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Smile rebuilds Gourmet Town
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House rebuilt


Toriko post-time skip

Toriko US

Japanese トリコ
Romanized Toriko
English Toriko
Aliases The Glutton;
Charismatic Bishokuya
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday May 25th
Age 25-26 (Pre-Timeskip);
27-28 (Post-Timeskip)
Status Alive
Height 220 cm
Weight 230 Kg
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Four Heavenly Kings;
Rin (fiancée)
Occupation Gourmet Hunter
Partner Komatsu;
Personal Status
Relatives Ichiryu (adoptive father)
Pets Terry Icon, Ob
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Game Gourmet Survival 1 & 2;
Gourmet Monsters;
Gourmet Battle
Japanese Takashi Kondo (In OVAs);
Ryōtarō Okiayu (TV Anime & Movie)
English Ian Sinclair
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Ichiryuu and Mansam finding young Toriko

Mansam and Ichiryu finding the orphaned Toriko.

Toriko's past remains mostly a mystery, such as his birth place or any family he might've had, however it is known that during his childhood he was a young starving orphan living alone in a poverty stricken nation with no one to care for him or his friends, that was until a collapsed Toriko was discovered by the IGO's top members Ichiryu and Mansam, who came to their nation to distribute food to the poor. Ichiryu then goes on to offer the starving Toriko a piece of bread, but instead of consuming it for his own survival, he heads to his village to try and share it, but he collapses before he can even stand. With his great insight and wisdom, Ichiryu noticed Toriko's generosity, kind heart and his vast potential, thus deciding to take him under his wing along with four other children named Coco, Sunny, Zebra and Rin to try teaching them the ways of the Bishokuya and train them to their physical peaks. At an unknown point during or after their training, it was mentioned that Toriko and the other children were chain animals in the Gourmet Coliseum, however the full details behind this have yet to be explained.

The Four Heavenly Kings as Children

Toriko and the other Four Heavenly Kings as children with their master Ichiryu.

Eventually Toriko, Coco, Sunny and Zebra became the Four Heavenly Kings, some of the most well known Bishokuya in the Human World and Rin became the right-hand assistant of Mansam. Toriko went on to discover countless ingredients and make many achievements in the Gourmet Era, however at a later point in his career he started being less active and spent his days hunting without drawing the attention of the media.

Galala Gator Arc

Toriko komatsu and toriko

The fateful meeting of Toriko and Komatsu.

Toriko was first seen fishing in a far off rocky cliff-side where he was attempting to capture a Pincer Fish. While there he is found by a young chef named Komatsu, who on behalf of the IGO, sought Toriko's services in capturing a level 5 Galala Gator for a special dinner party being held at a restaurant for the IGO. Toriko happily agrees to Komatsu's terms, but is more enthusiastic about tasting the high-class meat of the Galala Gator. The next day Toriko prepares to set off to the Baron Archipelago, the home of the Galala Gator, with the aid of his boatman friend Tom. He is also accompanied by Komatsu who hopes to learn more about being a chef by seeing the animals in the wild and watching Toriko hunt. When they arrive at the Baron Bog he noticed that most of the bog's inhabitants have been behaving strangely, with some even leaving their usual habitat. While Toriko and Komatsu camp out for the night they find a group of starving animals, as it appears that something has been devouring a large amount of the island food, thus forcing most of the herbivores to flee and the carnivores to starve, Toriko then suspects that a powerful beast is behind the change in the ecosystem, Komatsu then reveals that the IGO suspected that the Galala Gator in the bog actually has a capture level of 8 due to its advanced age of 300 (as their capture level grows as they get older and so does their aggressiveness) and because of this Komatsu suspects that the Gator is indeed the cause of the island's change, however this only makes Toriko more excited as the meat of a Galala Gator gets better with age.


Toriko and the Garara Gator face off.

They are soon confronted by a dying Swamp Snake covered in Baron Leeches that appears to have been attacked by the Galala Gator, but before they can confirm their suspicions the Galala Gator finally appears and tries to attack Toriko. During their fight Toriko realizes that the Galala Gator has been tracking them and the animals of the island by using a colony of Baron Leeches in its mouth (as Baron Leeches leave hard to heal wounds, the Garara Gator is able to sniff out the wounded prey), after realizing this, Toriko decides to end the fight quickly and uses his "Fork and Knife" technique to decapitate the Galala Gator, thus restoring balance to the Baron Bog and fulfilling his duty to the IGO. In the anime, a bonus scene is shown, revealing that the battle was being monitored by the Bishokukai and they have decided to keep watch on the Four Heavenly Kings' actions.

After the Garara Gator's defeat, Toriko and Komatsu divide up the meat for the IGO and decide to sit down and taste some of the meat for themselves, which they both find delicious. However the next day Komatsu wakes up to find that Toriko has eaten all of the Garara Gator meat but he still doesn't find it good enough for his Full Course Menu which he someday hopes to complete.

Rainbow Fruit Arc

Some time after the Galala Gator incident, Toriko is shown having a relaxing day while enjoying the luxuries of his delicious Sweets House when he decides to go hunt a Sharkenodon and sell it for a nice profit in the Gourmet Wholesale Market. Toriko arrives with the beast he captured and agrees to sell it for a lower price for poor customers. During his transaction, Johannes an agent of the IGO and Komatsu arrive and request Toriko's aid in the capture of the legendary Rainbow Fruit which is being protected by a group of Troll Kongs who have built their nest around the tree of the fruit in the 8th Biotope, Toriko gladly agrees and prepares for his adventure.

As he and Komatsu make their way into the enclosed Biotope, Toriko encounters a Troll Kong scout and knocks him out with a Knocking Gun, in order to avoid killing it as he does not enjoy killing creatures he has no intention of eating, however as the Troll Kong falls it spews saliva all over Toriko causing him to smell like a weakling Troll Kong. This soon causes trouble for him as he encounters the group of Troll Kongs guarding the Rainbow Fruit tree and he cannot scare them away with his intimidation due to smelling like a weak Troll Kong underling.

Toriko - 03

Toriko intimidating the Silverback Kong into submission.

A fight soon ensues and Toriko tries his best to knock as many of them as possible without killing them but soon enough things become troublesome. Luckily a rainstorm soon commences and the rain washes off the scent of the underling from him, allowing him to use his intimidation against the others and gain dominance over their leader. Toriko then takes a single fruit from the tree and promises not to take more than that as to not harm the Troll Kongs way of life.


Toriko being served.

Upon his return to the World Kitchen, Toriko sells half the fruit for little pay so that it may be sold at a fair price to customers. He then goes back with Komatsu to Hotel Gourmet so he may prepare the Fruit of Rainbow. Upon tasting it Toriko becomes so moved by the ever-changing flavors of the Rainbow Fruit prepared by Komatsu that he declares the Rainbow Fruit as the dessert dish on his Full Course Menu. He then proceeds to celebrate and buy drinks for Komatsu and all the hotel's staff.

Puffer Whale Arc

Toriko puffer

Toriko and Komatsu on their way to Gourmet Fortune.

Toriko and Komatsu met once again and planned a trip to Gourmet Fortune, the location of the Labyrinthine Cave where the fabled Puffer Whales are set to appear as they do every sixteen years. While on the train, Toriko comes across a drunk old man begging for booze, he happily gives him a bottle and the man swears eternal gratitude to him and Komatsu. Upon arriving to town, they meet up with Toriko's old friend and fellow Heavenly King, Coco who happily greets his old friend and Komatsu. They then make their way to Coco's home where he reveals Zebra's recent incarceration, which does not surprise Toriko very much. They then meet Coco's animal partner Kiss who escorts them to Coco's isolated home. There they ask Coco for his aid in preparing the Puffer Whale as he is the only one skilled in its preparation. He complies and the group set out to Labyrinthine Cave.

After journeying into the cave, they come across several obstacles but was easily conquered. Things begin to look grim when Komatsu suddenly disappears causing Coco to fear for his life as he sensed Komatsu's death would come soon. Before they can search for him, they are confronted by the dominant species of the cave, the Devil Serpent. The two then engage in battle against the monstrous fiend. Meanwhile it turns out Komatsu had been kidnapped by a Bishokuya Bandit so he could be used as bait. However his plans fails when another Devil Serpent arrives and he himself is devoured leaving Komatsu to try and scare off the beast with his Toriko Cracker, but due to the intense blast of sound from the popper's explosion, it caused Komatsu's ear drums to pop and go into cardiac arrest. He is luckily saved by the same drunk old man they met on the train, who turns out to be the famous Knocking Master Jiro.

