• Okay, I think I skimmed through some pages here and I did not find any discussions yet concerning about the characters' names so here I go...

    Well, some of the characters' names in Toriko universe can vary from random (Four Heavenly Kings' names are quite random for me at least) to meaningful ones such as Ichiryuu, Jirou and Midora, which in case represents their brotherhood from the eldest to youngest and animals they're associated with. Same goes to Komatsu, Ootake and Nakaume, which have a story (or legend/myth) behind it. If you look up to kanji's translations of some Japanese-named characters like Rin (in her case, her name means 'bell') Setsuno, Uumen Umeda or Shigematsu, you'll also probably find meaningful meanings behind them. Some of the characters who has English sounding names like Terry, Alfaro, Limon and several others has special meaning/derivations behind them, like how 'Limon' is 'lemon' in Spanish, etc. Terry Cloth is quite obvious already, I guess.

    But how about some completely random names like Coco, Sunny and Zebra? They all sound like characters from a bedtime story and we have yet to hear anything from Shimabukuro regarding those name he chose for the main characters. (If their name are also food-related puns like Coco = Cocoa/Coconut or Sunny = Sunny-side-up, I will definitely laugh out loud XD idk about Zebra) Also, Starjun, Tommyrod, Grinpatch, Kiss, Quinn (or Queen?) etc? I wonder how did Shimabukuro comes up with those names? He has yet to explain anything so I'm rather curious about it!

    Special case for Toriko because his name is unique. Toriko can actually be interpreted as a girl's name in Japanese (feminine-sounding name for a 6 ft muscleman? wow) if it's written with the suffix '-ko' (子), which means 'child' in Japanese and it's usually used in female names (Toriko can mean 'bird child' if written with proper kanji, btw). But since his name is written in katakana, we have no idea about what it actually means and what's behind it since Shimabukuro haven't stated anything regarding Toriko's name.

    What do you think about names?

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    • Its awesome. I think you're correct. And Toriko IS actually a 'Bird Child'. If you know what I mean.

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    • Toriko can also mean captive or prisoner as well, but again as mentioned above Toriko's name is in katakana, and in the Japanese language there are many different ways of writing the same word/name but have completely different meanings like Ichigo can mean "One Guardian", the number 15, or strawberry. Also, while Tori means bird it can also be used to specify chickens.

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