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Teppei GGB
Japanese 鉄平 (てっぺい)
Romanized Teppei
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday 18 June
Age 27 (start of the series);
31 (Post-Timeskip)
Status Alive
Height 189 cm
Weight 85 Kg
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation Yosaku (master), Life, Toriko, Komatsu, Pukin
Occupation Saiseiya
Personal Status
Relatives Jiro (grandfather),
Acacia (adoptive great-grandfather),
Froese (adoptive great-grandmother)
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 64
Anime Debut Episode 23
Japanese Voice Onosaka Masaya
English Voice David Wald
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The mouth is a source of calamity. The more you speak, the more likely you are to damage your reputation.


Teppei is a famous Saiseiya under the tutelage of Yosaku and the grandchild of "Knocking Master" Jiro. He decided to become a Saiseiya after seeing a once beautiful valley that his grandfather used to hunt in, be turned into a barren wasteland due to over-hunting. Noticing the sad look on his grandfather's face, Teppei decided to become a Saiseiya. Teppei helped Toriko by protecting him against Tommyrod and regrowing his left arm.


Teppei ExpressionsTeppei Designs

Teppei has green colored hair with a pompadour hairstyle similar to his grandfather. Teppei has a scar on the right side of his face, starting from his forehead, over his eye and going down all the way to his neck or maybe even deeper (the length of the the scar grew due to his confrontation with the Mysterious Man). He has a well built physique. He also has three earrings on his right ear, each containing a unique liquids used for reviving ingredients.Teppei's Earings

He normally wears green pants with a long-sleeved green shirt that has a pocket on the left side of his chest for his special ingredients and chemicals. He has also been seen wearing more casual clothing which consists of a black sweater and jeans.

When he was disguised, he wore a green freeze-proof suit and a green mask with a white V-shape on it and a wig with a mass of wild light purple hair.

As a child, Teppei didn't have a pompadour hairstyle, had big round eyes and lacked the scar he currently has now.

After the timeskip, Teppei lost his right arm under unknown circumstances and replaced it with a shape changing plant to act as a prosthetic. His new arm can change its shape from that of a humanoid arm to a large fist-like like tree. Teppei also now wears darker-colored clothing, a cloak and a covering over his mouth.

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Teppei has an odd personality. Usually a reserved and quiet person but can suddenly change to an extremely talkative person to a level that it becomes annoying to the listener. He is also an intelligent and fearless individual in battle, always maintaining a calm disposition even in the face of dangerous foes. As a Saiseiya, he cares deeply about the protection of ingredients and lives by a strict creed that does not permit him to hunt or kill beasts of endangered or one-of-a-kind status, only revive or heal them, even if they are highly dangerous entities in which case he will just try and subdue them or stall them while causing as little damage as possible. He can often get a little out of hand with his creed, often randomly reviving ingredients without much thought even if they are highly dangerous. Also due to being a Saiseiya he is also a highly knowledgeable person with a great deal of information on medicine and all sorts of ingredients.

A year and half after being brainwashed by Joie's "Taste Change", Teppei's personality has become more dark, ruthless and corrupted, to the point where he even mercilessly pierced Komatsu and crushed his heart with his own hand and was ready to fight his former friends allies with a cold and merciless composure.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Teppei knocking bugs small

As a current saiseiya and direct descendant of "Knocking Master" Jiro, Teppei is a formidable fighter. His abilities is considered on par with the Four Heavenly Kings, as he captured Zebra with a bit of help from Yosaku, and was able to handle beasts more efficiently than Toriko during his time in Ice Hell. Later on during the Cooking Fest he was able to casually disable Zebra.

In a battle, Teppei apparently prefers to observe carefully his opponent before engaging in direct combat. He has highly developed sensory skills to help him in this feat: for example, he was the only one to feel Setsuno's and Alfaro's presence and class of power in Ice Hell despite Toriko, Match and Takimaru, three seasoned fighters themselves, failing to notice; he was also able to sense the Four Beast's presence deep underground, something that Mansam  couldn't accomplish. He is also shown to be a great tracker, as the cloaked figure he was following had complimented him for finding out his location. 

