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Tommyrod GGB.
Japanese トミーロッド
Romanized Tomīroddo
English Tommyrod
Gender Male Male
Status Deceased
Height 175cm
Weight 200kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Ico bsk Gourmet Corp.
Occupation Gourmet Corp. Sous Chef
Partner Parasite Emperor (formerly)
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 71
Anime Debut Episode 25
Japanese Voice Akira Ishida
English Voice Greg Ayres
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Anyone who can't serve a purpose is garbage, so ain't it ok to kill them?

—Tommyrod, to Toriko.

Tommyrod (トミーロッド Tomīroddo, commonly referred to as “Tommy”), was one of the Sous Chefs of the Gourmet Corp.. With an insectile appearance complete with wings, Tommyrod cultivated “parasite bugs” under his skin to deploy at his will. He was the first Gourmet Corp. member and Sous Chef to seriously fight Toriko without using a GT Robo.

Tommyrod was one of the first Gourmet Corp. members that, as explained by Alfaro, were capable of entering the Gourmet World without use of a GT Robo prior to the organization's rise in power.[1]

Tommy meets his end at the hands of the Heavenly King Sunny in a fierce battle during the Gourmet Corp.'s mass invasion of Cooking Fest. He died without regret, having enjoyed his final battle; respecting his opponent to the fullest.[2]

He was the main antagonist of the Century Soup Arc, and an antagonist of the Cooking Festival Arc.


Tommyrod (Healed) Tommyrod Designs&Expressions copy

Tommyrod was of lean build (although this was caused by the strain springs he wore), and a bug-like appearance complete with cockroach-like wings. He sports a bob cut hairstyle with a pink pigment. After the Ice Hell arc, Tommyrod's hair becomes more messy. Tommyrod had large compact eyes with black pupils, an almost no visible nose (its surface can be seen depending on the angle), and appeared to wear red lipstick. His large lips conceal a retractable set of deadly razor sharp fangs. He wore a navy blue polka dotted shirt dotted punk, a light purple veil around his waist, and pink pants. Tommyrod also wore a numbers of rings around his arms and legs which bound the size of his muscles. When he removes them, his muscles swelled up to their true size, making him a muscle bound giant capable of towering over even Toriko.

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Like most other Gourmet Corp. members, Tommyrod has a very cruel and ruthless personality and loves killing. He kills everything in his way, even if it is irrelevant to his mission. He had no hesitation in killing the parents of a baby Wall Penguin for no reason other than annoyance, or the other Bishokuya present in Ice Hell, and is even willing to kill fellow Gourmet Corp. if they prove to be a burden. He also has a reputation for being extremely efficient in his job, killing anyone who poses even the most miniscule potential threat to accomplishing his goals. He will not react to taunts and is emotionless to the point where Toriko likens his emotional state to that of an insect. He has a hatred of pesticides and admits to having trouble controlling himself in the presence of such. Despite all his negative traits, in his final moments he managed to prove that he was capable of showing his opponent sincere respect and showed no genuine anger or hatred when he is slain by Sunny to the point where he admits to having fun whilst battling him, a stark contrast to his behavior during his near death battle in Ice Hell, where he was driven into an extremely agitated state by Toriko's assault.

Powers and Abilities

As a Sous Chef of the Gourmet Corp., Tommyrod was extremely powerful and able to enter the Gourmet World.[1] Proof of his survival skills is the fact that he effortlessly sustained the freezing cold of Ice Hell through shivering. He was the first Gourmet Corp. - and character in the series - to defeat Toriko in actual combat, although Toriko was weaken by several handicaps like fighting several high capture insects and combating in frozen area without a Lighter Suit and Tommyrod had lost an arm in that fight.

Despite his seemingly frail form, he was more dangerous than the insects he stored in his body. He has shown incredible reflexes and speed, creating multiple afterimages of himself and avoiding several attacks from Toriko and Sunny, as well as deceptively immense brawn, increased when he removes his bracelets, which allowed him to send Toriko flying a considerable distance with just one punch. However, his main strength lies in the nearly inexhaustible stamina he is endowed with. Not only was he never seen fatigued after fighting for long and sustaining serious injuries, but also he could spawn hundreds of insects despite each of them requiring the same energy expenditure as a triathlon. He could keep on fighting after being stabbed several times without even slowing down or growing weaker, showcasing amazing tolerance to pain.

