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Toriko post-time skip

Toriko US

Japanese トリコ
Romanized Toriko
English Toriko
Aliases The Glutton;
Charismatic Bishokuya
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday May 25th, 475 GA
Age 25 (start of the series);
29 (Post-Timeskip)
Status Alive
Height 220 cm
Weight 230 Kg
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Four Heavenly Kings;
Rin (fiancée)
Occupation Gourmet Hunter
Partner Komatsu;
Personal Status
Relatives Ichiryu (adoptive father)
Pets Terry Icon and Ob
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Game Toriko: Gourmet Survival
Japanese Takashi Kondo (In OVAs);
Ryōtarō Okiayu (TV Anime & Movie)
English Ian Sinclair
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Four Heavenly KingsEdit

The Four Heavenly Kings are four top-class Bishokuya, who are considered the charisma of the Gourmet Age, which Toriko is part of, and were raised together by Ichiryu himself. They were all originally orphans from poor countries.


The gentleman of the Four Heavenly Kings, Coco was raised alongside Toriko, as well as the other two Heavenly Kings, by Ichiryu, sharing a good friendship, if not a brotherly bond, with Toriko. Toriko understands Coco's feelings of being isolated due to Coco's body producing deadly poison. Out of all the Kings, they share the most friendly relationship, though Coco does tend to dislike Toriko's rudeness, and how the glutton tends to push situations onto him.


Toriko and Sunny enjoy each others company however they have a tendency to annoy each other quite often. Currently, Sunny is feeling uneasy over the fact that his sister Rin and Toriko will marry, thereby making them brother-in-laws.


Toriko also gets along with Zebra much better than the other two Heavenly Kings do, despite Toriko not approving of Zebra hunting species to extinction. Toriko doesn't seem to mind Zebra's rowdy personality, willing to brawl with him upon Zebra's request. Despite Zebra's status as an infamous convicted felon, Toriko was willing to bail him out of prison to ask for his help in finding the Mellow Cola.



Komatsu was originally a client who requested Toriko to find the Galala Gator, but after being amazed and inspired by Toriko, made up his mind and asked to accompany the Bishokuya on his adventures. They become close friends in the progress, to the point of forming an offical Hunter-Chef Combo pact with him. As a result, Toriko decided to only put Ingredients that 'choose' both of them for his Full Course Menu.

Though at the begining of the series, Toriko cared little for Komatsu's safety, he is now very protective of him. When venturing into extremely hostile environments to obtain Ingredients, Komatsu is usually strapped to Toriko' back for maximum protection. Komatsu in turn, is quite devoted to Toriko, believing that they can rise to the top together, which is why he puts everything he has into preparing an Ingredient.


Sunny's younger sister, Rin, has an immense crush on Toriko, tending to blush and become shy whenever he praises or even speaks with her, she even attempted to copy his signature three scars (stopping at once upon realizing she did it on the wrong side of her face). She was willing to place her life in serious danger against Starjun in order to protect Toriko from him.

When Starjun mortally wounds her and it is believed that she will die, Toriko was willing to grant her last request implied to be a kiss, which is further implied when she survives due to her Gourmet Cells reacting to a taste that Rin found 'delicious'. Regardless, Toriko denies any involvement. It is unknown what Toriko's exact opinion of Rin is, but he appears to be on friendly terms with her. It is shown that he greatly appreciated her efforts to help him through his depression after he had lost to Starjun.

After his return from his year and a half away from the Human World, Rin demanded that Toriko ask for her hand in marriage, to which he surprisingly complied, much to the shock of Rin and everyone else present during Toriko's nonchalant proposal. This likely indicates that Toriko now reciprocates Rin's feelings (although to a far lesser extent than her own fanatic affection) and wishes to eventually settle down with a wife. This was proven true as during his departure to the Gourmet World, he asked Rin to take care of their ceremony and that he would bring GOD back as their "wedding cake" upon his return.

Terry ClothEdit

He has adopted the Battle Wolf new born pup and named it Terry Cloth, making the young wolf his Animal Partner. The two share a special bond that extends beyond the usual master-pet bond to the point of recognition as equals. Usually Battle Wolfs don't attach themselves to humans as they usually roam the wilderness as loners, making this relationship truly unique. Terry currently lives with Toriko at his Sweet House.


