Toriko Story Arcs

Human World ActEdit

IGO SagaEdit

Galala Gator ArcEdit
Toriko fighting with Galala Gator
Rainbow Fruit ArcEdit
Fruit of rainbow arc
Puffer Whale ArcEdit
Puffer Whale big
Regal Mammoth ArcEdit
Toriko and the rest runing from Regal Mammoth anime
BB Corn ArcEdit
BB Corn Eps 20
Century Soup ArcEdit
Komatsu getting the last Century Soup drop
Gourmet King Deciding Battle Arc (Anime filler)Edit
Komatsu presenting the parfait

Training for Gourmet World SagaEdit

Ozone Herb ArcEdit
Ozone Herb (piked) anime
The Reality of Gourmet World ArcEdit
Toriko jumping off to the Gourmet World
Melk Stardust ArcEdit
Toriko - Melk Stardust Eps 56
Mellow Cola ArcEdit
Sphinx happy for releasing the Cola
Toriko's Break ArcEdit
Toriko and Komatsu reaching Gourmet Shrine
Shining Gourami ArcEdit
Shining Gourami1
Autumn Break Arc (Anime filler)Edit
Toriko's Break Arc 2
Meteor Garlic ArcEdit
The group finding the Meteor Garlic ep96
Bubble Fruit ArcEdit
Toriko and Komatsu seeing the Fake Bubble Fruits
Golden Wheat Arc (Anime filler)Edit
Yuu GTRobo3
Four Beast ArcEdit
FHK facing the Four Beast
Cooking Festival ArcEdit
Cooking Festival

Gourmet World ActEdit

Billion Bird ArcEdit
Billion Bird multiplies
AIR ArcEdit
AIR captured
PAIR ArcEdit
ANOTHER Cooking Complate
GOD ArcEdit
Main - Toriko and Komatsu

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