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Japanese テラフォーマー
Romanized Terafōmā
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Type Insect
Habitat Hex Food World
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 280
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Terraformar (テラフォーマー, Terafōmā) are a race of evolved humanoid cockroaches from Mars. The language they speak mainly consists of "jyo" sounds.


Despite being insects, Terraformars resemble large muscular humanoids with very dark skin, long faces, short hair and round eyes with large pupils. The only insect-like trait they are seen to posses are a pair of small antennas on their head. The only Terraformar seen wears a simple toga as clothing.

Behavior and CultureEdit

As only one has been seen, the behavior and culture of the overall species is unknown, but the one seen appears to be very friendly and sociable.


AIR ArcEdit

When the Four Heavenly Kings, Komatsu and Mappy arrived at Hex Food World, they were welcomed by many kinds of creatures and monsters, one of them was a Terraformar which Mappy introduced to the group, and Sunny was shocked to learn that there were cockroaches on Mars.

Later when the Kings and the Hex Food Beast Knights captured AIR, the villagers of Hex Food World, including the Terraformar, came to their location so they could eat and enjoy AIR with them.


  • While not explicitly named, these beings are obviously Terraformars, a species that originate from the manga Terra Formars and were given a cameo in Toriko. The author of Terra Formars and Shimabukuro also had an interview together.
    • As it is never officially called a Terraformar in Toriko, it is unknown what its actual species name is within the series.
  • In contrast to the more savage Terraformars seen in Terra Formars, the Terraformar seen in Hex Food World is actually a peaceful individual.

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