After an intense battle with the Devil Serpent, Toriko and Coco come out victorious and soon manage to find Komatsu who tells them what happened. Soon enough they arrived at the Sandy Beach in the Cave where the Puffer Whale will appear and proceed to attempt the difficult capturing methods without startling them. They manage to catch a few but Coco's skills are not enough to prepare the Puffer Whale so he entrusts the task to Komatsu, who after many unsuccessful attempts finally manages to remove the poison sack from their body and the group enjoys a feast of Puffer Whale delights in celebration of their victory. But their celebration comes to an abrupt halt when they come face to face with a mysterious and powerful entity that appears to be neither man nor beast. Fearing the worst, the two kings power up to take it down, however the being shows no interest and simply walks off with a large net full of Puffer Whales, leaving the group in startled states. Despite tensions they eventually return outside and prepare to leave for home on a job well done, however just then an IGO helicopter appears with Johannes inside, who requests of Toriko's aid over at the 1st Biotope, for a special mission.

Regal Mammoth Arc

Sunny feeling the smell
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Sunny loosing conscious from the smell2

A few days after the events of the Puffer Whale Arc, Toriko and Komatsu along with Johannes are seen on a helicopter heading to the 1st Biotope. Toriko, as per usual, is seen eating a hamburger from the Devil Serpent's meat naming it the "Toriko Burger". Soon afterwards, Johannes reveals the requested ingredient by the IGO this time around being the Regal Mammoth. Just as they arrive at the 1st Biotope, Toriko and Komatsu are welcomed warmly and are told the "chief" awaits. After exploring the facility and analyzing the food production taking place, the pair then attempt to enter the main lab. However, before they are granted permission to enter, they must undergo a series of purification requiring them to take a shower and their clothes to be sterilized thus cleansing them thoroughly. Once they arrive at the main lab, they stumble upon the keeping place of the Chain Animals, a species of hybrid clones, bio-engineered and under supervision of the IGO. A Muscle Crab escapes causing turmoil amongst the workers but the beast easily taken down by none other than the IGO Chief Mansam using his Fry Pan Punch. As him and Toriko reunite by shake hands, he reveals the Gourmet Coliseum's main event being the legendary Battle Wolf!

When the three entered the arena stands, they're shown a battle between the Troll Kong and a Galala Crocodile. As the Troll Kong reign victorious over his opponent, Toriko explain why the Gourmet Coliseum was created and how the IGO get its funding from the patrons who gamble on the battles to maintain operations. When the Battle Wolf appeared, Toriko notice that it was in labor through his sense of smell. He then entered the Gourmet Coliseum in order to assist it with its birth, and get all the spectators out of the stands so the Battle Wolf can give birth in peace by breaking the glass dome, and making the chain animals escape. But a bystander remained in the arena as the bystanders were leaving. When Manson approached him, he was stabbed in the stomach. It was revealed that the Republic of Roto’s President was none other than a GT Robo in disguised. By using the Gourmet ID of the Roto President, he was able to bypass security because it’s not mandatory to update the ID. Manson then realized that the operator was Bei of the Bishokukai who was there to acquire the Jewel Meat from the Regal Mammoth, and used Knocking on the Chief but it was ineffective. When Manson use his Frying Pan Sandwich on GT Robo, he was attack with its laser, temporary making Manson unable to fight. During this battle, The Battle Wolf was able to give birth and defeated the Devil Serpent in a display of skill that left Toriko, Komatsu, and the baby Battle Wolf in awe. After it exhausted itself, the GT Robo shot it through its side and berating it all the while. This angered Toriko and made all the animals that were in their cages frightened. Manson noticed this and explained that Toriko rarely gets angry. As Toriko and Bei’s GT Robo fought, Toriko was having some difficulty damaging the GT Robo due to its Super High Polymer Special Polyethylene and its Peeler Shot. Toriko was able to defeat the GT Robo by using the One Point Concentrated Ice Pick Nail Punch as Bei was about to fire its laser from its mouth. Bei was about to self-destruct the GT Robo, but Manson had the control room attack it before it gets the chance to finish it. When the Core Antenna was about to escape, Manson called Rikky to finish it off. Toriko was able to comfort the new baby Battle Wolf after seeing its mother’s final moments. After bonding with it, Toriko named it Terry Cloth because of how soft its fur was.

After the battle was over, Mansam invited them to eat his full course meal to recover from their battle with the GT Robo. They discussed about how to capture the Regal Mammoth, but Rin revealed that Sunny was already on the island and was informed that it was already captured by him. When they went outside to meet Sunny, he was surrounded by a bunch of Gang Hoods. He was easily able to defeat them while holding the Regal Mammoth with one hand. When Sunny came to them, Toriko explained his abilities and was informed by Manson that the Regal Mammoth that Sunny captured was a “child”; which had made the mother Regal Mammoth furious. Toriko, Rin, Komatsu, Sunny, & Terry began their search for the adult Regal Mammoth before the Bishokukai obtain it first. When they went to the Black Grass and tried it out with Cocomayo TreeRock Drums have appeared to attack them. Toriko vexed Sunny into helping them out when he told him that a Rock Drum's skin can be turned into a beautiful marble once its processed. As Sunny displayed his attacks, one of the Rock Drum kicked them to different locations. Toriko and Rin in one place, Sunny and Komatsu in another. Toriko and Rin landed at the White Forest where lots of wild beasts are attacking them. In order to defeat the wild beasts in the shortest amount of time, Toriko asked Rin to use the Battle Fragrance on him to make his Intimidation more powerful. As it went into effect it scared all the wild beast that was in their way except for the Obsaurus, as it refuses to move because of the orders of its owner, a GT Robo. After a long fight they was able to control the Obsaurus which gave them a ride to the Devil Athletics where Toriko and Rin was having a hard time with Mysterious Bird Rubanda. With its ability to create hallucination effects and use it powerful speed to overwhelm the opponent, Toriko and Rin was having a tough time defeating the devilish beast until Terry came and forced the Mysterious Bird Rubanda back. Terry then lead Toriko and Rin through a safe route out of the Athletics where they can continue their search for the Regal Mammoth. When they arrived where the Regal Mammoth was along with Sunny and Komatsu (who also made it to Regal Plateau), it was falling from the Regal Hill. Toriko made a small hole using his Knife in order to protect them from getting crushed. As the Mammoth rolled over the tiny safe haven, Sunny used his Hair Net to protect them from the weight of the mammoth. As the four exit outside, the Heavycliffs began to ready themselves for battle when Coco appeared and paralyzed them and the mammoth with his poison.

After a quick quarrel between Sunny and Coco, the Giant GT Robo appeared and fought Coco. As Coco begun to buy time for Toriko, Komatsu, Rin, and Sunny, the Regal Mammoth sucked them in from his mouth. The teeth of the humongous mammoth was about the crush them but Sunny's Spatula was able to deflect it enough for them to not get eaten. As they fall into an area of the Regal Mammoth, they meet the GT Robo which is piloted by Cedre. Sunny wanted to fight him because of the way he desecrated the animals in the swamp and told Toriko, Komatsu and Rin to go on ahead. When they were near the Jewel Meat, The GT Robo piloted by Starjun appeared before them. When Toriko tried to use the 5 Hit Kugi Punch on Starjun, he was swatted off breaking his neck in the process. The shockwave of the attack left Toriko in a coma, while the aftershock hit Rin and Komatsu. When Starjun finished his attack the GT Robo was damaged by the Kugi Punch; making Starjun compliment that it was able to graze him a bit. After seeing this, Rin shot a Fragrance Bazooka at Starjun to no avail, as Starjun dodged and pierced her through the abdomen. When Toriko was in his coma state, he saw his intimidation image eating him (this represent his gourmet cells going into Autophagy). His intimidation image gave him a quick warning that he has only 5 minutes of this extra strength. When he was able to wake up due to Rin’s Endorphin Smoke, he came back and attacked Starjun. Toriko explains that Rin was willing to die and he has no respect for the Bishokukai for they operate at a distance and that he will convey them the fear of death. As the battle rages on, Starjun explained that Autophagy will destroy the gourmet cells if it goes on too long. When Toriko hesitated to remember what his intimidation image had warned him before, Starjun took advantage of the situation and begun his counter assault. When Starjun used a Mixer Punch, Toriko wasn’t able to fight anymore due to the Autophagy reaching its limit. Seeing this as the limitations of Toriko’s power, Starjun decided to kill Toriko to finish the mission. With that he shot a laser through Toriko’s stomach; consequently making Toriko to find the Jewel Meat.

