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Japanese ロックビー
Romanized Rokkubī
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Type Insect
Capture Level 37
Length 24cm
Weight 1.3kg
Price 60,000 per bug (not fit for consumption)
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 73
Anime Episode 27
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The Rock Bee is a large and horrendous species of parasitic insect. It is one of the many insects that were bred by Tommyrod.


The Rock Bee is a large insectoid that can grow to be around 24 centimeters in length and reach up to a human's knee in height, and when fully grown it can weigh up to 1.3 kilograms. It is a grotesque insect in appearance which resembles a wasp more than a bee. It has a large abdomen and sharp pincers, as well as two large green eyes and four smaller ones in-between its main eyes.


It picks its prey at random, eating its way in through the anus and laying its eggs in the gut.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Rock Bee is equipped with a stinger at the end of its tail which enables it to bring down beasts several hundred times its own size with a single prick. Rock Bee venom is particularly resistant to antibodies, so most creatures are vulnerable. With its wings it is capable of flying quite rapidly and it is able to survive in cold climates for an unknown amount of time.


The Rock Bee itself is not fit for consumption, however its venom can fetch a high price at medical institutes seeking to do research on its deadly poison.


Century Soup ArcEdit

As Tommyrod and his team prepared to capture the Century Soup in Ice Hell, he summoned four of his insects, a Rock Bee, an Armor Hoihoi, a Spew Weevil and a Jam Grasshopper, to find and kill any other gourmet hunters that may be searching for the soup. All four beasts were eventually knocked out by Teppei.



  • In the manga magazine version, it was introduced as Capture Level 38, but this was later corrected in the volume version as Capture Level 37.

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