Terry Cloth
Terry Cloth. GGB
Japanese テリークロス
Romanized Terī Kurosu
English Terry Cloth
Race Battle Wolf
Gender Male Male
Birthday Februrary 10th
Age 1 (start of the series);
5 (Post-Timeskip)
Capture Level 1000+
Status Alive
Height 8 m
Weight 6 ton
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Komatsu (friend)
Ob (servant)
Occupation Animal Partner
Partner Toriko
Personal Status
Relatives Cloned Battle Wolf (mother, deceased)
Toriko (master)
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 23
Anime Episode 1
Japanese N/A
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Battle Wolves are legendary creatures of renowned power, even among Gourmet World beasts. However its young age means that it has yet to reach its full potential yet. Terry was able to cause a Surprise Apple to reach Surprise level 40 just through growling. Being a Battle Wolf, Terry has the ability to reach a potential Capture Level of 6090, one of the highest levels introduced thus far.

Incredible Speed and EnduranceEdit

Terry's speed small

Terry's incredible speed.

Terry is capable of moving at speeds almost beyond the point of perception. It can keep up it's top speed for several hours. Before Toriko and Coco met up to open the massive treasure chest in the 8th Biotope, Terry, with Toriko on it's back, used it's speed and strength to leap over the 300 meter high wall surrounding the Biotope. While delivering food to the poor country of Ligu, Toriko states that Terry's top speed is around 350 km/h or more.[1]

Later, while working with Toriko, it was able to avoid all of Gaoh's high speed attacks. Terry's speed and endurance has also increased drastically, as it ran from Gourmet Town to the edge of the Human World and then back to the center of it with no signs of fatigue. Terry was able to survive the attacks from the Four Beast that critically injured it.


During the Gourmet Santa chapter Rin measured Terry's power with the Measuring Tongs even thought the result was "E", as in error, Toriko believed that Terry's level should be around 100 at that point.[2] During the confrontation with the Four Beast Terry manage to cut off an arm of the creature and induce fear in the beast, to the point where it recalled its defeat at the hands of a gigantic Battle Wolf, an incredible feat considering that the beast has a capture level of 350 and didn't fear the Four Heavenly Kings. 


Terry displays a high intelligence and has came up with successful strategies to defeat or outmaneuver opponents it couldn't just overpower, such as Starjun in a GT Robo and the Goblinplant despite the difference in age.

Natural InstinctEdit

Battle Wolves are stated to have natural battle instinct that would take most other creatures years of experience to obtain.


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