As Toriko saw the Jewel Meat, his mouth watered and thought that the smell of the raw Jewel Meat can put high class fragrances to shame. When Toriko scooped it out with his hands, he described it as having a wild feeling when chewed. The gorgeous clear sound that came from eating the raw Jewel Meat is like a gizzard. Toriko later recovered from his wounds after eating the Jewel Meat and appeared behind Starjun and Komatsu. He then tells Starjun to remove the “sense of pressure excess” to test his resolution where Starjun complied with Toriko’s request, stating that he’s fine without having it because the GT Robos are a hindrance to him with no exceptions. He even told Toriko to show him his true power so he can accurately measure it. Before Toriko can launch a 10 Ren Kugi Punch, Starjun used a Mixer Punch to stop Toriko to no avail. Toriko used his Knife consecutively to cut off the GT Robo’s left arm. It then became clear that it was a one-sided fight; in favor of Toriko. Before finishing of the GT Robo Starjun was piloting, Starjun asked about the Jewel Meat and wanted to taste it, but later said that he wants meet Toriko again; but in the flesh. The battle ended when Toriko's 10 Ren Kugi Punch hit its target, promptly destroying the GT Robo and him thanking Starjun for the meal. Toriko then ate the Jewel Meat with the others with him and Sunny arguing on who gets to have the Jewel Meat placed on their full course, with Sunny eventually winning.

BB Corn Arc

Sunny feeling the smell
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Sunny loosing conscious from the smell2

One day, while out at World KitchenTom found an ingredient for Terry to possibly enjoy. He reasoned to Toriko why Terry didn't have much of an appetite in the Human World; is because there aren't many ingredients in the Human World that would suit Terry's taste, due to Terry being a Battle Wolf clone, with memories of Gourmet World ingredients engraved in her DNA. Tom mentioned that a certain man brought him a whole bag of the Gourmet World delicacy, BB Corn, and that Terry would like it, as it comes from the Gourmet World, where even the beasts there enjoy BB Corn. But the corn can only be found at a remote place of the Human World, the Wul Jungle, where carnivorous plants and dangerous beasts thrive. So Toriko and Terry decided to venture into the Wul Jungle and discover the location where the corn was growing. They eventually found it near the jungle, and after a full-powered Nail Punch was Toriko able to make a few kernels emerge from the giant ear of BB Corn itself. Toriko, after using all his strength to make a few kernels pop, was shocked to discover that a whole ear of BB Corn was easily cut down and taken by something big. In order to make a kernel into popcorn, they needed a massive amount of heat, so Toriko brought the kernels near Wul Volcano. Using stones as a pan, he set the corn down and used the searing heat of the volcano to heat up the kernel. To protect themselves from the heat, Toriko and Terry used the pelts of the native Magma Rat. Finally, at 1,200 degrees, the kernel exploded, creating enough popcorn for a hundred people. Toriko is overjoyed at the fact that Terry finally found its favourite food, but before they could enjoy the BB Corn, it was all sucked up and eaten by a passing Grinparch, whose intentions was not to fight Toriko at first, as he was waiting for his pet Jack Elephant to pick him up from his recon mission to retrieve a GT Robo left behind at the 1st Biotope by the Bishokukai Gido. Grinparch discussed his motives with Toriko, and when they mentioned that the Bishokukai were also after GOD, Toriko realised that Grinparch was evil and prepared to fight him. At first, Toriko had difficulty battling Grinparch, as Fork and Knife were close-range weapons, and Grinparch was shooting air missiles at long range. As the battle dragged on, Toriko tried out a new ranged maneuver: Flying Fork and Flying Knife which had added range capability, but was not yet strong enough to injure Grinparch at a distance. Using the new moves, Toriko closed the distance between himself and Grinparch and used Knife to break Grinparch's straw. Just as both parties were becoming serious at their standoff, Grinparch received a call from the Head Chef, being told to return to their base just as his pet Jack Elephant arrived. With a shock, Toriko realised that the beast that was able to cut down an entire ear of BB Corn was the Jack Elephant. As Toriko and Terry recovered from their recent bout, Toriko remarked that Grinparch was not fighting seriously at all and they have to get stronger in order to beat the Bishokukai. Toriko also attended the tasting of the Bubbly Tuna by the President Dohem, and using the volcanic ash from the Wul Volcano as an ingredient, Komatsu was able to create the Bubbly Tuna Dohem loved. To celebrate the victory of the summit, Toriko treated everyone at Hotel Gourmet to the BB Corn he had brought back from the Wul Jungle.

Century Soup Arc

While dining in Hotel Gourmet, Toriko invited Komatsu to go with him to Gourmet Town to meet a certain person. From vending machines to restaurants, Toriko & Komatsu enjoyed their food stroll through Gourmet Town, encountering Zongeh and other Bishokuya. To prepare for the meeting, Toriko asked Komatsu to wear a suit, which surprised Komatsu, as Toriko usually wears casual clothes, indicating that person is important. Komatsu then requested that they visit the Gourmet Department Store to buy a Gourmet Case while they're at it, and was amazed by the items there (Kuriboh pots, Melk knives...). At the same time, Colonel Mokkoi was seen buying a ton of items. Looking around, they witness a robbery by some Gourmet Robbers, who were stopped by Setsuno, the person they're supposed to meet. Right away, she demanded that Toriko change his hairstyle to a pompadour if she were to take them to her kitchen, which Toriko forcefully agreed too, in hopes of tasting her Century Soup. She got Komatsu to introduce himself, and when she heard he's from the IGO, inquired about Ichiryu's well being, and explained how she was in a combo with his friend, Jiro, and thus had Toriko make a pompadour beforehand. Awaiting the Century Soup, they were welcomed with some Air Aqua and Garlic Bird Donburi, until the Soup was finally cooked. After delighting themselves in the taste, Komatsu mentioned how the Soup is missing something, which amazed Setsuno that she invited them further into the store, where her preparation kitchen is. She lead them to the mountain-sized pot where the Soup is cooked, and admited it's incomplete like Komatsu felt; missing something she isn't aware of. She mentioned that they'll soon be hired by someone in the Town to go capture the real Soup, and advised them both to go taste the real thing.

Like Setsuno predicted, Toriko got an invitation, and went to Bar Heavy Lodge, where every bishokuya gathered there was shocked to see him, and the owner, Morijii, blamed him for not visiting much since he became famous. Soon, Colonel Mokkoi entered with his request; 10 billion for finding the Century Soup. He escorted them aboard his ship to Ice Hell, and on the way explained its location and gave them Lighter Suits. Gourmet Knights member, Takimaru, introduced himself to Toriko, and Toriko inquired about their leader, Aimaru's well being, and as he did, Grand Sharks (Sharkcrocodile in the anime) attacked the ship. Toriko fended one off with a finger-knocking, and then the other bishokuya each dealed with the rest. They finally reached Ice Hell, but as soon as they did, a huge piece of ice fell of the mountain towards them, which Toriko dealt with using a combination of Flying Knife, Fork, and Nail Punch, surprising everyone aboard. Reaching their destination, a helicopter took a group of them a few stories up, where they climbed the rest of the mountain themselves. Toriko was shocked to see the guard of Ice Hell, the Tundra Dragon, frozen, along with many other Bishokuya. Toriko lead a group of them (Komatsu, Match and his men, Takimaru) and continued forward. Toriko dug them a hole under the ice for them to rest, and kept watch outside for any wild beasts or enemies, suspecting other people to be on the continent. Meanwhile, the Bishokukai started moving on the continent. Toriko's group continued the walk, and just when they were about to break down from the intense cold, they encountered some Freezon Bisons, whom they used their fur for heat, after the group showed of their skills against the beasts. After multiple stops and walks, Toriko's group finally reached the Ice Mountain, where the wind has stopped and turned warm. There, they sat for rest, and each explained their reason for venturing through Ice Hell. Also, a baby Wall Penguin took a liking to Komatsu and accompanied him.

