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Silk Bird Egg
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Japanese 絹鳥の卵
Romanized Kinu Tori no Tamago
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Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
First Appearance Chapter 6
Episode 16
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The Silk Bird Egg (絹鳥の卵 Kinu Tori no Tamago) is a very rare ingredient and as the name implies, the egg itself is as delicate as silk and breaks as easily as soap bubbles, as such it must be handled with extreme care so as to avoid breaking it. This makes it difficult to transport especially when under attack as one cannot retaliate without breaking the egg. It is also one of many ingredients discovered by Toriko.


Some time ago, Toriko acquired one of these rare eggs but while escorting it was confronted by a Hyena Gang pack. The experience taught him how to maneuver in dangerous situations while caring precious cargo, an experience that would prove useful in his adventures protecting Komatsu.

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

The flashback introducing this ingredient was not shown during the Fruit Of Rainbow Arc and was instead shown much later during the Regal Mammoth Arc. In the anime, the flashback was extended and it was shown that Rin was there with Toriko helping him escort it.