!Edit

Set 3 "Legendary Centoury Soup"Edit

Bishokuya Gourmet BoxEdit

Set 4 "Ozone Herb in the SKy"Edit

Set 5 "Melk's Stardust"Edit

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