Japanese シルク
Romanized Shiruku
Gender Female Female
Status Deceased
Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives Asarudy (husband)
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 351
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Silk (シルク) was a young woman who lived in Blue Grill more than 3000 years ago and was the lover fiancee of Asarudy.


Silk was a beautiful young humanoid with light-skin and long dark-colored hair who wore a simple dress.


She was a kind and caring person who loved Asarudy above all else, and never gave up on him or vows of loves, having eternally waited for his return. Even in death, her body never moved from her waiting place and her soul still carried her love and memories for Asarudy, with her love for him only having grown during their ancient time apart.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Despite appearing to be an ordinary woman, her body was quite resilient after her death. Having avoided complete decay for more than 3000 years while still maintaining the original position in which she died. It is unknown what sort of skills or abilities she had during life.



Asarudy and Silk (Past)

Silk and Asarudy(Past).

Long ago, more than 3000 years ago, Silk was a young woman in Blue Grill who was engaged to be married to a young man named Asarudy. However he had fallen victim to the Soul Furnace, but promised his beloved that he would be revived in a new body for her sake, and she would honor his promise by waiting for him at the Snow Church where she would pray for his return everyday. Sadly, Asarudy had lost many of his memories by the time he was revived, and was never able to reunite with his lost love, who tragically died in the Snow Church, but her decaying body would continue to endure the test of time while awaiting the return that which would never be.

In his many centuries, Asarudy was not able to remember Silk, but managed to name his restaurant after her, calling it Silk Marine, likely having possessed a small recollection of the importance of her name.


Asarudy and Silk (Present)

Silk and Asarudy(Present).

More then 3000 years later, Asarudy had taken part in a voyage into the World of Souls with chefs from the Human World in hopes of preparing ANOTHER. After Komatsu successfully completed cooking ANOTHER, the transcendent taste it exuded caused all the souls within the World of Souls to ascend to their true final resting place while Asarudy and his comrades had their memories restored, at which point Asarudy finally remembered the promise he made to his beloved Silk so long ago. With ANOTHER's preparation complete, the Spirit Doors were destroyed and Asarudy and the rest were brought back to the world of the living. With his memories now restored, Asarudy quickly headed towards the ancient Snow Church, where he found the corpse of his long lost love, still seemingly waiting for him. With his love gone, he cried a painful waterfall of tears, and begged for Don Slime to hear his pleas.

Asarudy and Silk (Go to Heaven)

Silk and Asarudy(Go to Heaven).

Don Slime heard his call and Asarudy told Don Slime that he would become his new host and eat Acacia's Full Course in Ichiryu's absence in exchange for Don Slime granting him what he desired most, to die. Asarudy then awaited as Don Slime began to reform and used his body as his own while warning him of the risks that would come with his possession, as it would result in Asarudy ceasing to be. Asarudy held no qualms as his life began to fade, only being thankful that ANOTHER was able to restore the flavorful memories of the love that he had forgotten so long ago. Asarudy then begged for the forgiveness of his beloved as he began to fade and hoped that he could be with her again. Much to his amazement, Asarudy sees the soul of his beloved Silk after countless centuries as she lovingly tells him that their love has never faded and that they will now be together always. Asarudy then passed away peacefully with his beloved.

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