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Toriko: Gourmet ga Battle
Kanji トリコ グルメガバトル!
Romaji Toriko Gurume ga Batoru!
Developer h.a.n.d.
Publisher Namco Bandai Games
Genre Action
Platform Nintendo 3DS
Release Date July 4, 2013
Official Site Official Site
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Toriko Video Games

The game is an action multiplayer (4-player) game with 45 characters (support ones included). It has more than 25 stages.


  • Chowlin Temple Toriko (Unlocked using code given in the Guidebook)
  • Tuxedo Coco (Unlocked using code given in Volume 25)
  • Sunny - Plain Clothes (Unlocked using code given in Volume 26)
  • Zebra Costume (Unlocked using code given in Saikyo Jump August Issue)


Global First Ten Weeks (Units)
Week Ending Week Weekly Change Total
06th July 2013113,291N/A13,291
13th July 201324,838-63.6%18,129
20th July 201332,963-38.8%21,092
27th July 201342,429-18.0%23,521
03rd August 201352,73212.5%26,253
10th August 201362,293-16.1%28,546
17th August 201372,68717.2%31,233
24th August 201381,806-32.8%33,039
31st August 201391,691-6.4%34,730
07th September 2013101,376-18.6%36,106
Global Annual Summary (Units)
Year Yearly Change Total



Gourmet ga Battle Cutscene 1 - Heavenly Kings01:18

Gourmet ga Battle Cutscene 1 - Heavenly Kings

Cutscene 1 - Heavenly Kings

Gourmet ga Battle Cutscene 2 - Bishokukai01:21

Gourmet ga Battle Cutscene 2 - Bishokukai

Cutscene 2 - Bishokukai

Gourmet ga Battle CM 3 - Starjun00:41

Gourmet ga Battle CM 3 - Starjun

CM 3 - Starjun

Gourmet ga Battle Trailer 306:42

Gourmet ga Battle Trailer 3

Trailer 3

Gourmet ga Battle CM 200:26

Gourmet ga Battle CM 2

CM 2

Gourmet ga Battle Trailer 204:11

Gourmet ga Battle Trailer 2

Trailer 2

Gourmet ga Battle Trailer 103:32

Gourmet ga Battle Trailer 1

Trailer 1

Gourmet ga Battle CM 100:26

Gourmet ga Battle CM 1

CM 1

Gourmet ga Battle Character Moves00:37

Gourmet ga Battle Character Moves

Character Moves

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