Terry Cloth
Terry Cloth. GGB
Japanese テリークロス
Romanized Terī Kurosu
English Terry Cloth
Race Battle Wolf
Gender Male Male
Birthday Februrary 10th
Age 1 (start of the series);
5 (Post-Timeskip)
Capture Level 1000+
Status Alive
Height 8 m
Weight 6 ton
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Komatsu (friend)
Ob (servant)
Occupation Animal Partner
Partner Toriko
Personal Status
Relatives Cloned Battle Wolf (mother, deceased)
Toriko (master)
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 23
Anime Episode 1
Japanese N/A
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Regal Mammoth ArcEdit

Birth and LossEdit


Terry soon after being born.

During the battle in the Gourmet Coliseum Toriko notices that the Battle Wolf clone is pregnant by faintly smelling a small amount of amniotic fluid. Toriko then protects the clone Battle Wolf from the other beasts in order for her to give birth. After noticing that all the spectators are staring at the Battle Wolf, Toriko decides to let it give birth in peace by throwing an Elephantsaurus into the coliseum wall which cracks it. Then he shouts that all the wild beasts are escaping, which causes all the spectators to start panicking and to run away from the coliseum. In the confusion, the Battle Wolf gives birth to Terry.

The Battle Wolf cuddled with Terry after the birth, while the Devil Serpent got in the coliseum and eating the animals, the mother of Terry made a quick defeat of the Devil Serpent by eating his hands off and then his whole upper body with ridiculous speed that Toriko couldn't even see with terry getting a surprise face of seeing his mother in battle while Terry was in shock that his mother was at the verge of death. Toriko gave a speech to Terry that he should depart with his mother and this would be the last chance while terry rushed forward to his mother with a happy smile on his face. As a shocking twist the Battle Wolf got hit by a laser through the neck by a GT Robo that invaded the Coliseum. While the mother of Terry got hit by the laser, she endured it and ignored the GT robo and took her last moments of her life, give warmth to Terry that she will never forget and to fill her with a lifetime of kindness and love. The wolves felt the warmth that they gave each other and felt like the once warmth of the past lifetimes.

Getting along with TorikoEdit

After seeing her mother dying and got comfort of Toriko after the battle with the GT robo, Terry wanted to give a gratitude of thanks to Toriko with the meat of the Devil Serpent, but Toriko denied the gratitude and wanting to comfort Terry with a hug. Terry got emotional of the words of Toriko while he gave Terry his name Terry Cloth because of it's fur.

BB Corn ArcEdit

They embarked on an adventure to find Terry food due to him not wanting to eat any food, due to his gourmet cell memory.

Gourmet King Deciding Battle Arc (Filler)Edit

In the anime, Toriko, Komatsu and Terry Cloth go to Megamori Island with the aid of Tom to find the legendary Grand Berry for the Gourmet King Deciding Battle sponsored by Fond De Bohno in order to find a food that will satisfy his pet Seven-Color Nessie, Chris. While there they discovered Friction Sweet Potatoes and a dangerous Butterspice which almost lured Komatsu into the jungle. They were later discovered by an aggressive Chestnutmadillo that proceeded to chase after them throughout the island. Luckily Toriko and Terry while carrying Komatsu were able to escape the beast and find the Grand Berries, but they stopped from reaching them by the sudden appearance of a Shark Box Turtle which made the area near the berries its territory, forcing Toriko to fight it. After a tough battle Toriko was able to subdue the beast, gather the berries and head back to the contest. Later after winning the contest by combining their Grand Berries with Coco's Honey Dragon honey and Sunny's Milk Whale milk into a delicious parfait, they watch as Chris eats the combined parfait and matures into its final stage, thus marking its time to leave its Bohno. However Bohno begins crying from his pet's farewell but Toriko and Coco tell him that all beasts must eventually part ways with their owners and return to nature, and they say this while affectionately looking up at Terry and Kiss, implying that some day they too will have to return to their natural habitats.

Toriko's Break ArcEdit

In the anime, Terry along with Ob and Yun went with Toriko and Komatsu to their trip to Gourmet Beach for a small break. There, Terry spent most of its time playing with Ob and Yun at a secluded part of the beach while swimming about. At the end of the day, Terry, Ob and Yun witnessed the night's Fireworcuits display with pleased expressions.

Autumn Break Arc (Filler)Edit

Terry, Kiss, Quin eating supear

Terry, Quinn and Kiss happily eating Supears.

