RiceBall  Smoked Clam  Manga meat
A bowl containing Smoked Clams, Matsutake Shells, Milk Scallops and Rainbow Littleneck Clam.
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Japanese スモークハマグリ
Romanized Sumōkuhamaguri
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Type Mollusk
Capture Level Below Level 1
Height 8cm
Weight 150g
Price 1,800 yen
Habitat Unknown (available at Hotel Gourmet)
Related Matsutake Shell
Milk Scallop
Rainbow Littleneck Clam
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 96
Anime Episode 39
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Smoked Clams (スモークハマグリ Sumōkuhamaguri) are bivalve mollusk beasts that are used as a soup stock ingredient. Its meat is naturally smoked and requires no preparation. It is one of the ingredients in Komatsu's version of the Century Soup.