Suddenly, they heard a near explosion, and Toriko was convinced it's the Bishokukai again. A swarm of Jongal Stag Beetles attacked them, causing them serious injuries, followed by the arrival of the Bishokukai, lead by Tommyrod. Tommy rushed at Toriko, punching a hole through his body, which Toriko used as an advantage to stop Tommy's movement and greet him with a punch up-close. As he tried though, Tommy released an insect from his mouth, freezing Toriko's hands. Then, 2 huge Wall Penguins appeared, wrecking the place, which opened a hole down the ground, leading them to the Gourmet Show Window. Toriko asked Komatsu to go take the Soup while he dealt with Tommy, and Match and Takimaru stopped Barry and Bogie from halting Komatsu's advance. Komatsu then advanced through the cave, and eventually met with Teppei. Meanwhile, Tommy killed the 2 Penguins, which angered Toriko's group. Match and Takimaru then had a bloody battle with Bogie and Barry, whom they won against, but without heavy causalities. After his fight, Match thought to help Toriko in his fight, but was overwhelmed by the level of power Toriko's fight was at, and knew there was no way he can help. Toriko went against hundreds of Tommy's insects and had his Lighter Suits ripped, rendering him at a disadvantage in this cold along with his frozen hand. Match tried giving Toriko his Suits, but Toriko thanked him and refused. When Tommy noticed his comrades were beaten, he was enraged and sent insects to kill them, which angered Toriko into using Shivering to keep the insects away, and to melt the ice around his hands. Meanwhile, Teppei, Komatsu, and Zongeh were searching for the Soup, to no avail, as it seemed to have finished, but they eventually discovered there's still a tiny amount left. Still, Tommy refused to fight Toriko head on, and relied on his insects, even after Toriko's attempts at luring him by challenging him. Tommy threw the thousand bugs at Toriko all at once, until they covered him whole. Then to make sure Toriko's dead, Tommy attacked personally to finish him off, but was caught in Toriko's trap, and got a 10 Hit Nail Punch handed to him, sending him flying back. Tommy was curius as to how Toriko didn't die even while covered with insects, and came to the conclusion that Toriko's cells released Phytoncide as defense. Enraged, they both enter the real deadly battle; Tommy tore off Toriko's finger, while Toriko did Tommy's wing in. Tommy then used Shivering in a different way to throw blasts of steam at Toriko, and Toriko approached with a 12-Hit Punch, only to get his hands eaten by Tommy. Still, Toriko sent the punch flying at Tommy, even while missing his hands. Still, Tommy threw even more steam blasts to finish off Toriko's whole arm. Toriko used the other hand to deal Tommy a 13-Hit to the face. More fighting depleted Toriko's energy, and at that time, Tommy unveils his true form as a respect to Toriko, and advances a barrage of punches on Toriko, which almost killed him. But, Toriko suddenly realizes the heavy wound he dealt Tommy with his kick at some point in the fight, and then unleashes his new techniques, Leg Knife and Leg Fork, dealing heavy damage to Tommy, but completely depleting his stores, leaving him unconscious. Tommy, in rage, was about to deliver the final blow to the unconscious Toriko, but Teppei stepped in. After Teppei used Knocking on Tommy, he used his techniques to help save Toriko's group, whom were all dying from freezing. To their misfortune though, they headed back to Komatsu only to find the Soup was stolen by the Bishokukai.

Teppei strangled and broke down the Show Window until it released a drop of Century Soup, which they decided to have Komatsu drink, in hopes that he would be able to remember the taste and cook the exact same one. Zongeh then led them to a shortcut outside the cave, where Setsuno came to pick them up with her Limousine Jellyfish. They had their share of rest and food there, where Setsuno advised Toriko to try and get his arm healed at the country, Life. In Life, Toriko took a rest by the Cactus Doctors to refresh himself, and then had Teppei give them a tour through the country, showing them the different kinds of Onsen, where they coincidentally meet with Sunny in one. They had a little talk with Sunny, where they learned they're all aiming to meet Teppei's master, Yosaku, who sent him on the request to check on the Gourmet Show Window. As it turned out, Yosaku was dining right next to them, and came to greet them when he saw Teppei. Yosaku then took them to Food Inn, where many Saiseiya meet. He took them to his place, and helped them all with their injuries and gave Takimaru the medicine. To their surprise though, he mentioned Toriko's arm may take 20 years to return back. Yosaku cut Toriko's hair for DNA info, and along with Revival Seeds, made a new seed off Toriko's DNA, and implanted it into Toriko's wound to regrow, then had Toriko rest in a Healing Jelly to speed up the process. Toriko struggled with the process, as the seed eats up all the nutrients in his body, and if he doesn't replenish with food quick, he may die. 3 months passed in the process, and Toriko was progressing nicely. On the other hand, Komatsu was also progressing with his Soup. And just when Toriko's condition was getting worse, Komatsu finished his Soup with the Penguins saliva and Toriko's body revived, reacting to the finished Soup. Finally, Toriko's group gathered at Hotel Gourmet to taste the Soup Komatsu completed. The Soup completely stunned them with how delicious it was. Toriko then asked Komatsu if he can put the Soup in his Full Course Menu, to which Komatsu gladly accepts. This makes the 3rd item on Toriko's Menu. After this, Hotel Gourmet went up to become a 6-Star Hotel.

Aboard a train to Life, Toriko explained to Komatsu about Aimaru's disease, and how he's an old friend of his who's competing with him on who will have GOD as part of his Full Course Menu. They reached Life, where Sunny was training with Yosaku, and offered them both some Soup, which Sunny refused due to the vulgar face it makes. Toriko went back home only to find his candy house gone, eaten by beasts. Then, Terry welcomed him home by capturing him a Crab Pig, and Toriko noticed how big he's become. Ob also grew a bit. Toriko decided to call the Gourmet Architect, Smile, and offered to let him taste the Century Soup if he were to build Toriko a new Sweets House. Toriko invited Komatsu, Coco, Mansam, Tom, and Rin for a party commemorating his new house. In the end, after they got Smile's smile back with the Soup, they took it away when they ate the whole house in one night.

Gourmet King Deciding Battle Arc (Filler)

After Toriko's house party, Toriko, Coco and Sunny are informed by newscaster Tina about the Gourmet King Deciding Battle, to decide who is the best bishokuya. The three then enter the competition to see who is the best and upon arriving they find out that the competition was created by the wealthy millionaire Fond De Bohno in order to find an ingredient that would satisfy his pet Seven-Color Nessie, Chris who has apparently lost its appetite and is slowly starving. Toriko then thinks that the ingredient that would satisfy a dragon beast such as Chris would be the Grand Berry on Megamori Island. He, Komatsu and Terry Cloth then set off to the island to seek out the berries but are attacked soon after arriving by a Chestnutmadillo. After getting away from the the Chestnutmadillo, they manage to find some Grand Berries, but discover that the berries are being guarded by a ferocious Shark Box Turtle. Toriko and Terry try to attack it, but it uses its shell to protect itself and its burrowing abilities to avoid attacks. Komatsu then notices that it hasn't stopped moving for a second, making Toriko realize that it needs to stay in constant motion for it to breath much like regular sharks do underwater. He then uses his Nail Punch on the ground causing it to fly out and into the air, he then throws a Flying Knife at it making the Shark Box Turtle to flip over and falls on its back, causing it to become short of breath. The shark then runs away and Toriko is able to capture the Grand Berries for Chris. Once they return however, Chris refuses to eat them or any of the ingredients brought by Coco, Sunny and the other bishokuya. Komatsu then realizes that Chris has actually been craving an incredibly sweet and rich dessert, after seeing it go for Rin's parfait. He then prepares the berries together with Coco's Honey Dragon honey and Sunny's Milk Whale milk to make a delicious giant parfait for Chris which he happily gobbles down. After finishing his parfait, Chris becomes larger and grows a pair of wings, having finally gone through his final metamorphosis. Chris then bids farewell to a tearful Bohno, as he flies to follow his instincts, but not before leaving a Grow Apple behind as a sign of his gratitude. Toriko then explains to the tearful Bohno that all animals must one day return to where they belong once they have grown and that there is no need to feel saddened when parting ways for they will always be friends. Toriko then affectionately looks up at Terry Cloth who is standing above the stage, knowing that some day they too will part ways. Everyone in the audience and the competitors then partake of the delicious Grow Apple.

Ozone Herb Arc

Toriko and Komatsu pay a visit to the famous Yakiniku Healthy restaurant where both enjoy many of the high-class grilled vegetables they serve there. As soon they finish their meal, Toriko reveals that his true reason for bringing Komatsu was to get him excited for their next destination, Vegetable Sky the divine vegetable garden in the aether where he plans to take him in order to help him acquire the king of vegetables, the Ozone Herb as part of a request given to him by IGO president Ichiryu.

The next day both set off to their destination on a private IGO jet and both are eager as ever to reach it. Toriko then remembers the important words spoken to him by Ichiryu about the importance of a chef partner and how his own lack of a partner made the ingredients he collected in his long life seem worthless. Ichiryu's words then encourage Toriko to try and ask Komatsu to be his partner, but he dismisses his question as nothing important. Just then their plane is attacked by a giant Sea Lion Bird but luckily they are able to shake it off and proceed to their destination. Komatsu then tries to wonder what Toriko was going to ask but he simply states that he was just going to say that he will protect Komatsu as best he can, he then points out the windows and states they've arrived to their destination, the Sky Plant which will lead them to Vegetable Sky.

