Japanese たけし
Romanized Takeshi
Race Unknown
Status Alive
Professional Status
Affiliation Hex Food World;
Hex Food Beast Knights (formerly)
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 280 (mentioned)
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This is article is about the non-human from Hex Food World, for other uses, see Takeshi.

Takeshi is an individual of unknown species who resides in Hex Food World. Takeshi, along with Mappy and Nopekichi, were the Hex Food Beast Knights of the previous generation, a position which they have since retired from and passed on to their successors, Brunch, Nosh and Dinner. What role Takeshi served within the group is unknown, but considering that Mappy was the Chef, Takeshi was either the Saiseiya or Gourmet Hunter.


Takeshi is mostly humanoid in appearance, the only oddity being that his whole body is covered in long slick hair with the exception of his arms, face and legs, however the hair around his torso could simply be an outfit. Other than that, he looks exactly like the human Takeshi.


Takeshi is a friendly and jolly individual. During his youth he was part of the Hex Food Beast Knights, showing that he was once a fearless and daring individual. Oddly enough, Takeshi seems to take pride in the fact that he lives next door to the cram school where the little brother of the famous grandson of Numerihyon used to go to.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Having once been one of the Hex Food Beast Knights, Takeshi was once one of the three strongest warriors in Hex Food World and was the best at his particular profession. It is said that during his youth he was far stronger than the current knights.



In his youth, Takeshi was one of the strongest warriors in Hex Food World and he eventually became one of the Hex Food Beast Knights alongside Mappy and Nopekichi. At an unknown point, the trio retired and passed on their positions to Brunch, Nosh and Dinner.


  • Takeshi is obviously based on the main character Takeshi from Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro's previous manga, Seikimatsu Leader den Takeshi!, and Takeshi is regularly used as a recurring joke character within Toriko. However the Takeshi from Hex Food World is apparently not human and appears to be middle-aged, which suggests that he is distinct from the human Takeshi of the Human World.
  • "Takeshi" is listed on the IGO Chef Ranking as number 28, but whether it is the Takeshi from Hex Food World or the Human World is unknown.

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