In terms of physical prowess, he has great dexterity and reaction time, as showcased in his confrontation with the Parasite Emperor. His speed seems to be his most astounding trait: not only can he run incredibly quick, leaving afterimages behind and reaching a distant person before he could react, but his attacks are also extraordinarily fast; evidence of this is the fact that not a single character in the series has managed to block or dodge one of his strikes. Despite this, they are carried out with pinpoint accuracy.

Lastly, he possesses a great deal of knowledge about living organisms, which he employs either to save (or at least delay their death) or defeat them in battle, taking advantage of their weaknesses and adapting perfectly to their species, even if their body is altered.

At least two of his nails (those of his thumb and pointer finger) can be elongated and acquire remarkable cutting and piercing power upon doing so.

After the time skip, he is now has an arm composed of vines that appear to be made of wood which he can manipulate at will. The vines are extremely fast and strong, able to shatter the bottles of Cure Water before the Four Heavenly Kings could react and clash evenly with Toriko's Jet Nail Punch.


Adopting it as his favorite style of combat, Teppei is a master in this field. He is so skilled that he was said to live up to his grandfather's name. His knowledge in Knocking is very vast, as he was able to paralyze even rare insects and extremely accomplished combatants with anomalous bodies such as Tommyrod. Teppei uses his bare hands to perform Knocking on his targets.


As a saiseiya, Teppei has many techniques and equipment used to revive ingredients. They can also be used for other purposes, such as to cure humans or protect structures. The majority of them can grow at impressive speed and thus are carried around in the form of seeds.

  • Protection Tree (営林の種, Eirin no Tane): A plant that grows at inconceivable speed, it wraps around anything it comes into contact with and can prevent any structure, natural or man-made, from crumbling down. The roots are also very durable, as one of them could withstand a powerful punch by Tommyrod. Furthermore, it's leaves contain a fluid with the ability of restarting a heart if injected directly into the cardiac muscle. During the Four Beast Arc, Teppei has enough seeds to sustain a large portion of a city, using them to stop buildings damaged by the Four Beast from collapsing.
  • Fertility Seed (肥沃の種, Hiyoku no Tane): Described as a "fertilizer for human use", this seed can increase the body's natural healing ability to its maximum. However, due to it containing also a little amount of toxic substances, it also destroyes cells before triggering the speeded recovery, thus possibly turning up to be fatal. As such, its usage is restricted by the eight Gourmet Laws. Teppei stated it has a bitter flavor.
  • Doctor Aloe (ドクターアロエ, Dokutāaroe): A plant that is a natural bandage. It can heal scrapes, burns, frostbite, and other afflictions, even lethal ones.
Umbrella Tree small
  • Umbrella Tree (アンブレラツリー, Anburera Tsurī): Characterized by an astounding growth rate, it is a plant whose branches form a natural canopy, making it effective against unfavorable weather conditions. It was used to briefly shelter Teppei, Rin and the Four Heavenly Kings from the Green Rain.
Sound Insulation Tree small
  • Sound Insulation Tree (遮音の木, Shaon no Ki): A plant that is a natural sound insulator. It can stop sound that is coming towards it. This was first used to block Zebra’s Voice Missile, nullifying the attack efficiently, albeit getting destroyed in the process.

Earthquake Resistant Root small
  • Earthquake Resistant Root (耐震の根, Taishin no Ne): A tangle of roots that can stop earthquakes from breaking up the ground, they can be used to fully restrain an opponent. This was first used to bind Zebra and keep his mouth shut so he wouldn’t be able to use his sound techniques.
  • Binding Trees (縛り樹, Shibari Ki): These roots are used to only bind the opponent's feet and immobilize them. This is strong enough to temporarily hold down a fighter of Setsuno's caliber.


  • Nail Injection (ネイル注射, Neiru Chūsha): Teppei elongates his pointer finger nail. This technique was used with a medical purpose, as the nail can be dipped in various substances, therefore effectively acting as a syringe.
  • Impact Knocking (インパクトノッキング, Inpakuto Nokkingu): Teppei is able to perform very precise Knocking using his bare hands. The blows he lands are also very painful, compensating for the lack of true damage to the opponent. His Knocking appears to have various levels of intensity, that are named after the gradations of meat cooking.
Teppei Impact Knocking Medium on Tommyrod small
  • Medium (ミディアム, Midiamu): A powerful blow to the celiac plexus that can paralyze the target completely. However, it was only partially effective against Tommyrod's insect ganglia.
Teppei Impact Knocking Well Done on Tommyrod small
  • Well Done (ウェルダン, Uerudan): A more powerful version of the Impact Knocking. Teppei gives multiple strikes to the opponent's motor nerves that paralyze every muscle in their body.