The two then begin their dangerous and harsh trek up the giant plant which caused Komatsu a great deal of fear. Along the way they encountered a flock of harmless Pseudo-Rubandas, a few mishaps and a large Gegon which they cooked and ate during their first night camping on Sky Plant. The next day, they continued their long journey upward all the while resisting some harsh winds, dehydration, reduced oxygen levels, a Rat Dragon and harsh rainfalls. As night finally came, they set up camp once more and enjoyed the astonishing view of the stars from their altitude at 3,000 meters, Toriko then recalls Ichiryu's words on how he must adapt to unexpected climates, otherwise he will not be able to enter the Gourmet World, Toriko then resolves to conquer the environment of Sky Plant. The following day Toriko and Komatsu set off once more, this time with Komatsu riding on his back who has been weakened due to the lack of oxygen. Soon after setting out they encounter a group of Air Gorillas who try to attack the two but soon the beasts themselves are devoured by Wicked Beanstalks who then try to attack Toriko and Komatsu, forcing the two to makes some quick evasive maneuvers but soon they are thrown off the Sky Plant by one of the beasts, luckily Toriko uses the special "gliding" feature of his suit to try and ride the windy updraft back to safety but this soon fails when they are attacked by a flock of Drill Birds who tear through Toriko's suit, forcing him to take them out with his "Flying Knife".

After some struggle, they are able to grab on to a leaf and get back on the Sky Plant, but before they can proceed upwards, they see that a giant "monster cloud" is being formed, creating very dangerous Cumulonimbus Clouds that now stand between them and Vegetable Sky. The two then prepare themselves and begin their entry into the cloud where they are hit by a powerful downburst of cold air that almost freezes them, but are able to stave it off thanks to Toriko's "Shivering". Toriko then begins to move forward but the storm oddly enough stops much to their surprise but the moment of calm comes to end as a huge onslaught of giant hail begins to fall nearly crushing the two, but Toriko is able to fight them off using his "Knife" and some quick evasive moves. Komatsu then tries to convince Toriko to turn back, but Toriko puts Komatsu at ease with some encouraging words and tells him to believe in his strength. The two then begin to move forward once more, this time trying to survive against a fierce storm of lightning as they enter the fearsome cloud itself where the lightning and wind is even more unpredictable and dangerous, flinging the two around making them barely able to move. As Toriko begins to lose consciousness he realizes that the strap holding Komatsu to him has broken but then notices that Komatsu is still clinging and claims that he still has faith in Toriko's strength. Toriko then regains his focus and creates a method to properly breath in the terribly cold environment. Once he regains his footing, the two see a bright light which turns out to be the legendary Lightning Phoenix, Toriko realizing that its feathers make excellent lightning-resistant shields, takes one for himself and uses it to safely climb up the rest of the Sky Plant. After much hardship, the storm finally begins to calm and the top of the clouds can finally be seen which eagerly excites both Toriko and Komatsu as they run the rest of the way upward while breaking through the clouds, where they finally reach their long desired destination, Vegetable Sky putting the two ultimately at ease at having passed all their difficult trials.

The excited pair begin their exploration of the environment, noticing how ash and minerals from nearby volcanoes froze within the clouds, allowing for grass to grow and creating a sturdy land-like platform. They then finally reach the vegetable garden in the aether, with countless giant vegetables of unparalleled deliciousness growing for as far as the eye can see. They then dig into their surroundings, eating as much as they can fit in their mouths while being marveled at the amazing flavors of the heavenly vegetables. After traveling past the garden, however Toriko notices the footprint of an unknown creature which looks similarly to the feet of a Bishokukai GT Robo, but before he can ponder on it, Komatsu calls him to show him the cloudy fields where the Ozone Herbs grow. The two finally having reached their goal and begin peeling off one of the Ozone Herbs but it quickly evaporates before they are able to reach its pit, making them realize it is a special preparation ingredient.

After several tries, the two are still unable to succeed but Toriko convinces Komatsu to use his skill in hearing the "Voice of Ingredients" to find out how to properly peel them. After several more tries they are finally able to reach the pit where the true Ozone Herb lies underneath all the giant blades of grass. They then bite down on it only for it evaporate into a gross black mulch. They both then realize that they have to bite it at the same time. They then manage to finally succeed after another try and become mesmerized by its nutritional taste, even causing Toriko's cells to evolve further. Toriko then takes the opportunity to ask Komatsu if he will be his chef partner and form a combo with him, to which Komatsu happily agrees. Before they can celebrate however, a strange birdman-like creature appears to take a bite out of their Ozone Herb after seeing their method. The Nitro successfully manages to bite both sides of the herb at the same time without spoiling it, however it quickly spits it out in disgust and then leaps into the air and disappears. Toriko and Komatsu are shocked at the birdman's speed and power, but Toriko then realizes it is not from the Human World and hence it must be from Gourmet World, and if an ingredient of such caliber as the Ozone Herb was unimpressive to it, then that means that ingredients of Gourmet World are beyond extraordinary, further fueling his desire to go there one day.

After returning from Vegetable Sky with the Ozone Herb, Toriko and Komatsu pay a visit to the IGO Headquarters to deliver the herb to President Ichiryu, who is happy to see how far Toriko has progressed and that he has found a combo partner. He then gives Toriko a special list detailing several ingredients which Toriko needs to capture in order to complete his training for Gourmet World. Ichiryu then tells Toriko that he will be leaving for Gourmet World soon and tells him to follow him there when he is ready, which Toriko excitedly agrees too.

The Reality Of Gourmet World Arc

Sometime after delivering the Ozone Herb to Ichiryu, Toriko meets up with Sunny in Rain Town to talk about the Gourmet World and its entryways in. Sunny tells him the easiest and least obstructed route would be Zabel Island's Waterfall Basin of Life. Toriko eagerly tells him of his plans to go into Gourmet World after hearing Sunny's detailed explanation, however Sunny makes no effort to stop him knowing Toriko's insatiable desire to enter it.

Later on, Toriko travels to Zabel Island and reach the IGO's 18th Barrier where the Basin of Life is located. After a brief conversation with the barrier's overseer Elboh, Toriko jumps down the basin only to have his skydive obstructed by a powerful air blast from a Breath Dragon that easily crushes him into the basin's stone wall. The wounded Toriko then painfully falls into the area 20,000 meters below sea level at the bottom of the basin, Gourmet World's Underground Forest. He is attacked by gravity far greater than what is on the surface of the Human World and is barely able to move, his situation worsens when he comes face to faces with an Asura Tiger which walks towards him in hopes of making him its next prey. Toriko attacks the beast with his Leg Knife but barely manages to cut the surface of its paw, it then retaliates by knocking Toriko near an Air Tree whose intense air pressure causes Toriko's breathing to falter and his eyes to gush out blood. Toriko also happened to hit a King Landler when he was flung and the angry beast attacked the newly spotted prey. Luckily Toriko was able to muster enough strength to attack it with his 15-Ren Kugi Punch and successfully knocks back its arm, however, it rises again unfazed from his attack and lunges at him again.

Just then the Asura Tiger reappeared and attacked the King Landler and both began to brawl, knocking Toriko into another area with unusual heat. The source of heat above him is the intense Heat Planet which quickly begins dehydrating him and increases the intense gravity of the forest even further. He attempts to break a cactus for water but spikes break out of the cactus and knock him into a foggy area, where Toriko is then bombarded by an extremely powerful waterfall from a Fall Tree. He rushes out of the waterfall to breathe, and is then attacked by a pack of bird-like creatures known as Mamews. Before they can reach him, Knocking Master Jiro appears and uses his powerful Knocking Rifles to knock it out. Jiro then tell Toriko that Mamews always travel in groups, and will call for backup when in trouble. A flock of Mamew then appear and proceed to attack, luckily Jiro manages to incapacitate all the Mamews with his Hard Type Knocking Rifles.

The Asura Tiger and King Landler then appear out of the nearby forest still in their brawl, but Jiro uses his knocking on the upper half of his body. Using Ikkaku Knocking and Intimidation together, he is able to intimidate the two and forces them to flee. Toriko and Jiro then settle down and talk. Jiro then kindly scolds Toriko for his impatience and tells him to always keep his guard up, for if he lets it down for even a fraction of a second he will die in Gourmet World. Jiro then explains that he was a lot like Toriko, attempting to do it all alone, but it didn't work. Instead, he tells Toriko that he should trust in his chef partner and that next time he should bring Komatsu along. In fact, the one who sent Jiro was none other that Komatsu, who was worried for Toriko. Toriko then returns to the Human World, where Komatsu holds a celebratory feast in honor of Toriko returning safely.

