Mushroom  Salmon Roe Grapes  Sushi
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Japanese いくらぶどう
Romanized Ikura Budō
English Salmon Roe Grapes
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Type Fruit
Capture Level 2
Location Unknown (extinct until recently)
Height 350g
Length 18cm
Price 8,000 yen
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Gourmet 177
Anime Episode 101
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Salmon Roe Grapes (いくらぶどう Ikura Budō) are special fruits that grow salmon caviar-like grapes in bunches. They grow from the Salmon Roe Tree.


These grapes have a crystal clear appearance and while they have the texture and fresh taste of salmon roe, they lack the pungent fish smell and bitterness often associated with caviar. These grapes go great with soy sauce and salmon.


460 GAEdit

40 years ago, Salmon Roe Grapes became extinct under unknown circumstances.

Bubble Fruit ArcEdit

Salmon Roe Grapes, along with Café Ants and several other ingredients were revived by the Saiseiya, Teppei.



  • Despite making its canonical debut in Gourmet 177 of the manga, the exact same ingredient had appeared before as an anime-only ingredient in the narration of Episode 6. Whether this is a coincidence or if there is a connection is not certain.

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