History Edit



A young Teppei chooses the path of the Saiseiya after seeing his grandfather's sadness.

In his childhood, Teppei's dream was becoming a Gourmet Hunter like his grandfather, but decided to become a Saiseiya after seeing that a valley that his grandfather used to hunt at had turned into a barren wasteland, causing his grandfather great grief. Seeing the sad look on his grandfather's face made him choose the path of the Saiseiya to protect the ingredients and environments his grandfather loved so much.

Century Soup ArcEdit

Teppei with mask

Teppei wearing his disguise during his time in Ice Hell.

He was the one assigned to check on the Gourmet Show Window when his master was unavailable. He traveled to Ice Hell with the others under a disguise. He was the first one to find the Century Soup and to discover that it was almost gone, and the only one who discovered there were bugs on the Rider Suits. As he tried to protect the Gourmet Show Window from being destroyed, he unknowingly saved Toriko and performed knocking on the heavily-injured Tommyrod. When Tommyrod released the Parasite Emperor, he revived the Hellboros to fight it and performed first aid on Toriko and his friends. When he realized that the Gourmet Show Window could no longer produce soup, he contracted the Protect Tree he planted to wring out the last drops of soup, destroying the show window as his master had predicted would happen.

Later, he went along with Toriko and other to the Country of Life and helped Toriko to recover along with Sunny and his master, Yosaku. When Komatsu finished the Century Soup and Toriko recovered his arm, he was invited with several others to try the Century Soup and ate it which made him grin uncontrollably.

Toriko's Break ArcEdit

Surprise Apple Festival (Anime)Edit


Teppei "chatting" with his Surprise Apple.

In the anime, Teppei was present alongside Toriko's many other friends on Surprise Island for the Surprise Apple Festival, having been sent there by Yosaku to do some ecological research on the Surprise Apples and their behavior. When Komatsu asked about Surprise Apples and Surprise Levels, Teppei went into a long explanation about it which went on for a little bit until Tina took out a chart better explaining it. When he went to inspect his first Surprise Apple, he quickly got distracted in a long conversation with it about how annoying it was that his master gave him such a troublesome task and how he could not take part in the festivities due to his creed and the fact that he is such a "quiet" guy who would not be very good at surprising either. His conversation continued for quite some time, eventually putting his Surprise Apple to sleep. Much later the Surprise Apple awoke only to find that Teppei was still talking, which greatly horrified it to Surprise Level 30.

Bubble Fruit ArcEdit

Dodurian Bomb explosion

A mournful Teppei and many others exposed to the horrid stench.

He is seen again at the suspended land Knocking Ground, being visited by Toriko and Komatsu at his home there. He tells them about the many ingredients he recently revived, such as the Cafe Ants, Salmon Roe Grapes and Mochi Stones. He then tells Toriko about an ingredient he revived without permission from the IGO, the Dodurian Bomb which was banned due its status as a living weapon and its incredibly horrid stench, and requests Toriko to capture it before it ripens and explodes. Toriko and Komatsu comply and head out to capture it, but despite their long trek and best efforts they were unable to stop its ripening, causing it to release its powerful and rancid odor across the Human World. Teppei smelled this stench as well and realized he had doomed them to the full force of the fruit's horror; all he could do then was apologize and pray for Toriko and Komatsu's safety.

Four Beast ArcEdit

Teppei appears in the Food Park Plaza where many of the human population have gathered to avoid the Four Beast from consuming them. He then notice something underneath him as he was walking around the area. As the Four Beast began its assault in Food Park Plaza, Teppei was using the Protection Tree seeds to keep the buildings from being destroyed as he planted them across the city. After the Four Beast released its Green Rain and had given the Four Heavenly Kings a considerable beating, Teppei appeared again and uses an Umbrella Tree to protect them from the Green Rain and give them some time for Rin's Endorphin Smoke to dull their pain.

Is this the end of the Saiseiya?!

