Mushroom  Sweet Dew Tree  Sushi
Sweet Drew Tree
IGO Icon 2 Name IGO Icon 2
Japanese 甘露の木
Romanized Kanro no Ki
English Sweet Dew Tree
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Type Plant/Sweet
Capture Level Unknown
Location Death Season Forest (grows during winter)
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Anime Episode 86
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The Sweet Dew Tree (甘露の木 Kanro no Ki) is a rare and delicious tree with a cake-like texture that grows only in Death Season Forest during its "Freeze" season. It is normally uncatchable by normal means, and the only time it can be caught is during the very rare "calm" of the Freeze season where the weather becomes stable enough for living beings to survive in.


The Sweet Dew Tree has a soft sponge cake-like taste and texture which is incredibly sweet and honey-like. Despite its hard outer appearance, the tree is easy to cut into and its bark is also soft and fluffy. Its leaves are also sweet and candy-like.


As a Christmas TreeEdit

The Sweet Dew Tree makes an excellent edible Christmas Tree for the holidays, and when combined with the right ingredients it gives off a unique and beautiful glow that seems to embody the Christmas spirit. Some of the ingredients used for the decorations of the Sweet Dew Tree are:


Meteor Garlic ArcEdit

When Death Season Forest's "calm" period finally began, Patch of the Gourmet Seven went into the forest along with Johannes and several Gourmet Hunters to search for the Sweet Dew Tree in order to use it for the IGO's annual Christmas food delivery. However Patch and Johannes were separated from the hunters and Honey Prison called in the Four Heavenly Kings to go into the forest and find Patch and Johannes. Eventually the Kings, Rin and Komatsu were able to find the lost duo but Patch refused to leave without the Sweet Dew Tree and ingredients to properly decorate it. The group then helps out to gather ingredients for the tree and after fending off a herd of Sword Horns, they finally finish preparing the tree and Patch has the IGO take the tree away for delivery. On Christmas Eve night, the Kings, Rin, Komatsu and Mansam deliver all the ingredients and parts of the Sweet Dew Tree to all the poverty stricken nations, which managed to bring a holiday smile to all.

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