Melk Stardust Arc

Seeking the next ingredient on Ichiryu's List, Melk Stardust and a knife artisan to fix Komatsu's broken knife, Toriko and Komatsu set out to Melk Mountain, where the discoverer of the ingredient, the #1 knife sharpener in the world Melk lives. Upon arriving they meet a young "man" claiming to be Melk, Toriko knowing full well he is lying challenges "Melk" to a match and manages to defeat him but he soon reveals his true identity as Melk's pupil and adopted "son", Melk the Second. After all understandings are made, Melk the Second reveals that his father had left to Heavy Hole for training, a famed canyon that goes deep underground and is known for its intense gravity levels. Toriko knowing this to be a perfect chance for training too, goes to seek Melk the First and takes Komatsu's knife along with him for good luck while Komatsu stays behind to idolize Melk the Second's amazing craftsmanship. While Komatsu was staying with Melk the Second he finds out that Melk is actually a "she" after dropping on her during her bath. She soon reveals her history to Komatsu and her belief that she can never match up to her father, however Komatsu tells her otherwise and the two soon grow a deep bond.

Meanwhile Toriko arrives in Heavy Hole where he is ambushed by a hoard of Balbamoths, he luckily manages to escape their pursuit and as he goes deeper the gravity begins to take its toll on his body, but soon enough his Gourmet Cells begin to adapt and allow him to produce more energy with which to cope with the intensity. He soon comes up with a method to go down the rocky walls, however Komatsu's knife falls out his pocket and he's forced to make hasty moves, luckily the knife leads him into the den of some Ruby Crabs, a rare high-class ingredient which quickly restores his stamina, his meal however is cut short by the arrival of a very fearsome foe, the Sasori Magyuu, but as it turns out it is actually the animal partner of none other than Melk the First himself who soon arrives to stop the battle between the two.

Melk gives an order to the Sasori Magyu to bring a specific rock and the cow immediately takes the task. After that Melk starts to explain some things to Toriko and pointing to some rock, but his voice is so tiny that Toriko can't hear a thing. When Melk was about to leave, the Sasori Mangyu returned with a rock known as a Speaker Stone. A rock that is harvested from the vocal chords of a Rock Condor and it has the effect to magnify nearby sounds many times over. With the help of it, Toriko now can hear him normally. Melk explains that even though Sasori Mangyu is a kid, it's still more stronger than Toriko right now. Since Sasori Magyu's are very intelligent, he was able to tame it and make it his guard, so that no one interferes with his job. Melk states that Toriko is just like the person Ichiryu described and Toriko says that Melk talks a lot and it's not like what he was expecting him to be, as Ichiryu described him as a shy and silent person. Melk says he usually talks a lot, but probably because of his appearance he gets ignored by the people for some reason. Toriko ask him since when he started using the Speaker Stone, Melk replies that he found it recently and is using it because it makes the Sasori Magyu move very quickly. Then Toriko shockingly realizes that Melk is not shy or silent at all, but his voice is so tiny that nobody could hear him. After that they start to talk about The Second, and Melk The First praises her that she is amazing and has sharpening skill no different than his.

Melk explains that he took a request from Ichiryu, to make a knife capable of preparing the salad from Acacia's Full Course Menu, AIR and after taking on the request, he decided to retire, since in order to make the knife, he needs to spend many long months and use a large amount of Melk Stardust and that this knife will be his final work of his life. He explained all that to his daughter and entrusted the title of The Second to her. But Toriko says that she probably didn't hear anything, which surprises and shocks Melk, who realizes that all those moments of affection when she was little, were probably her trying to hear what he says. Toriko calms him down stating that she is doing a fine work and has taken the role of the second generation. After that Toriko says he came for a reason here and Melk says he knows and will show him the location of the Melk Stardust. Toriko also shows him Komatsu's knife and after looking at it, Melk stated that it has been a long time since he last a knife that made him interested in the owner and that Toriko have made quite an outstanding combo. Melk also wanted to look at the list of requests Ichiryu gave to Toriko. He saw the Mellow Cola on the list and advised Toriko to get it as fast as possible, because now is the time, when the cola is most delicious. Melk then leads Toriko to a large cavern with brilliant Melk Stardust which shined like gold.

Toriko then collected all the stardust he needed and traveled back to Melk's Workshop to give the good news to Melk the Second and Komatsu. After telling Melk the news, she is relieved to hear her father is well and that he truly did choose her to be his successor. After seeing the Melk Stardust, all became enamored by its taste, and this inspired Melk to use the stardust to repair Komatsu's knife by using a piece of the fang of the long extinct Derous. Toriko and Komatsu then go outside to enjoy the hot spring bath and Toriko takes the opportunity to tease Komatsu about his "relationship" with Melk the Second, much to his embarrassment. Meanwhile, Melk the Second is able to reforge the knife thanks to the stardust's unique properties, and is able to merge it with the Derous fang, turning it into a whole new blade with amazing sharpness, the Derous Knife. After swinging it only a little, she sends out a powerful slash that slices up part of her house and the mountain, and nearly cuts Toriko and Komatsu who both immediately become excited at the sight of the amazing knife. With their task complete, Toriko and Komatsu set off back home the following day.

Mellow Cola Arc

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The next item on the training list from the IGO President was the Mellow Cola. Shortly after the events of obtaining the Melk Stardust, Komatsu and Toriko find themselves aboard the Deluxe Carriage, a special cruise liner sized carriage towed by level 64 Giga Horses. Sunny and Coco are also aboard the Carriage with the intention to get off at various points on missions related to the two getting ready for the Gourmet World, while Toriko and Komatsu mean to get off when the Carriage arrives at the Entrance to Hell (AKA the entrance to the Honey Prison) , Sunny and Coco emphatically decline Toriko's request for them to join him and Komatsu in picking up Zebra who was imprisoned at the Honey Prison at the time. When Toriko and Komatsu pass trough the gates , Zebra trough his specialized voice technique acknowledges Toriko's arrival to the confusion of Komatsu , who does not hear anything. Komatsu with Toriko dragging many animal carcasses (as an intended gift for Zebra's feast) , finally arrive at the Honey Prison where they are welcomed by the monstrous Assistant Warden Ohban, who explains that the Honey Prison is one of 3 maximum security "Gourmet Prisons" , with the other two being the Sky Prison and the Prison Submarine. Ohban explains to them the inner workings of the Honey prison and is finally introduced to Warden Love, warden love is a short woman dressed like a bee, who is able to control the prison and its powerful execution beasts through the use of highly effective pheromones which are even able to fool Komatsu and Toriko. They are finally led to Zebra's cell where he showcases his strength by easily overpowering the 4 execution beasts bound to his limbs. Warden Love who happens to be infatuated by Zebra (who seems to be immune to her pheromones) is reluctant to see Zebra released but since the order came from the President himself she was compelled to release him , although under the conditions that Zebra capture 500 wanted criminals and discover 100 new food ingredients during his release, during the meal to celebrate his release a level 70 magma tortoise along with creatures of at least level 60 are acting unruly outside of the Honey Prison and seeing that as the creatures getting "cocky" Zebra showcases the power that Toriko acknowledges as the greatest of the Four Kings by unleashes the Thunder Noise and the and the Voice Missile that eradicates the creatures, and Toriko reveals to Komatsu that Zebra is responsible for the extinction of 26 species and is rated as a first class dangerous creature. Shortly after the World is in an uproar in reaction to Zebra's release as many news and economy networks predict his movement and effect on food supplies and the economy.

Toriko's Break Arc

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Some time after the events involving the Mellow Cola, Toriko takes Komatsu to Bar Meria to enjoy its menu and discuss the possibility of another Gourmet War starting once GOD reveals itself. Toriko tells Komatsu that he plans on hastening his progress and conquering the challenges of the Human World in order to be ready for Gourmet World and help save the world from another Gourmet War by keeping GOD from falling into the hands of the Bishokukai. Just then, they hear a familiar voice coming from an unknown man sitting across from them, the man is soon recognized by Toriko and he asks what he is doing there to which he replies that he is searching for a special ingredient. The man then faces Toriko and compliments his growth and combo but then tests his abilities by attacking everything around Toriko at an inhuman speed and proclaims him to still be too slow and that he could've easily killed him 10 times in less than a second. He then states that there will come in time in which they will fight, the moment when GOD's mellow cry signals its return and Acacia's revived Full Course is put on the line. Toriko infuriatingly accepts the man's challenge and yells out his true name, Starjun. After this, Starjun takes his leave and Komatsu tearfully expresses his joy at not having been killed by Starjun and Toriko is pleased that luck was on their side that night. Their fortunate luck interests Toriko as it is something he never much believed in until recently; this encourages him to go visit the Gourmet Temple, a holy place of good fortune that also houses shrines to Acacia's Full Course Menu, in hopes of improving his Food Luck.

