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The purpose of this section is to list and organize by MENU (which are the story Arcs), all of the following:

Environments: Places that appear in Toriko, giving a short description of the area.
Beasts: List of species, capture levels, and any distinguishing characterstics
Tools: List of tools, items, and equipment used in the Toriko World.
Food/Ingredients: Food items that aren't local to the environment
Mentioned Items: Often through conversation between characters, unique types of food/ingredients are mentioned though few detailis are specified.
Other: These are the random things that don't fit into one of the other categories (e.g. Tommy Rod's Insects).

Notes on the Key

Environments are classified into to these sections.

  • Territory is a generic term for any large section of land that includes muiltiple towns, dungeons, or locales Ex: Wu Continent
  • Dungeon is a generic term used to describe any type of adventuring location. Ex: Regal Mammoth Insides, Beach in a Cave.
  • Town is a generic term used to describe any type of populated area. This can range from cities to science labs. Ex: City of Life, IGO Biotope 1
  • Locale is a generic term for any place that is generally consists of one house, it may refer to places inside cities (restuaraunts, shops, bars) or outside cities (Toriko's house, fishing spots)
  • Other Area is a generic term to describe any place that doesn't fit into one of the above categories.

Beasts are organized into Capture Level (if applicable). {C}Food/Ingredients take the form of:

  • Dishes: If the locale is a resturuant, or was prepared by a chef.
  • Snacks: Food Items that were brought along the journey such as packed lunchs.
  • Other: Things such as spices, seasonings, or other non-beast edibles that appear in the area.
  • Full Course Menu's: As part of a character;s Full Course Menu.

Tools are organized by name and funtion.

Mentioned Items: Often through conversation between characters, they are organized by when the conversation happened.

Menu 1 : Garara Gator

Locale: Toriko's Fishing Spot

"A Small Fishing Spot Where Komatsu first asked Toriko to hunt for the Garara Gator"



  • Fishing Pole

Dungeon: Baron Island (lv 1 ~5)

An island located of the Baron Arpeggio. The area alone houses over 200,000 species.

Locale: Toriko's Sweet House

"House of the Protagonist made of confectioneries. It has to be rebuilt every once in a while for obvious reasons."

Locale: Gourmet Market

Mentioned Items

Toriko Smell's These Ingredients From Komatsu on the Boat Trip.

Mention when Toriko was Talking about his Dream to Komatsu on the Boat Trip

Menu 2: Rainbow Fruit

Dungeon: Igo Development agency "8th research institute"

IGO's Research Institutes are the forefront of gourmet science. The 8th Dome houses the Rainbow fruit, though a nest of Troll Kings has begun to make its territory around the tree.

Mentioned Items

  • Golden Salmon Roe
  • Sinken Bird Eggs
  • Hyena Gangs
  • Crab pork
  • Mantle Lettuce
  • 40 degrees brandy
  • Milky Salad
  • Meuniere of white shark
  • Caramel Shrimp
  • Peacock quail eggs
  • Cream Matsutake Mushroom
  • Albino cinderella beef
  • Brandy Energy Hennessey
  • Gold Corn

Menu 3: Puffer Whale

Town: Gourmet Fortune

Dungeon: Beach in a Cave

Every year the a school of Puffer Whales goes here to breed. Many Bishokuya come here to capture these prized delicacies....but only if they can get past the Devil Pythons.

Coco's Full Course Menu

Jiro's Full Course Menu

Mentioned Items

  • Deepsea Doctor Lobster
  • Cactus Jack Tequila
  • Platinum Lemon

Menu 4: Regal Mammoth

Territory: Gourmet Island (1st Biotope) [Average capture lv 27]

Town: 1st Biotope "Gourmet Garden

Locale: Colosseum

Locale: Black Carpet

Dungeon: Mushroom Woods

Dungeon: Marshland of Antiquity

Dungeon: Devil Atheletics

Locale: Regal Wall

Dungeon: Regal Mammath

  • Denden Electric Snake [lv 4 mollusk Beast]
  • Mega Octopus [lv 25 Mollusk Beast]

Mentioned Items

The Chiefs Full Course

Bacchus also translates as Dionysus The Greek God of Wine.

Sani's menu

Menu 5: BlueBlood Corn

Other Area: Forest of Sorrow Thorn Wood

Territory: Wu Continent

Dungeon: Wu Jungle

An engimatic jungle ruled by vicious plants. Climbing to the top is worth it as blue-blood corn is originally from the Gourmet World.

Dungeon: Wul Volcano

  • Magma Rat
  • Volcano Ash Salt "Used as seasoning for the BB corn

Town: Gourmet Town

{C}Locale: 3 star vending Machine

Locale: Various Restuaraunts

Locale: Kitchen Shop

  • Kuriboh Pot
  • Jyuushoku knife
  • Gourmet Case data course

Mentioned Items

Setsuno's Menu

Locale: Setsuno's kitchen

Mentioned in Setsuno's Century Soup

Menu 6: Century Soup

Territory: Ice Hell

Ice Hell [Lv 11 ~ 50]

Other: Ice Hell Ocean

Dungeon: Ice Mountain

Mentioned during Arc

Used by Teppei

Seen During Arc

Tommy Rods Insects (average Level 39)

Town: The City Life

Saseiyas Revival Institute

  • Chako Bird
  • Morning Pig
  • Therapy Tulip

Menu 7: Ozone Herb

Locale: Gourmet Tower"7-star "Yaniku healthui"
Resides on Floor 273 of the Gourmet Tower, they serve top class beef ribs, sirloin, ramen, and skirt steak, but the most famous things on there menu are their healthy vegetable dishes.