Zebra was angry when he saw Teppei due to having been the one who put him in prison, but later dropped it when Teppei pointed out that it wasn't the time to hold grudges and after apologizing for not being able to battle alongside them, he went on his way to protect the civilians. Later, after the Four Beast was defeated, he was shown behind a cloaked figure who complimented him for having been able to track him down which he thought was quite a feat. He then warns Teppei that he will die if he meddles in his affairs any further, suddenly Teppei is overwhelmed by a feeling of fear and dread. As the human population happily consumes the Four Beast and everyone rejoices over peace, elsewhere, a bottle of wine alongside a bowl of various fruits, meat and bread along with Teppei's head and hand is seen along with the mysterious man.

Teppei waking up in Pukin's lab

A horrified Teppei awakens from his coma.

A bedridden Teppei then awakens to discover that it was only an intimidation-induced nightmare brought on from his horrifying and almost fatal defeat at the hands of the mysterious man, much to his relief. He awakens to find himself in the laboratory of fellow saiseiya and friend Pukin who healed his wounds and had been taken care of him for three days. She explains that the saiseiya alert network became aware of his predicament and went to aid him, but by the time they arrived the man had disappeared but his presence alone had left Teppei in a coma. She then tries to calm Teppei's nerves and offers him a meal, but soon enough both begin to worry greatly about the man's identity and fear that he may actually be Pukin's master and legendary saiseiya Mohyan Shaishai, as only he could have the skill to revive the Four Beast. Teppei then asks Pukin to tell him Mohyan's current whereabouts in hopes of finding out the connection between him and the mysterious man. Pukin then takes notice of Teppei's scar which appears to have grown much to Teppei's confusion, however Pukin suspects its probably nothing as there were no abnormalities with his body, despite this Teppei still maintains a worried expression.

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

Teppei eyes under control

A completely changed Teppei becomes Joie’s puppet.

During the battle at Cooking Fest, Teppei makes an appearance alongside Joie on a Tokage above the Cooking Stadium, just after the end of Toriko and Starjun's battle. Teppei, now under the control of Joie, is used to distract Zebra who is more than eager to fight Teppei. The mindless Teppei then releases several of his plants to battle Zebra and prevent him from interfering.

Later on, he pins Setsuno's feet to the ground while a revived Nitro attacks her. However, Jiro arrives at the festival at that moment and easily kills one of them with a simple finger flick.

While the old couple chats, Teppei binds the Knocking Master's feet with his plants. Jiro has an outburst of rage and yells at him, startling him.

Later he is present at the NEO Headquarters, while he and the other NEO members are heading out.

AIR ArcEdit


Teppei arrives and pierces Komatsu and tears out his heart.

A year and a half after the events at Cooking Festival, Teppei, along with Kariu, Boneless, and Shigematsu were sent to Area 8 in order to retrieve AIR and destroy the Four Heavenly Kings and their allies. Without notice, NEO quickly knocked out the residents of Hex Food World and Teppei seemingly appeared from no where to brutally pierce Komatsu's chest crushing his heart while the others watched on in horror. Toriko quickly dispatched Boneless, Kariu, and Shigematsu and focused his attention and rage on Teppei. Toriko then used his newly gained appetite demon arm to attack Teppei using Jet Fork shocking Teppei, though he managed to dodge it. Teppei wrapped Toriko's arm using vines from his new plant-like arm but, Toriko easily broke them by expanding his arm. Teppei's giant plant-like arm clashed against Toriko's Jet Nail Punch but was destroyed. Teppei, realizing AIR could not be retrieved, departs through the Back Channel to report to Joie, much to the shock of everyone present.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit

Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2Edit

Teppei GS2

Teppei in Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2.

Teppei makes an appearance in Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2 as an assist character and the only unlockable playable character. He plays a large part in the story, helping out the Four Heavenly Kings and their group with their trek through the Gattsuki Continent. Using his various and wide range of techniques to subdue dangerous beasts, he is a formidable ally.

Toriko the Movie: Bishokushin's Special MenuEdit


Teppei, Toriko and Komatsu in the film.

Teppei makes his film debut in Toriko the Movie: Bishokushin's Special Menu, accompanying Toriko and his group to search for an ingredient.


Teppei CAD

Teppei's CAD

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