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Toriko: Ultimate Survival
Kanji トリコ アルティメットサバイバル
Romaji Toriko Arutimetto Sabaibaru
Developer Natsume
Publisher Namco Bandai Games
Genre Action/Hunting
Platform Nintendo 3DS
Release Date November 28, 2013
Official Site Official site
Gourmet Survival 2
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Toriko Video Games

This game is a sequel to the Gourmet Survival series on the PSP. It supports four-player co-op multiplayer, and features 14 playable characters and over 300 types of beasts.


Hunter Characters (Playable)Edit

Rival Characters (Non-playable)Edit

Other Characters (Non-playable)Edit






Global First Ten Weeks (Units)
Week Ending Week Weekly Change Total
30th November 2013111,020N/A11,020
07th December 201322,655-75.9%13,675
14th December 201331,576-40.6%15,251
21st December 201341,336-15.2%16,587
28th December 201351,107-17.1%17,694
04th January 201461,41227.6%19,106
11th January 20147719-49.1%19,825
18th January 20148701-2.5%20,526
25th January 20149606-13.6%21,132
Global Annual Summary (Units)
Year Yearly Change Total

Character ArtworksEdit



Toriko Ultimate Survival OP01:50

Toriko Ultimate Survival OP

Opening Cutscene

Ultimate Survival (Ultimate Hunter F) CM 200:25

Ultimate Survival (Ultimate Hunter F) CM 2

CM 4 - Ultimate Hunter F

Toriko Ultimate Survival Christmas CM00:25

Toriko Ultimate Survival Christmas CM

CM 3 - Christmas

Ultimate Survival (Ultimate Hunter F) CM00:26

Ultimate Survival (Ultimate Hunter F) CM

CM 2 - Ultimate Hunter F

Ultimate Survival - Trailer 304:08

Ultimate Survival - Trailer 3

Trailer 3

Ultimate Survival - Trailer 203:11

Ultimate Survival - Trailer 2

Trailer 2

Ultimate Survival Trailer 1 (TGS)03:01

Ultimate Survival Trailer 1 (TGS)

Trailer 1

Toriko Ultimate Survival CM 100:26

Toriko Ultimate Survival CM 1

CM 1


  • A guidebook for the game will be released on the game's release date.

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