Terry Cloth
Terry Cloth. GGB
Japanese テリークロス
Romanized Terī Kurosu
English Terry Cloth
Race Battle Wolf
Gender Male Male
Birthday Februrary 10th
Age 1 (start of the series);
5 (Post-Timeskip)
Capture Level 1000+
Status Alive
Height 8 m
Weight 6 ton
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Komatsu (friend)
Ob (servant)
Occupation Animal Partner
Partner Toriko
Personal Status
Relatives Cloned Battle Wolf (mother, deceased)
Toriko (master)
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 23
Anime Episode 1
Japanese N/A
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Terry's motherEdit

Battle Wolf with his child 2

Terry with its mother in her final moments.

Despite having only been with her for a short time, it is clear that Terry loved its mother very much and she the same. Terry's mother truly loved her pup and protected it from the enraged Devil Serpent despite her having been weak from just giving birth to Terry. In her last moments of life she was shot without mercy by a GT Robo critically injuring her, but despite this she used her last bit of strength to groom her child with utmost affection, ensuring that her love would remain with Terry always, giving it the courage and strength to live a full life. Terry's mother died standing proudly.


Toriko and Terry 2

Toriko vowing to raise Terry Cloth into a fine Battle Wolf.

After the death of Terry's mother, Toriko promised her that he would watch over Terry and make sure that it grows into a fine Battle Wolf. Even though it had only just met Toriko, Terry quickly grew attached to him (which is odd as Battle Wolves are known to be independent creatures) and apparently sees him as a parental figure. Terry's attachment towards Toriko was made clear when they became separated in the 1st Biotope, where it bravely went off in search of him despite Terry being just a newborn and the numerous beasts on the island which could've posed a threat to it. After the events on the 1st Biotope, Terry currently lives happily with Toriko and both share a bond like that of family. Toriko has also attempted to train Terry to be independent albeit with only some success, such as when they went to the Wul Jungle where he told Terry not to aid him and vice-versa should they come across trouble and later during the encounter with Grinpatch, Terry sensed the opponents strength and knowing she couldn't win, fled reluctantly while leaving Toriko behind. However Terry later returned but with clear regret marking its face. After Toriko's return from his long absence in the country of Life, he was cheerfully welcomed back home by a matured Terry, who has apparently grown even more affectionate since his absence.



Terry and Ob resting peacefully.

Ob is Terry Cloth's faithful servant and friend, and it is fully aware of the hidden potential Terry is capable of. Originally they were enemies after Starjun tamed Ob and ordered it to attack Terry, but after a difficult battle, the newborn Terry was able to beat Ob thus taming it itself and ever since Ob has remained loyal to Terry and become a good friend of both Terry and Toriko.


Terry gets along well with Komatsu as it kindly greets him whenever he visits and gladly lets him ride on its back. Terry also took Komatsu to Disappearing Cuisine when he needed to get some Bubble Fruits, showing that it will also listen to Komatsu's request.[1]


  1. Chapter 194 and Episode 114

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