Compound eyes small

Tommyrod's body has undergone insect-like mutations through unknown means, the most striking being his wings similar to those of a cockroach. They enabled him to fly and move at remarkable speed and were shown to be rather sturdy, as they withstood extremely low temperatures. After his Gourmet Cells evolved, the wings had become more durable, blocking Sunny's Hair Spit with ease. Moreover, in his mouth was concealed a set of razor-sharp fangs which could deal severe damage to the opponent. However, Tommyrod used to keep them retracted in order for his insects to get out of his mouth without dying. He also had large clusters of nerve cells stored in every part of his body, which allowed him to control his body even when injured. This also makes him very difficult to paralyze with Knocking. With his ganglions, Tommyrod could even move a detached limb, the Capture Level of his left arm being no less than 200. Furthermore, he had eyes going beyond the level of compound, with each having one million individual lenses; he could use them to see even the smallest object, such as Sunny's feelers. Like Coco, he could see even the weaker electromagnetic waves. Finally, his build was heavily altered to make him look slimmer, but he can revert to his original form: when removing the set of rings he kept around his arms, waist, and legs, Tommy's muscles and body grew to nearly double his own size, making him faster and much more physically powerful. During the Cooking Fest arc, Tommyrod's full power body grows large and sharp claws, this claws were powerful enough to take down with a single attack his own insect ace card, the Gourmet World hybrid insect beast Giant Parasite.

Hunting Method

Tommyrod preferred to use his insects to capture his prey. He admitted that the only reason he used his insects to fight was because fighting by himself was too much of a pain. He will only fight himself when
  • Tommyrod's Intimidation (Anime)
  • Tommyrod's Intimidation (Manga)
 against a tough opponent, or if his bugs are utterly useless against his target.


For intimidation, Tommyrod manifests his Appetite Demon which takes on the form of a demonic, blue-skinned octopus-like being with a vein-filled, pulsing head. The color of his intimidation aura is blue.

Insect Production

Tommyrod had the ability to store and hatch insects inside his body. He originally had approximately 10,000 parasitic eggs, which he hatched in his esophagus before sending out, through his mouth. He spent 1,500 kilo calories for each and because of this he could not produce more than somewhere around 1,000 insects without recharging his energy. The bugs' capture levels ranged from very weak to some in the 40s, with 44 being the highest seen, aside from the Parasite Emperor. He could control any bug, as long as he has it in his stomach. Tommyrod could also fire off the broken eggs, which explode on impact, like bullets by heating up his breath through shivering and spitting them out. He normally used this heat energy to cause the insect eggs inside him to hatch. When fired in clusters, they could easily obliterate a man's arm. After recovering from his wounds, he demonstrated the ability to hatch insects with higher capture levels, with some even coming from the Gourmet World, due to his Gourmet Cells having evolved.


Tommy spitting with shivering small
  • Bomb Egg (ボムエッグ Bomu Eggu): Tommyrod spits insect eggs hosted in his body that thanks to a previous shivering technique, they can explode like popcorn. The Bomb Eggs are powerful enough to make Toriko's arm explodes when spited in rapid succession.

Bomb Egg Storm small
  • Bomb Egg Storm (ボムエッグストーム Bomu Eggu Sutōmu): Tommy fires a barrage of hot and explosive insect eggs in multiple directions.

Wing Shield small
  • Wing Shield (ウイングシールド Uingu Shīrudo): Tommyrod hardens his wings and bends them to his front in order to block attacks. He was only seen using this technique to counter Sunny's Hair Spit.

List of Insects


Century Soup Arc

Tommyrod with some of his bugs

Tommyrod releases his insects and begins his mission in Ice Hell.

Tommyrod made an appearance emerging from the Tundra Dragon's corpse during the Ice Hell arc. He subsequently entered the ice cave with Barrygamon and Bogie Woods. Tommyrod approaches Toriko's group, assaulting it with an array of bugs before killing a baby Wall Penguin's parents, significantly angering Toriko. He then engages in a one-on-one match against Toriko, while Barrygamon and Bogie fight against Match and Takimaru respectively.

Toriko hitting Tommy with Kugi Punch

Tommyrod and Toriko's brutal battle.

During his fight, Tommyrod attacks Toriko with a vast number of dangerous insects, seemingly overwhelming him before discovering that they were countered by the phytoncide emitted by Toriko's Gourmet Cells. Tommy then proceeds to engage Toriko directly, using shivering to blast bullets of hot insect eggs at him and his fangs to injure Toriko directly, ripping off parts of his left arm piece by piece.
Teppei Impact Knocking Well Done

Tommyrod defeated by Teppei.

After eliminating Toriko's left arm and significantly injuring his right, he expresses his respect to Toriko by removing his armbands, significantly increasing the amount of strength he is able to use. Tommy then proceeds to slug Toriko with his fists, before losing his right arm to Toriko's Leg Knife and sections of his chest to Toriko's Leg Fork. Interrupted at the last minute by Teppei, an enraged Tommy attempts to attack, but is quickly immobilized by the Saiseiya's Knocking. With the last of his energy, Tommyrod unleashes his Parasite Emperor, telling it to run amok before losing consciousness and being rescued by Alfaro.[3][4][5]

Meteor Garlic Arc

Tommyrod recovered

Tommyrod healed after his battle with Toriko.

