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Toriko: Gourmet Monsters
Kanji トリコ グルメモンスターズ!
Romaji Toriko Gurume Monsutāzu!
Developer ?
Publisher Namco Bandai Games
Genre RPG
Platform Nintendo 3DS
Release Date December 13, 2012
Official Site Official site
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Toriko Video Games

Toriko: Gourmet Monsters is a monster-raising RPG. The "gourmet monster training RPG" features Gourmet Hunters (Bishoku-ya) and gourmet monsters fighting alongside one other in battle royale-style gameplay. Players visit different locations throughout the world of Toriko, including the Gourmet Pyramid, the Baron Archipelago, the Cave of the Sandy Beach, and the Regal Plateau. More than 200 different gourmet monsters are featured in the game. Characters featured include the "Four Heavenly Kings", Bishokuya Toriko, Coco, Sunny, and Zebra.


Party Characters

Non Player Characters

Rival Characters


Game original Characters


"Partner Beasts"

"Extra Beasts"


Global First Ten Weeks (Units)
Week Ending Week Weekly Change Total
15th December 2012140,159N/A40,159
22nd December 2012230,716 -23.5%70,875
29th December 2012316,394 -46.6%87,269
05th January 2013416,6561.6%103,925
12th January 201354,909 -70.5%108,834
19th January 201363,902 -20.5%112,736
26th January 201372,894 -25.8%115,630
02nd February 201382,309 -20.2%117,939
09th February 201392,5319.6%120,470
16th February 2013102,5661.4%123,036
Global Annual Summary (Units)
Year Yearly Change Total
201366,508 -23.8%153,777




Gourmet Monsters Opening01:01

Gourmet Monsters Opening

Opening Cinematic

Toriko Gourmet Monsters Christmas CM00:26

Toriko Gourmet Monsters Christmas CM

Christmas CM

Toriko Gourmet Monsters PV 303:52

Toriko Gourmet Monsters PV 3

Trailer 3

Toriko Gourmet Monsters CM 200:26

Toriko Gourmet Monsters CM 2

CM 2

Toriko Gourmet Monsters PV 203:11

Toriko Gourmet Monsters PV 2

Trailer 2

Toriko Gourmet Monsters CM 100:26

Toriko Gourmet Monsters CM 1

CM 1

Toriko Gourmet Monsters PV 102:19

Toriko Gourmet Monsters PV 1

Trailer 1

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