Sunny post-time skip

Sunny GGB

Japanese サニー
Romanized Sani
English Sunny
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday September 7
Age 24 (start of the series);
28 (Post-Timeskip)
Status Alive
Height 187cm
Weight 200 Kg
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Four Heavenly Kings;
Occupation Gourmet Hunter
Partner Toriko;
Personal Status
Relatives Rin (younger sister);
Ichiryu (adoptive father);
Toriko (brother-in-law)
Pets Quinn Icon
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 29
Anime Episode 10
Japanese Mitsuo Iwata
English Aaron Roberts
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Four Heavenly KingsEdit

Sunny somewhat annoys Toriko with his 'touch' ability, while Toriko puts Sunny off with his unrefined tastes, otherwise there does not seem to be any enmity between them, as Sunny is seen worrying about Toriko when Coco says that he is in danger inside Regal Mammoth. While their tastes are often at odds with each other, Sunny and Toriko show the same pride and liking for the Jewel Meat, which they argue over to put in their Full Course Menu as neither wishes to share the same ingredient in their Full Courses. Sunny wins the argument in the end. 

After Toriko returns from the Gourmet World after a year and a half, Sunny and the other Heavenly Kings are stunned when Toriko readily accepts Rin's marriage proposal. Sunny is especially uncomfortable with the fact that Toriko will become his brother-in-law.

Sunny is more-or-less on good terms with Coco, although he can be somewhat insensitive towards Coco's anxiety over his poison body. He withdrew his 'touch' from Coco, stating that poison is not liked by him, while Coco was surprised by his directness (however, this was just to hide that his 'touch' was getting exhausted). As later they are shown to be good friends although they are opposite in personality. A running gag shows that he does get jealous of Coco when Coco make a more "beautiful" entrance than him. Like Coco, he doesn't seem to be on good terms with Zebra, as seen when he and Coco simultaneously refuse Toriko's invitation to go see him.[1]


Sunny, at first, does not have much regard towards Komatsu due to having just met him, but later Sunny grows to like him, due to his culinary skills possessing the 'harmony' that Sunny regards so highly and his equipment as a chef. He even calls him 'Matsu. While their relationship is often friendly, it is often used in a comical manner. Still, like the other Heavenly Kings, Sunny shows a type of concern for Komatsu that he doesn't show to many others, Later (after hearing that Toriko partnered himself with Komatsu), Sunny decides to try and ask Komatsu to be his partner, stating that a partnership with Toriko will be a bad influence on him.[2]


When he sees Rin, his calm, refined personalty disappears and is replaced by that of an over-protective older brother that is shocked by how much her body changed (gained weight from too many sweets), this leads to a rather comical sibling spat between the two.[3] However, he deeply cares about his sister and becomes quite unnerved over the fact that she and Toriko are getting married.


Being Sunny's Animal Partner, they have a good relationship (with Sunny always bragging about Quinn to the rest of the Four Kings). Sunny admires Quinn's beauty, to the point of being impressed when the Mother Snake gulps down food, as well as insisting that anyone who is to ride on her is to take of their shoes before doing so. Quinn in turn is very loyal to Sunny, as shown during the battle against the Four Beast, where she earnestly defends Sunny and the other Kings as they prepared an attack against it.

Ichiryuu Edit

Although being irritated by Ichiryuu's carefree and mocking personality, like the rest of the Heavenly Kings, Sunny seems to have great respect for his adoptive father. In fact, during his deathmatch against Tommyrod, Sunny recalled a very important lesson Ichiryuu once taught him during his childhood about the real value of the things and the real pain, something that made Sunny decide to keep fighting and releasing his full power.


Gourmet Corp.Edit

He expresses a particular sense of disgust towards the Gourmet Corp., displaying anger after seeing the needlessly slaughtered animals that followed a GT Robo's path of destruction. Perhaps to Sunny, pointlessly killing living things is a greater crime than ugliness.[4]

Cedre Edit

Sunny considers Cedre's behaviour towards nature completely scummy. He fought him with anger and made sure his GT Robo was absolutely destroyed.

Tommyrod Edit

Sunny was really disturbed at first by Tommy's particular fighting style that he describes as "disgusting" and "unbeautiful" and disaproved Tommy's decision of killing his own bugs because they were of no longer use. However, at the end of their fight, Sunny showed respect and admiration for Tommy being the first opponent he had that was able to cut so much of his hair and even charge at him with just his body.


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