  • Cattle Pig Fowl " A high class ingredient.
  • Snack Sangchu "A type of korean Lettuce that has the texture of biting into a fresh cucumber or Burdock"
  • Bacon Leaves
  • Egg Onions
  • Pumpkin

Locale: Sweets House Rebuilt

Dungeon: Vegetable Sky

The Temperature is about 30C, high altitudes will lower and sap stamina and the large shifts in weather range from Hail and Thunderstorms. Climbing the Vines leads to Vegetable Garden.

  • Sealion Bird [Mammal Beast CLV 18] "Resides around the path to vegetable sky."
  • Sky Plant "Nicknamed the invitation from Heaven, it's vine leads to Vegetable Sky"
  • Psuedo Rubanda [Bird Beast CVL 2] "Ferocious at first glance, it is really a docile bird unlike the ones in Devil's athletics.
  • Unknown Bird Beasts (chp 104): Was eaten by Toriko and Komatsu for Dinner
  • Air Gorilla [Mammal beast CLV 40] Appears about 6000 meters elevation.
  • Wicked Beanstalk [Plant Beast CLV 46] "A plant that preys on Air Gorilla's.
  • Drill Bird [Bird Beast CLV 13] Appears around the sky, Drill Birds can Spin like a drill.
  • Cloud Monster "No entry Boundary cululonimbus cloud
  • Lighting Phoenix [Bird Beast CLV 75]

Locale: Vegetable Garden

20,000 meters in the Air, after climbing up the sky plants. The Grass Roots grow in the clouds. Plants grow from absorbing mineral ash from volcanos.

  • Mineral Earthworm "Said to only live in very rich plots of dirt.
  • Daikon Radish "Large Daikon with Lot's of fiver and Moisture, it tastes like it was soaked in oden stock"
  • Cucumbers "Cucumbers so fresh they cause the face to shine."
  • Marshmallow Pumpkins "Small Pumpkins that reside in vegetable sky"
  • Brocotree "A giant tree with thousand Island dressing seeping out of it"
  • Potato Pond "A French Frie Pond with natural saltiness.
  • Giant Welsh Onions "Even raw they aren't bitter at all, the more you bite the sweeter they get.
  • Sweet Tomatoes "Tomatoes so sweet, they taste like fruit."
  • Ozone herb [Plant CLV 68]

Dungeon: Gourmet World "Basin of Life"

Mentioned Items

  • Oxygen Tree: Have Oxygen Leaves, a plucked leave can continue photosynthesizing oxygen for a month. chp 105
  • Kuriuni Pasta


Served by komatsu, after Toriko returns from his attempt at the gourmet world

Menu 8: Melk Stardust

Dungeon/Locale: Melk Mountain

  • Unknown Flying Beast
  • Furnips lv 15 Mammal Beast "Comrades of monkeys that live in caves.
  • Unknown Dog-like beast

Dungeon: Heavy Hole (Average capture level < 50)

  • ShineRock "a glowing stone that gives of light
  • Ruby Crab lv 46 Crustacean "High class crabs that have high capture level due to difficulty catching.

Rock Condor "Produces amplifier stones from their vocal cords"


  • Lily Oyster Fried Rice "Prepared to encourage Melk 2. Cutting it while keeping the shell closed increases the flavor
  • Smoked JellyFish "Needs to be specially Prepared to get rid of the smel
  • Gradient Wheltstone

Menu 9: Mellow Cola

Locale: Gourmet Carriage

Mentioned Items

Territory: Sand Garden

  • Rice Desert
  • Black sugar desert
  • Gold Sand Desert
  • Diamand desert
  • Natural resource desert
  • Jewel deserts
  • Rare earth deserts
  • coal deserts
  • Wine Camels

Dungeon: Desert Labyrinth

Dungeon: Gourmet Pyramid (Average lv 45)

"A massive pyramid within the desert labyrinth. Underground lies an ancient civilization dedicated to the culinary arts."

  • Unknown beast (Ch 132)
  • Unknown Beast (Ch 135)

Locale: Bar Meria

"A Bar floating in the "Black Lake". It is a dangerous place to be in, and is a hub for underground deals and trade."


  • Pocket Food Processor "Can turn things into furikake, a type of seasoning that goes onto rice.

Town/Territory: Gourmet Temple
"A place where the figurehead of the Gourmet age, Acacia, is worshiped. It's one of the Gourmet Worlds Heritage sites. The size of its grouds is 80,000 square kilometers. Around 9 billion people come for Gourmet prayers, food exorcisms, and to worship.

Locale: Gourmet Temple Food Stands

Locale: The Holy Spring Water Shrine

  • Holy Spring Water "Made to Cleanse the taste Buds for the 8 Course Pigramage"
  • Tax Sheep "Transportation around the Gourmet temple" Top Speed is 150 Km/Hour

Locale: Gourmet Trees
Bishoku Cedar "Sacred Trees of the Gourmet Temple, said that Froese made barious tools and chopping boards out of these trees"

Locale: Main Temple
Place where Acacia's statue his placed. Once a year they have a festival for "choosing the food man"

Menu 10: Suprise Apple

Food Items


  • Battle island
  • Snack Pub "Tsurara"

Surprise island
Every year IGO holds the frightening festival at the suprise farm to harvest high quality suprise apples.

Menu 11: The Chicken Tiger's Egg

Menu 12: Shining Gourami

Locale: Unknown Tree House

  • Hamfish
  • Tsuchinoko shrimp

Gourmet World

Territory: Mors Mountains
Known as the 5th tallest mountain range in the human world with over 1000 rivers and lakes.. It has an elevation of over 15,000 meters and the Death Falls Lie at it's base



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