Ob is an Obsaurus that serves Terry Cloth and, by extension, Toriko. Though originally subdued by Cedre, and later by Starjun, Ob does not seem to have any dark tendencies. In fact, after starting to living with the Bishokuya, he is shown to be extremely friendly and quite loyal, attempting to reach Wul Jungle under his own power to help Terry and Toriko.


Ichiryu, the president of IGO, is the adopted father of Toriko and the three other Heavenly Kings, finding and helping to raise them into the fine Bishokuya they are today. He enjoys their company, and would be even willing to prioritize spending some time with them, above that of doing important work, and meeting with heads of states. He is shown to be proud of Toriko, as shown after he tested his growth. Toriko is eager to make him proud and find GOD for him, and is deeply saddened when he learned of his father's death.


Toriko first met Teppei during his adventures at Ice Hell, where he saved the Bishokuya's life. Despite being a Saiseiya, who normally doesn't get along with Bishokuya's, Teppei and Toriko are on friendly terms. Teppei freely gives information and samples of Ingredients he has revived to Toriko, and apparently trusts Toriko not to abuse it.


Yosaku is Teppei's master and is considered to be a legendary Saiseiya. He was the one who helped regrow Toriko's left arm after it was blown of by Tommyrod at Ice Hell. Yosaku is astounded by Toriko's life force, as demonstrated when he regrew the Bishokuya's arm, which finished in six months, something that should have originally taken 20 years.

Melk the SecondEdit

When Toriko first met Melk the Second, his first impression was that she was a talented young lady, but thet she lacked confidence in her ability to back it up, which was how he easily saw through the lie that she was the original Melk. After Toriko came back from Heavy Hole, he saw that this confidence as a Sharpener was restored by Komatsu.

Melk the FirstEdit

Melk the First is the original Melk, and Melk the Seconds father. Toriko met him inside Heavy Hole during his training to get Melk Stardust, and was surprised that his personality was not anything like the Sharpeners reputation led him to believe. After figuring out that the reason for Melk's reputation as an introvert and recluse was because of his tiny voice, and resolving it using the Amplifier Stone from a Rock Condor, Melk helped Toriko out, and gave him advice on his next target on Ichiryu's List.


Tom is a food vendor and ship captain that Toriko is on friendly terms with. Usually when Toriko needs to get somewhere by sea, he gets Tom to take him in his boat, in exchange, Tom asks Toriko to provide him with certain ingredients to sell. Toriko has no problem when Tom tries to purchase ingredients for less than they are actually worth.


Setsuno, or as Toriko refers to her, 'Old Lady Setsuno', is a Gourmet Living National Treasure, and a renown Chef. Toriko met up with her when he went to Gourmet Town with Komatsu to try her Century Soup, and was extremely impressed by her skill at cooking. He goes to see her when he is confused about an Ingredient, as shown when he showed her the Million Tree's seed from Ichiryu's Full Course.


Jiro, or Knocking Master Jiro, is a legendary Bishokuya that Toriko and Komatsu met on the way to the Sandy Beach in the Cave to catch some Puffer Whale. After Toriko gave him a bottle of alcohol, he considered himself in his and Komatsu's debt, as he went through the trouble of saving Toriko in the Gourmet World, when the young Bishokuya went to test his strength. They are on friendly terms with him, even sharing a drink at Drunken Frenzy Island.

Chin ChinchinEdit

Master Chin Chinchin is a Gourmet Living National Treasure and the master of Chowlin Temple. He is the one that taught Toriko the secret technique of Food Honor, Food Immersion. His training is intense, as he dropped a mountain on Toriko and Komatsu, just to see whether they were worthy of learning his secret technique. Toriko greatly respects him and was angered when Chiyo continued to beat the master after he was unable to defend himself. Chin in turn also acknowledges Toriko, being one of the few names he actually remembers.


Shuu is an assistant manager at Chowlin Temple, and is the one who instructed Toriko and Komatsu in proper Food Honor. The Combo has great respect for him, being the one who managed to beat both of them in their respective fields, as well as calmly guiding them in mastering Food Honor.