The following day, Toriko and Komatsu arrive at the Gourmet Temple to pay their respects and see the holy grounds of Acacia by taking part in Acacia's Full Course Pilgrimage. After paying their respects at each of the shrines dedicated to Acacia's Full Course, they finally arrive at the main temple, where they get to see the life-size golden statue dedicated to Acacia. They then utter a small prayer to it and make their way outside where they see that the temple is starting its lucky Food Man Competition to the side this year's Food Men. The first test being who can pull out a knife from a giant cutting board made from the Bishoku Cedar trees. Naturally Komatsu's great Food Luck and cooking knowledge allows him to effortlessly pluck out the knife from the board. The second half of the competition then begins to see who has the lucky golden seed of the Bishoku Cedar fruits. Toriko luckily finds the seed amongst his fruits that he had purchased earlier, making him and Komatsu the year's Food Men, much to their joy. The temple keeper, Pahpoh is seen watching them from afar and is amazed by their great Food Luck, he then notices Acacia's statue "smiling" at the two Food Men.

Shining Gourami Arc

After returning from his short vacation, Toriko and Komatsu meet up with Sunny to have lunch. During the meal, Toriko informs Sunny that he will need his unique abilities in capturing the next ingredient on his list, an ingredient that is sure to interest him, the beautiful Shining Gourami. Sunny immediately becomes excited at the thought of catching such a beautiful creature and agrees to assist him. A giant Mother Snake then appears and Sunny introduces her as his new Animal Partner, who he has named Quinn. The trio then jump onto Quinn's head and she dashes off at remarkable speeds, much to Toriko's amazement. In no time at all they are able to reach the Mors Mountain Range, the location of the Death Falls where the Shining Gourami resides.

After getting over the sight of the deadly waterfall and the creatures it holds, the trio leap off of Quinn and ride Sunny's Hair Raft to get up close with the falls and reach the caverns behind it where the Shining Gourami resides. Toriko then uses his powerful Leg Knife to cut most of the oncoming water in two which proves quickly ineffective, forcing him to release a 18-Hit Kugi Punch which unfortunately also proves ineffective. Sunny then uses his new and improved Supper Spatula technique to deflect most of the deadly water in a massive blast, leaving Toriko quite impressed. This encourages him to use his new 36-Hit Twin Kugi Punch which pushes the water away even further with an equally impressive blast. Before they are able to move forward however, a gigantic mountain begins to fall down the massive waterfall, leaving the trio horrified at the sight. Toriko performs a Leg Knife on it which proves ineffective. Toriko then comes up with a strategy involving his Twin Kugi Punch being deflected by Sunny's Super Spatula and rebounded with several times the force towards the oncoming mountain. They then prepare themselves and Toriko releases another 36-Hit Twin Kugi Punch at Sunny's Super Spatula which deflects it upwards with 30 times the force. Upon hitting, it easily obliterates the mountain to smithereens as the trio cheer at their victory.

The explosion from the attack also open up the way past the waterfall and into the caverns which they quickly dash towards before the rubble from the mountain crushes them. Upon entering, they appear to be caved in and Komatsu is forced to go alone further into the cave to capture the Shining Gourami while Toriko and Sunny recover their stamina. Eventually Komatsu returns with a Gourmet Case full of Shining Gourami much to their amazement, and Quinn then appears from the wall of boulders, having found a way for them to escape through the rubble's openings. After finally escaping, the group sits down atop Quinn's head and prepare to deep fry the Shining Gouramis in Mors Oil, turning it into a delicious tempura whose flavor is further increased by the addition of Melk Stardust, leaving Toriko and Komatsu enthralled by its taste and Sunny by it having evolved his Gourmet Cells and bringing beauty to his skin. Both then continue to celebrate and enjoy their spoils. Elsewhere in the distance, the trio is observed by a mysterious figure who is impressed with their great accomplishment.

Autumn Break Arc (Filler)

Sunny feeling the smell
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Toriko, travelling with Komatsu, ventures to find the rare Supear, an ingredient that grows in the Gourmet World but ended up also growing in the Human World, on Autumn Mountain, a forested mountain range of 20,000 kilometers, longer than even the Mors Mountain Range. While they go deep into the forest, they encounter Terry and Yun. While they continue on their path, they encounter different flora and fauna which attack (albeit only as a prank). They then find Coco, Kiss, Sunny and Quinn also trying to find the Supear, which shows that the ingredient must be a delicious one, because it is highly sought after by three of the Four Heavenly Kings. As they split up, Komatsu and Toriko encounters some Mutton Boars. Komatsu gets snatched up by one and carried away. Toriko chases after them on Terry, whose speed has increased exponentially. As they chase the Mutton Boars up the mountain, Toriko discovers that the Mutton Boars and Komatsu have disappeared from sight completely. After Toriko explains the situation to Coco and Sunny, Terry detects the scent of the boars higher in the mountains. Toriko tries to climb up the mountain, but gets blown back by the strong winds blowing down the mountain. With Kiss and Quinn's help, Terry and Toriko successfully climb up the mountain, but they find the Mutton Boars incredibly weak. Coco detects their weak electromagnetic waves and deduces that they are starving, even with all these autumn ingredients growing. They realise as the ingredients grow more delicious, so do the monsters that eat off these ingredients, leaving no room for the boars to gain more food for themselves and their off-spring. However, Terry detects another scent again and finds the Supears growing quietly on a tall tree further in the mountain. They then capture the rare fruits and share it with the Mutton Boars. At the end, as Toriko reminisces about his childhood with the other Kings and Ichiryu, he asks Coco and Sunny if they want to try to capture Ichiryu's Full Course again.

Meteor Garlic Arc

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Bubble Fruit Arc

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Toriko and Komatsu make a Fortune Role to lead them to the Bubble Fruits, After a encounter with Gourmet National Treasure Chin Chinchin who takes them to Shokurin Temple Toriko is seen along with Komatsu learning Food Honor.

Golden Wheat Arc (Filler)

Yuu GTRobo3

Toriko Vs GT Robo

Toriko and Komatsu are sent on an important request by Setsuno to capture the Golden Wheat, a necessary ingredient to create the Zenmen, the phantasmal noodles created by Setsuno. A GT Robo that the Bishokukai Branch Chief Yuu operates arrives at the scene and shoots the surroundings with its beam. Toriko attacks the GT Robo but they are held at a stalemate due to the both of them holding back. Toriko mentions to Yuu that he is not even serious due to holding back as Komatsu is still in the vicinity and if they clashed seriously, all of the Golden Wheat may be destroyed. After overpowering the robot and as Yuu escapes, Toriko returns to Gourmet Town successfully delivering the requested ingredient. Setsuno gives Komatsu advice on how to prepare the Golden Wheat, a super Special Preparation Ingredient. As Komatsu begins sale of the Zenmen, Toriko trys out every single noodle Komatsu created. Meanwhile, the Four Beast begins to awaken and attack Human World.  

Four Beasts Arc

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After returning back to Gourmet Town, Toriko discovers it entirely empty, desolate of all human life. The reason being that a week earlier news of the awakening of the four beasts had been spread around the world and panic ran through the hearts of the majority of the human race. Every country relatively close to the gourmet world (The Edge of the human world.) was placed in a above level 5 state of emergency (Worse than that of Zebra's release.) and told to evacuate and seek shelter in the center of the human world; there was a great migration of over 30 billion people. With most of the Human world gathered at Food Park Plaza at the center of the human world. Fear and panic run rampant throughout the crowd of 800 million; they fear that the end is near. Their voices are quickly silenced when Mansom appears on the large broadcasting screen, the people howl with excitement and hope as they now believe that the IGO president Ichiryu will rise to fight the four beasts as he did before but are surprised when Mansom tells them that instead of Ichiryu it will be the four heavenly kings that will take on the beasts. Menwhile Komatsu and Rin riding on Terry's back rushed toward the Gourmet towers with a case of now peeled bubble fruit.

At the top floor of the Gourmet Knife Tower the "Over Look Floor" all four heavenly kings are gathered at a table eating together. Toriko, Sani and Coco begin to talk about amongst themselves about failure and victory they each pitch in their own thoughts and turn to ask Zebra his thoughts he in turn replies "Who the fuck cares". The conversation is disturbed as Yuda the owner chef of the towers and "Trey King" of the gourmet age (one who does not leave a single millimeter of disorder on his plate) arrives with several platters of food for them. Toriko compliments him on being one of the few people to run in fear of the arrival of the Four Beasts. Yuda places the food on the table and before he could even finish a sentence explaining how his food is optimal for food immersion Zebra eats all the food to the surprise of Yuda and the frustration of Toriko who then engages in a choke fight with Zebra. They are soon interrupted by the gleeful voices of Komatsu and Rin bringing with them and bustle of cook bubble fruit and a CD containing a message form IGO president Ichiryu. Instead of watching the CD first the group decides to eat the bubble fruits first. Upon their first bite each of the four heavenly kings is infused with a rush of energy as their Gourmet Cells evolve to a new level, Yuda then comments "It would seem that all your cells are compatible with the bubble fruit." The group then decides to play the CD given to them by Ichiryu.