Terry accompanied Toriko, Komatsu and Yun to their hunting trip into Autumn Mountain where they would be joining Coco, Kiss, Sunny and Quinn in their search for the Supear. The group explored the region in a competition to see who could find it first, but were ambushed by Mutton Boars who proceeded to take Komatsu away. The group then sped off after the two beasts and chased them up the tallest mountain in the area, with Kiss flying up it, Quinn stretching herself to a length as high as the mountain and Terry naturally scaling it with its superior speed and agility. Once they reached the top, they went to save Komatsu but stopped when they realized the boars where only attacking them due to malnourishment and only wanted the food in Komatsu's bag to feed it to their young. They then spared the boars and gave them the food they had. They then discovered that the clouds at the exact top of the mountain kept concealed a tree and upon moving the clouds, sunlight struck the tree revealing the elusive Supears which were only visible in sunlight. The group then plucked the Supears from the tree and shared them with Terry, Quinn, Kiss, Yun and the boars.

Meteor Garlic ArcEdit

Terry (now apparently having gone through a major growth spurt) took Toriko to the 8th Biotope to find one of the ingredients in Ichiryu's Full Course Menu. Terry managed to reach the biotope in no time at all and easily leaped over its massive wall. When they arrived, they met up with Coco and the now bigger Kiss, as they would be working together to find Ichiryu's ingredients. It is presumed that the small group traveled together to the other biotopes to collect the ingredients, visiting each one except the 1st Biotope. After they got the ingredients, Toriko and Coco parted with Terry and Kiss while they went on a trip to the Gourmet Casino in the Jidal Kingdom.

Some time after the events at Gourmet Casino, Terry was brought by Toriko to the 1st Biotope when they were called in by Mansam to help in the Christmas food delivery to starving nations. Once all the packages were set, Toriko, Rin and Terry sped off to their destination, the city of Ligu to deliver their treats. In the anime, it is shown that upon arriving, Terry helped Toriko and Rin save a young boy from a Mantispider. They then gave the boy a ride on Terry and he lead them to his home where the rest of homeless and starving people were. There they distributed food to everyone and Terry with Toriko and Rin witnessed the fall of the miraculous Flavor Snow.

Bubble Fruit ArcEdit

Terry was used by Toriko and Komatsu to reach the distant Eco Land, where they planned to meet up with Aimaru and the Gourmet Knights so they could find the Eco Nori for their Ehou Maki. Terry spent most of the time their resting while Toriko, Komatsu and Takimaru went in search of the Eco Nori.

Four Beast ArcEdit

During the battle of the Four Beast you could see that Kiss, Terry Cloth and Quinn tried to buy some time and took some of the arms and legs off. The Four Beast regrew them and hit the three and made them run away

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

As the battle on Cooking Island continues to heat up, Terry and the other animal partners of the Four Heavenly Kings become aware of the situation and immediately seek out the aid of Jiro to help them. Jiro easily understands the situation and goes with them to help. Along the way, they discover a rogue Hammer Tusk, a powerful beast Jiro subdued long ago, and he suspects that it could've only been revived by the saiseiya Mohyan Shaishai. He then tames the beast and uses it to take him to Cooking Island with Terry, Quinn and Kiss following alongside him. When they finally arrive at Cooking Stadium, Jiro prepares to fight Joie while Terry, Quinn and Kiss stand by, presumably to aid him if things begin to get too dangerous. However Terry then senses Toriko's wounded state and runs to his location. Upon finding Toriko who is still recovering from his battle with Starjun and his subsequent revitalization from Komatsu's Derous Knife, Terry lets out a mournful howl, fearing that the worst has befallen Toriko. Terry and the barely conscious Toriko then witness the fall of the catastrophic Meteor Spice.

After the Meteor Spice took its toll on the Human World, Toriko fell into a depression due to having lost to Starjun and failing to protect his friends and the Human World, but after having his confidence and will restored by Jiro and Rin, Toriko decides to set off to the Gourmet World to find Komatsu, but before leaving he decided to make Terry stay in the Human World and train more before letting Terry come with him. Terry then stayed in the Human World to continue training alongside Quinn and Kiss in hopes of improving their strengths, and the three would regularly duel each other in an isolated location until Toriko returned and their respective masters were ready to enter the Gourmet World themselves.

Billion Bird ArcEdit

A year and a half later, Toriko finally returned from his venture in the Gourmet World with a rescued Komatsu and a bounty of ingredients and improved skills to restore the Human World's Gourmet Age. After reuniting with the other Four Heavenly Kings and working together to finish Ichiryu's Full Course which then created an endless resource of food thanks to the Main Dish, the Billion Bird, Toriko returned to Terry's training ground where he found not only Terry but Kiss and Quinn as well who had been sparing with each other tirelessly to improve themselves and they had gotten so strong that they could create an Emperor Ring by themselves. Terry upon seeing Toriko again became incredibly delighted and ran up to Toriko with a heart full of joy. Toriko then happily told his matured "pup" that they would be together forever, much to Terry's delight.

AIR ArcEdit

PAIR ArcEdit


Terry Gourmet 341

Terry Rescue Iai-Aye

GOD ArcEdit

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