Mansam is a the IGO chief of research, and is considered the third most powerful man in the IGO, after Ichiryu and Shigematsu. He has a long history with the Heavenly Kings, being present when Ichiryu first found and adopted them. Thus he knows all of them well. He gets along fine with Toriko, both possessing immense appetites, but they tend to fight over meals, especially if it contains alcohol.


Match is the current Boss of the Gourmet Yakuza. Toriko first met Match as part of the many Bishokuya heading to Ice Hell. Though Match was originally cautious of Toriko, seeing as his first encounter with a Heavenly King got his body riddled with scars, he learned that Toriko was completely different from Zebra, and managed to trust him. He went as far as to offer Toriko his own Lighter Suit, so that the King could fight better. When they next met, Match accepted Toriko's proposition to go gambling to defeat Livebearer, trusting in the abilities of the Kings.


Takimaru is a member of the Gourmet Knights and one of the few who managed to reach the central mountain in Ice Hell. By doing so and defeating a member of the Bishoukukai, he earned Toriko's respect, especially when he learned the main reason he embarked on this trip was to help his leader. They have been good friends ever since.


The leader of the Gourmet Knights, Toriko has a long standing relationship with Aimaru. Though they are friendly with each other, they tend to get into arguments with each other frequently when they get together, something that they don't usually do with most other people. They share a form of rivalry, and both are aiming to capture GOD, making it a form of competition between them. In fact, when Aimaru initially refused the medicine that was offered to him from Takimaru, he instantly gained his will to live after learning about GOD.


Tina is a young but persistant reporter for Gourmet News, that constantly tries to follow Toriko around in hopes of finding a story, since he is a famous Bishokuya. However she is usually foiled due to technical difficulties, like hostile environments and beast. She usually manages to stumble on to Toriko by accident.


Gourmet Corp.Edit

The Gourmet Corp. are the series main antagonists, who are atttempting to gain control of the worlds Ingredients. There main focus is GOD and the Gourmet World, but they have made several actions in the Human World as well, and several times their paths have crossed with Toriko and his friends. While they acknowledge Toriko's existance and power, most of the executive members do not consider him a true threat yet, with the exception of the Sous Chefs. Toriko in turn dislike their methods, especially their needless killing of beasts, and excessive consumption of Ingredients.


Starjun is the first Gourmet Corp. Sous Chef that Toriko encountered, though the last he met in the flesh, their previous encounters was with Starjun in a GT Robo. He acknowledges the Sous Chef's strength, claiming that he might not win if they fought in the flesh. Starjun in turn can see that Toriko holds great potential, and is eager to see it grow to its fullest, and then battle it.

Their battle turned into an epic grudge match with both of them testing one another's strength and their own to see what limits they had. Ultimately however, Toriko managed to score a lethal blow on Starjun which forced Starjun's Gourmet Cells to evolve to save his life, and Toriko himself lost and Komatsu was taken. The loss shook Toriko to his core and he was depressed for a significant time afterwards.


Grinpatch is the second Sous Chef that Toriko met face-to-face. Grinpatch, like Starjun, is interested in Toriko's growth which he tested at Wul Volcano. Toriko also recognizes Grinpatch's true strength, since he knew that the Gourmet Corp. Sous Chef was playing with him.


Tommyrod is the third of the Sous Chefs, whom Toriko met at Ice Hell, when they were both after the Century Soup. Toriko has a deep dislike for Tommy, due to the Sous Chefs method of killing beasts because they 'annoy' him, and his callous treatment of subordinates and the insects he spawns. Tommy in turn acknowledges Toriko's strength, choosing to face the Bishokuya at full power, but also possesses a deep hatred to the Heavenly King, for the damage done to him during their battle.


Once one of the Top 5 Chef's in the world, Chiyo has turned her cooking skills to the Gourmet Corp. She seemed to make it her duty to destroy the secret teachings of Food Honor, and thus crossed 'blades' with Toriko. Chiyo saw Toriko as nothing more than a target, who managed to learn Food Immersion. Toriko dislikes Chiyo for her cruel methods, especially when she continued to kick Master Chin when he was already defeated.

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