Around seven months later, at the Gourmet Corp. Dining Kitchen which Niceny came on a visit, Tommyrod was shown to have made a full recovery, and has stated that he is storing even stronger insects in his body, demonstrating an improvement in his Gourmet Cells and wanting to a rematch against Toriko. Tommyrod was seen sitting on a edge at the front lines, in the headquarters of the Gourmet Corp. that resides in the Gourmet World, to see the president of IGO for the first time arriving and stating that he looks old. When he was about to attack alongside his fellow Gourmet Corp. members, they were stopped by Midora as he appear behind them.[6]

Cooking Festival Arc

Tommyrod's gross bug claw2

Tommyrod invades Cooking Fest.

Tommyrod was seen alongside Starjun, Grinpatch, Limon, Elg, Chiyo leaving the Gourmet World. His right arm seems to be back to its original shape and form. 

He is then seen intercepting Sunny from saving Komatsu by using a new species of insect beast hosted inside his body to cut the Heavenly King's strong hair. He then faces off against Sunny using the many powerful bugs in his arsenal, along with his newest monstrosity, the Giant Parasites which greatly disgusted the Heavenly King.[7]

Sunny pierces Tommy's chest

Sunny and Tommyrod violently face off.

An intense battle ensued with Sunny's hair killing and receiving damage from Tommyrod's various insects; after Sunny unleashed his "Satan Hair" (which quickly devoured Tommyrod's Gourmet World level insect) Tommyrod realized his opponent's true power (via his Appetite Devil & Gourmet Cells "awakening") and took off his wristbands to increase his own strength. Tommyrod's left arm is suddenly cut off by Sunny, confirming his suspicions about Sunny's Gourmet Cells. Tommyrod is chased by Satan Hair, but the removal of his wristbands and various abilities allow him to take the upper hand (Tommyrod's severed arm manages to enter the fight and grab a hold of Sunny thanks to Tommy's unique nerve ganglions); when Tommyrod has seemingly delivered the deciding blow, Sunny's Appetite Devil comes out and gives Sunny the ability to control his hair more effectively via a new power called "Hair Marionette". Using this newly awakened power, Sunny uses the floating strands that his insect cut off previously (which unlike Satan Hair, was the true hair he was trying to control) to immobilize Tommyrod. Sunny then gave Tommyrod the deciding moment of the fight: the minute his paralysis wore off would be the moment that the winner would be decided.[8]

End of Tommy

The end of Tommyrod...

Once the effects of the paralysis wore off, both quickly lunged at each other dealing fast and powerful blows that gravely damaged both their bodies. During the fight there appeared to be no genuine hatred or malice, both seemingly fighting like animals for the right to survive, but in the end Sunny gained the upper hand when his "Satan Hair" pierced numerous holes in Tommy's back. Sunny then ensnared his hair around Tommyrod's body and respectfully bid him farewell. Tommyrod, with a smile and equal respect to his opponent, calmly reflected on the fun he had just had; "Satan Hair" completely ensnares and devours him, ending his life.[2]


That was a lot of fun...

—Tommyrod's final words to Sunny...



The "remains" of Tommyrod.

Despite his death after being consumed by Sunny's "Satan Hair", it appears that Sunny's hair now holds what appears to be some form of the "essence" or the "remains" of Tommyrod. This was first witnessed by Kaka who upon seeing Sunny's "Satan Hair" noticed the face of Tommyrod among his locks. According to Sunny, he can expel that which has been consumed by his hair, but what this means for Tommyrod's "remains" is uncertain.[9]

Anime and Manga Differences

  • In the manga, the battle between him and Toriko was incredibly violent and had many excessive scenes featuring large amounts of blood and mutilation. However the anime toned down the violence considerably, removing all traces of blood, explaining that the cold environment of Ice Hell froze their wounds before they bled.
  • In the anime's final episode (which greatly deviates from the canon of the manga), a small insect greatly resembling Tommyrod is seen flying next to Grinpatch, likely implying that in the anime's continuity Tommyrod or at least part of him survived somehow and reformed into this insect.

Appearances in Other Media

Tommyrod GS2

Artwork of Tommyrod from Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2.

Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2

Tommyrod makes his video game debut in the PSP game, Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2, as a major antagonist and a boss. He, along with fellow Sous Chefs: Starjun, Grinpatch and Ryoutei are sent off to the Gattsuki Continent to seek rare ingredients while at the same time stopping the Four Heavenly Kings and their group from advancing their ingredient hunt.[10]

Toriko: Gourmet Monsters


The Gourmet Corp. Sous Chefs and the Four Heavenly Kings in Toriko: Gourmet Monsters.

Tommyrod makes an appearance in the Nintendo 3DS game Toriko: Gourmet Monsters as an antagonist once again alongside Starjun and Grinpatch. In the game, while they antagonize the Four Heavenly Kings early on, they are eventually forced to form an alliance with them in order to take down the mutant monstrosity known as the Death Gore Chimera which threatens to consume all the world's resources.[11]


Tommyrod has been featured prominently in the Trading Card Game, appearing on many cards. He has also appeared in two Toriko video game as a major antagonist alongside Starjun and Grinpatch.


Tommy CAD

Tommyrod's CAD


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