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Japanese 海鮮の実
Romanized Kaisen no mi
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Type Fruit
Capture Level Unknown
Location Tou-Chinese Island
Related Mangronve
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
First Appearance Episode 51
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The Seafood Fruit (海鮮の実 Kaisen no mi) is a rare fruit that grows on Tou-Chinese Island and is said to hold the delicious essence of all the creatures of the sea, with the fruit having the taste of gourmet fish, crustaceans and other delicious sea life. They grow on the branches of the deadly plant beast Mangronve, which also protects them from being plucked. They can only survive in salt water environments.

Seafood Fruit is the only known cure for Deep Sea Fever, however it will not be an effective cure by itself, in order for it to completely eliminate the ailment it must be steamed and dipped into a plate of Four Seasons Golden Sauce.