Mushroom  Starch Syrup Daikon  Sushi
IGO Icon 2 Name IGO Icon 2
Japanese 水飴ダイコン(みずあめダイコン)
Mizuame Daikon
IGO Icon 2 Statistics IGO Icon 2
Type Vegetable
Capture Level Unknown
Location Smaller varieties commonly available in any store (rarely sold in stores during the Human World food shortage),
Larger varieties exist within the Gourmet World
Height Varies
Weight Varies
Price Unknown (price briefly went up
100 times what it's worth during
the Human World food shortage)
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
First Appearance Chapter 265
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The Starch Syrup Daikon (水飴ダイコン(みずあめダイコン), Mizuame Daikon) is a breed of common daikon with the taste of starch syrup. Prior to the fall of Meteor Spice which devastated the natural resources of the Human World, the Starch Syrup Daikon was a very common ingredient of little worth, but once the Meteor Spice fell and the global food shortage began, the Starch Syrup Daikon, as well as any fresh ingredient ended up having their prices raised 100 times what they were worth and stores were forced to keep any fresh ingredients in reinforced glass cases. To avoid starvation, Food Tablets were used as substitutes for real food until the food shortage could be resolved.

Starch Syrup Daikons also exist within the Gourmet World but are far larger than their Human World counterparts.


Billion Bird ArcEdit

A single Starch Syrup Daikon was available for sale at a small Food Tablet shop, however its owner took pity on a young boy named Suguru who frequented her store and freely gave him her last Starch Syrup Daikon so he could feed his mother.

A giant Starch Syrup Daikon from Gourmet World.

However the daikon was sadly stolen from him by two corrupted Gourmet Security Guards who had been driven mad from hunger and proceeded to beat the boy down for the daikon. Just then, a giant Starch Syrup Daikon fell from the sky and landed next to Suguru, having been a gift from the returning Toriko. A large piece of meat also fell on the two guards, forcing them to let go of the daikon.

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