Japanese スースー
Romanized Sūsū
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Shokurin icon Shokurin Temple
Chin Chinchin
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 186
Anime Episode 108
Japanese Masuyama Takeaki
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Susu is one of the Assistant Masters of Shokurin Temple and a master of Food Honor.


Susu is a tall and muscular dark-skinned man with broad shoulders, chiseled facial features and a bald scalp. He wears the standard uniform of the Shokurin Temple masters which bares the symbol of "食義" shokugi which translates as Food Honor. During his battle with Chiyo, Susu lost his right arm after it was completely skinned of flesh.


He appears to be a stern and serious person who is loyal to Shokurin Temple and his fellow masters. When master Wagon was killed by Chiyo, he was just shocked and horrified as his fellow masters over the loss of their comrade. When Chiyo began her attack on the temple, Susu and his fellow masters did not hesitate in battling her despite the deep gap in power between them.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Like the other assistant masters, he is an expert in Food Honor and a skilled martial artist, and thanks to Food Honor he can perform techniques without making unnecessary movements or wasting energy needlessly.


  • Susu's knife: Susu wielded an unnamed knife in combat which had a spike behind its edge.


Bubble Fruit ArcEdit


Susu losing his arm against Chiyo.

When Chiyo began her attack on Shokurin Temple, the Assistant Masters gathered to fight her off. But despite their best efforts, they were no match against the corrupted chef. When Susu tried to attack she swiftly used her knife to cut off the skin and muscle from Susu's arm, leaving nothing but bone and causing Susu tremendous pain.

What became of him after the battle or if he even survived his battle against Chiyo remains uncertain.



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