RiceBall  Solid Gold Whale  Manga meat
Pure-Gold Whale Eps 58
IGO Icon 2 Name IGO Icon 2
Japanese 純金クジラ, Junkin kujira
Aliases Pure-Gold Whale
IGO Icon 2 Bestiary IGO Icon 2
Type Mammal
Capture Level 46
Length 60m
Weight 550t
Price 100g / 30,000 yen
Habitat Warm waters
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 125
Anime Episode 58
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Solid Gold Whales is a giant whale that lives in the sea and has a very fishlike body. Its front legs act as fins while the back ones have all but atrophied, though its tail is developed. A Solid Gold Whale sparkles like the Jewel Meat of the Regal Mammoth, hence "Solid Gold Whale". It's rich with fat and a very popular ingredient, but because it can hold its breath for a twenty hours at a time, a Solid Gold Whale usually travels deep underwater and only surfaces to replenish its breath, making it very difficult to capture. Anyone fortunate enough to see one is said to experience luck with money.


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