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Japanese スペアリブタ
Romanized Supeaributa
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Type Mammal
Capture Level 20
Length 5m
Weight 10t
Price 40,000 yen per 100g
Diet Omnivorous
Habitat Cooking Island
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 216
Anime Episode 129
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The Spareripig (スペアリブタ, Supeaributa) is a large feral porcine beast that appears to have an either exposed or extra set of ribs over its back. They reside near the beaches and plains of Cooking Island. It is revealed on the anime that this mammal beast forms part of Gen-chan's Full Course main dish.


The Spareripig is a large pink pig with the common body of a regular pig but with sharp teeth and several other unique features. It apparently has most of its spine and ribs exposed, however whether these are actually exposed or an extra set of bones on its body is unknown, however this may indicate the origin of its name which clearly comes from "spare ribs". It has odd hollow eyes in the shape of crosses and the bone on its head also has a hollow cross symbol.


It is a vicious beast that will attack any potential prey that comes its way and it is often seen drooling, likely an indicator of a voracious appetite.


Cooking Festival ArcEdit

Spareripigs were one of the many beasts that acted as obstacles during the Cooking Festival's "Cooking Triathlon". One of these beasts attempted to attack Gen-chan but he easily subdued it with his "Addendum Soup". Eventually many of the top tier chefs were able to overcome the beasts.


Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

  • In the anime, the Spareripig's "spine" is colored pink rather than white, and its ribs are also colored pink instead of white.
    • It is also given only one exposed spine bone and only two ribs rather than having its entire spine and ribs exposed.
  • The hollowed out cross in the bone on its head is colored blue in the anime, giving it the appearance of a nurse's hat.


Spareripig Submission

Spareripig Submission

  • Spareripigs are the work of Tanaka Seiji-san's from Miyazaki Prefecture.

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