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Japanese 桜(さくら)
Romanized Sakura
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Status Alive
Professional Status
Affiliation Ico igo IGO

0th Biotope

Personal Status
Relatives None Known
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 60 (mentioned)
Chapter 193
Anime Debut Episode 21 (mentioned)
Episode 111
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Sakura (桜(さくら)) is a martial artist Gourmet Hunter and a member of the 0th Biotope.


Sakura is a strong pale-skinned man with pointy black hair, dark-colored clothing and what appears to be a headpiece around his head made of bones, fangs and two small wings on each side. He wears a large white cloak with armored shoulder pads.

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Not much is known about him yet.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Not much is known about his abilities, but since he was considered one of the more prominent "big-name" Gourmet Hunters looking for GOD and was chosen as a member of the 0th Biotope, an organization made up of incredibly strong individuals, it is safe to assume that he is an excellent and powerful fighter. The fact that he can freely enter the Gourmet World, managing to survive its harsh environment and fend off the beasts that live there is a greater testament to his strength. He is also classified as a martial artist, indicating that he may be a master of some form of combat.


BB Corn ArcEdit


Sakura in Grinpatch's description.

Sakura was first mentioned, but not named by Grinpatch as one of the many "big name" gourmet hunters that were out to find GOD .

Bubble Fruit ArcEdit

Sakura was present along with the rest of the 0th Biotope when they gathered for the meeting at Cloud Tree to discuss the Gourmet Corp.'s discovery of CENTER. This greatly surprised Sakura and wondered how they could've possibly found out about it, which lead to the suspicion that someone within the 0th Biotope had leaked the information to them.

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

Sakura and Malisman are seen walking nearby Section H, Developmental Fever Bridge, in order to acquire Acacia's drink ATOM. Malisman is disappointed that her last job will involve a battle instead of writing, but Sakura replies she has the duty to inform the people about the flavor of Acacia's Full Course Menu and he is sure it will be a masterpiece. She thanks him and questions whether he wants a special recognition, but two Gourmet Corp. Head Chefs, Boneless and Kariu, interrupt her, stating her book will never come out. Preparing for battle, Malisman claims the two of them would lack charm as book characters.


  • The name Sakura means Cherry Blossom in Japanese, which is also Japan's national symbol. Sakura's pink attires seems to reference his name.

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