Surprise Island
English Surprise Island
Location Unknown ocean in Human World
Affiliation Ico igo IGO
Surprise Apple
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 146
Anime Episode 73
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Surprise Island is where the IGO cultivates the Surprise Apples. It is located in an unknown ocean in the Human World. Nobody lives on the island because the explosions are constantly being set off to surprise the apples. On the island is a Surprise Farm where the Frightening Festival is held once a year where people come to scare and harvest Surprise Apples. Thousands of people visit every year to surprise the apples to the highest degree and sell them at the market.


It is a large island with plenty of greenery. In the middle of the island is the forest where the apples are cultivated. There is a small trail leading out of the forest and into a building of sorts which is never clearly seen. At the entrance of the forest is a large decorative gate.


  • Surprise Farm: This is the place where the Surprise Apples are cultivated and the Frightening Festival is held once a year.
  • Docks: A docking area where visitors dock their ships.


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