Japanese スペース
Romanized Supēsu
Location Unknown
Affiliation Appolo,
Debut Appearance
Manga Volume 29.5 (mentioned)
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Space was a world-class restaurant that specialized in serving Space Cuisine, and it was owned and managed by the "Space Cuisine Pioneer" Appolo, one of the top 100 chefs in the world and the former #27 ranker until he betrayed the Human World and joined NEO's ranks.


During the Gourmet Corp.'s invasion of Cooking Festival, Appolo revealed to his former allies that he was in fact a member of NEO and he proceeded to abandon his fellow chefs after revealing his true allegiance. It is likely his title and restaurant lost their status after this revelation. What became of Space after the fall of the Meteor Spice is unknown, but it likely closed down soon after Appolo left the Human World due to both a lack of ingredients and Appolo's tainted reputation.

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