In the video Ichiryu details the plan of attack upon the four beasts stressing the importance that if any of them where to fall that it would be the end of the Human world as they knew it, that even one of the four beasts would bring the Human world to its knees. Ichiryu then begins to speak strong the boys have grown since their early youth and how proud he is of them. He then begins to start talking about two more things but is quickly cut short as Zebra turns of the TV and comments that they have heard enough and that their animal partners are waiting for them, the group moves to the terrace of the building as each of their respective Animal Partners rush up the building. Rin comments that Zebra still has not found an animal partner yet, he replies that he does not need a partner but does have transportation as a tremor can be felt in the distance. All members of the group look to see a massive Dharma Horse approaching the towers.

Cooking Festival Arc

IGO Request

Toriko is requested by the IGO to capture Ingredients for the Cooking Fest and defeat a Gourmet World beast called "Mon Planc". Toriko heads out along with Komatsu to the Baron Archipelago in order to capture the threatning Gourmet World plant. When they arrive there Toriko is attacked by a mysterious person who turns out to be Aimaru along with Takimaru. Aimaru comments on Toriko's newfound power as they keep walking they come a cross the Mon Planc. Toriko and Aimaru confront the beast, until Toriko orders Takimaru, Komatsu and Aimaru to stay back. The Mon Planc proves to be a formidable opponent, until Toriko reveals his new technique, the Nail Gun and successfully defeats the Plant Beast. Toriko and the other then eat the 'Mon Planc' and leave nothing behind for the Cooking Fest. When the Bishokuya returns with nothing but the bur, Johannes gets furious at combo, until the legendary chef Zaus appears, resolving the situation.

The Contest

After defeating and eating the Four Beast, Toriko is shocked to hear that Chef Komatsu has just marked in at the 88th position on the IGO's Top 100 Chef Ranking thus lending a invitation for him to enter the 50th Cooking Festival. Toriko then acompanies him to the Fest along with the other Four Heavenly Kings. He is then seen cheering for Komatsu in the audience.

Toriko vs Starjun

As Cooking Fest goes into the finals, Komatsu and Zaus begin their "Dark Cooking Duel" in the pitch black tent in the stadium. Komatsu begins to search for his ingredients, but he is suddenly grabbed by a mysterious figure who is none other than Starjun! He then tells the young chef he is there to collect him. Toriko and the other Heavenly Kings notice his presence is quickly noticed. The other kings use their power to gard Komatsu while Toriko rushes over to protect him. Toriko and Starjun unleash their might.However, Starjun easily overpower the king's techniques with Thermal Disinfection. As Komatsu yells for Toriko, his partner appears behind Starjun wearing an angry expression. The Sous Chef then says he's been waiting for him. As Toriko demanded Starjun to go outside to fight, he replied that they were already “outside” as he proceeded to destroy the tent with his Camp Fire Medium Flame. Once the tent was disintegrated, Toriko launched a barrage of attacks that took Starjun by surprise, and led him to comment on how good the attack was. To test Toriko's power, Starjun allowed him to unleash another sequence of the most powerful attacks he has shown so far (including the 50 ren nail gun), causing him to be slightly wounded and his armor to break. Expressing satisfaction with his strength, he proceeded to use his 'Intimidation' and started to fight.As their feirce battle continues Komatsu arrives just in time to see an unconscious Toriko being lifted up by Starjun. The Starjun proceeds to kidnap the chef, but is promptly punched by Toriko, who was awakened by Komatsu's cries.The tide of the battle seems to turn against him when Toriko starts the Ultimate Routine: Conduct of the King to defeat him. Toriko manages to injure the Sous Chef but, as he prepares to attack him with a barrage of Flying Forks and Flying Knives, he realize that Toriko emotions have caught up to his. Starjun then unsheathes his sword, melting them all and begins to go on the offensive. Starjun then tells Toriko about his Burner Knife and slashes at him. The Bishokuya dodges in the nick of time, while the ground at his side is melted deeply. He then attacks the Bishokukai with another volley of techniques, but they are all stopped. Exploiting the light created by the Burner Knife, he moves behind Starjun, who stabs his shoulder through several layers of Fork Shields, and counterattacks with a Knife Nail Gun. With both of them wounded, Toriko looks fiercely at Starjun, whereas the latter grins.

Starjun is amazed at how Toriko can continually come up with new techniques as their fight went on. Toriko imagns cutting Starjun's Burner Knife as Starjun began imagining cutting Toriko’s right leg. However, as both released their attacks, Starjun's Burner Knife was broken, creating an opening for Toriko's barrage of attacks, releasing a fountain of blood from Starjun body. When Toriko stopped after realizing that his leg was cut off, Starjun revealed that it went just as he imagined it. He then attacked Toriko with his Burner Punch to his right abdomen. When Toriko attempted to use his 70 Ren Nail Gun, Starjun used his Fire Spear to destroy his arm. Stopping Toriko’s kicks with his Fire Shield, Starjun “shoots” his Burner Shot at him, causing Toriko to fall unconscious from the assault.


The battle is over with Starjun as the winner. As the outcome of the battle turns in Starjun's favor, Komatsu uses his Derous Knife to attack Starjun, stating that he would be Starjun's opponent. Starjun commented that he is a reliable combo partner but uses his flames to force Komatsu back, stating that his knife was never meant to hurt others. However, this angered Toriko, which caused him to release his inner demon through the use of Appetite Energy to punch a hole through Starjun's stomach. As Starjun collapses, he notes that his wounds were critical as he would have use that Dark Technique to survive. Komatsu then surrenders to Starjun as he couldn’t bear Toriko being hurt anymore. However, he asks Starjun to let him do 'one swing' to save Toriko. This shocks Starjun momentarily, wondering when Komatsu had mastered 'that technique.' He then tells Komatsu that he is returning to the Cooking Stadium due to the fact that “the dark clouds were not clearing.”After Starjun kidnaps Komatsu, Toriko awakens with new limbs. These limbs were somewhat different from the other parts of his body. He then bursts into tears saddened by his lack of strength and not being able to protect Komatsu. Some time after the events of the Cooking Festival, Toriko is seen with a new outfit staring out into space. As the worried Rin glances at him, Knocking Master Jiro approaches to talk with Toriko. Jiro sits near the distressed Toriko and offers him a cup of Maboro Sake, but he implies that he has no appetite to drink at the moment. The Knocking Master then remembers Rin's words about that Toriko hasn't eaten for days, which makes him think that Toriko's energy is incomparable to how he was before. However, when Jiro states the sake was Ichiryu's favorite, Toriko accepts the offer. The two men then drink together under a starry sky. Jiro comments on the sake being cheap and not too strong either. Toriko then asks why he brought such a liquor specifically right now, making Jiro reveal the shocking truth about Ichiryu's demise in his fatal battle with the Bishokukai Boss Midora. He then continues to say the President was a gentle but strong individual who purposely let others win in battles. Ichiryu was a kind and caring person even to his enemies. Toriko is bewildered with the news of the death of his adoptive father, then he walks away from the Knocking Master with a saddened face. Toriko states that Ichiryu had never let him win a battle to which Jiro responds that the President had sensed the Heavenly King's potential and wanted him to get stronger. Toriko interrupts Jiro stating that he is weak and that he can't protect a single chef, his very own combo partner The latter questions about Toriko's dream as a Bishokuya, but with no response to hear from the young Bishokuya. Jiro then encourages Toriko by stating that despite Ichiryu is gone forever, Komatsu is still alive and that there is a bright future in front of them. He concludes by saying "Jump off and flap your wings to the infinite, dazzling future stretching out in front of you." 

To the Gourmet World

Many weeks have passed since the events at Cooking Fest, but Toriko still has no sign of hunger due to his sadness, he walks alone on a street that is full of wreckage. Suddenly, a teenager carrying a Stripe Salmon appears in front of Toriko. He states that it is his favourite fish in the world and the founder of this fish, is  none other than Toriko. As more and more people who were once helped by the ingredients Toriko discovered approach, they encourage Toriko to the point where he remembers the ingredients he discovered and the people he helped, is touched by their words and sheds tears. The people who he helped say that because of him, their lives and future can be so pleasant The Heavenly King recalls his dream, about completing his Lifetime Full Course Menu, along with Komatsu so they can share it with the people of the world Toriko's stomach growls out of hunger and the crowd heards the sound, they offer the ingredients that they have to him. However, Toriko states he is a Bishokuya and is able to capture his own ingredients. Once again, Toriko enters the Gourmet World,  where he then throws a Flying Fork toward a Breath Dragon (the same one before) in his way, defeating the beast in one blow. As he dives into Gourmet World, Toriko vows to save Komatsu.

Billion Bird Arc

Air Arc

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