Fork-knife-icon  Shiva Helmet   Fork-knife-icon
Starjun's shiva helmet
Japanese シバの兜
Romanized Shiba no Kabuto
Other Shiva Helmet
Owner Starjun
Purpose Protection
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 17
Anime Episode 2
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The Shiva Helmet was an extremely durable piece of armor owned and worn by the Gourmet Corp. Vice Chef, Starjun. Starjun wore this helmet during all of the Gourmet Corp.'s official meetings or when out on the field for a mission.

During the Cooking Festival Arc, the mask was destroyed by Toriko using his "Kugi Punch" during his and Starjun's battle on Cooking Island.


  • The helmet is named after "Shiva" (शिव), the Hindu deity of yoga and the arts, and the central figure of Shaivism.

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