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Tiger Fang
Tiger fang anime
RiceBall Bestiary Manga meat
Japanese Name タイガーファング, Taigāfangu
Type Mammal
Capture Level 35
Length 8m
Height 3.5m
Weight 10t
Diet Carnivorous
Location Gourmet Pyramid
RiceBall Appearances Manga meat
Manga Debut Chapter 135
Anime Debut Episode 64
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Tiger Fang, a vicious feline mammal beast residing in the Gourmet Pyramid. They live in numbers in a tomb with crisscrossing pathways.

As Food

The taste of its meat is unimpressive, however the meat on its long bones is described by Toriko to be surprisingly tasty. It's meat is also a good source of calories, having restored 400,000 calories to both Toriko and Zebra each.


  • Tiger Fang (Manga)
  • Tiger Fang in full view (Anime)
  • Tiger Fang in full view (Manga)


  • Created by Bankawa Takeshi-kun from Hiroshima prefecture.

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