Samba de Toriko
Samba de Toriko Anime Cover
Artist Hyadain
Ending Number 5
Episodes Episode 63 - Episode 75
Length 01:00 (TV)
03:41 (Full)
Air Date July 1, 2012
Release Date August 8, 2012
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Love Chase
Lovely Fruit
List of Toriko Music

Single TracklistEdit

# Track Name Vocals Lyrics, Music Composition & Arrangement Length Preview
01 Samba de Toriko!!!
サンバ de トリコ!!!
Hyadain Maeyamada Ken`ichi 03:41 '"`UNIQ6c13c1b629afba3f-youtube-00000000-QINU`"'
02 Kimi to Chuukosha to Radio Show
Hyadain Maeyamada Ken`ichi 04:28 '"`UNIQ6c13c1b629afba3f-youtube-00000001-QINU`"'
03 Hamigaki
Hyadain Maeyamada Ken`ichi 04:19 '"`UNIQ6c13c1b629afba3f-youtube-00000002-QINU`"'
04 Samba de Toriko!!!(Off Vocal)
サンバ de トリコ!!!(Off Vocal)
Hyadain Maeyamada Ken`ichi 03:41 '"`UNIQ6c13c1b629afba3f-youtube-00000003-QINU`"'
05 Kimi to Chuukosha to Radio Show(Off Vocal)
キミと中古車とラジオショウ(Off Vocal)
Hyadain Maeyamada Ken`ichi 04:28 '"`UNIQ6c13c1b629afba3f-youtube-00000004-QINU`"'
06 Hamigaki (Off Vocal)
はみがき(Off Vocal)
Hyadain Maeyamada Ken`ichi 04:15 '"`UNIQ6c13c1b629afba3f-youtube-00000005-QINU`"'


ED 5 - Samba de Toriko!!!01:01

ED 5 - Samba de Toriko!!!

Hyadain - Samba de Toriko!!! (Sub Español) - ヒャダインのサンバ de トリコ!!!-03:53

Hyadain - Samba de Toriko!!! (Sub Español) - ヒャダインのサンバ de トリコ!!!-

Full Original Song (With English Subs)

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