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Japanese ストーンフィッシュ
Romanized Sutōnfisshu
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Type Fish
Capture Level 2
Length 5m
Weight 3t
Habitat Lakes in Mors Mountain
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 149
Anime Episode 76
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Stone Fish is a rare and ancient rock-like fish that lives in a lake in the Mors Mountain.


It is a large bodied fish with a length of 5 meters and can weight up to 3 tons. Its skin is similar in appearance to black-colored stone and it has numerous small gray rocks covering its body. Its back has several dorsal fins which resemble gray rocky spikes. It also has somewhat sharp teeth.


It does not appear to be an aggressive species since it showed no hostility towards Komatsu, Sunny or Toriko, although this may have been due to Quinn's presence.


Shining Gourami ArcEdit

When Toriko, Sunny and Komatsu were on their way to Death Falls, they came across a crystal clear lake which amazed Komatsu and even more so when he spotted the Stone Fish.



  • Stone Fish was created by Yakuza from Kanagawa prefecture.
  • In the real world Stonefish is the common name for the family Synanceia, a type of venomous fish carrying toxins sometimes fatal to humans

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