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Japanese トンドラー
Romanized Tondorā
English Tondler
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Type Mammal/Dragon
Capture Level 705
Habitat Area 7
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 302
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A Tondora (トンドラー Tondorā)is a giant species of porcine dragon native to an unknown part of Area 7 that is not near 100G Mountain.


It is a gigantic serpentine dragon that bears a strong resemblance to a pig; having the face of a pig and pig face-like patterns on the anterior edges of its wings. It also has 6 pairs of legs with cloven feet and a long curly tail.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

With a capture level of 705, it is an extremely powerful beast and much more powerful than any Human World beast. However, it was shown to be completely powerless against the intense gravity of 100G Mountain.


PAIR ArcEdit

A Tondora was seen flying near 100G Mountain by the Four Heavenly Kings and Kaka as they prepared to face Bambina. According to Kaka, the Tondora was most likely lost as its species is not native to the area surrounding 100G Mountain, a statement which was proven when the Tondora was immediately killed by the area's intense gravity.


Tondora Submission

Tondora Submission

  • The Tondora is the work of 宮本健太郎 from Okayama Prefecture.

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