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Japanese ロボスター
Romanized Robosutā
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Type Crustacean
Capture Level 13
Diet Carnivorous
Related Yashimodoki
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Anime Episode 70
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The Roboster is a large species of lobster whose shell appears to be made out of solid metal, giving it a robotic appearance, hence its name.


The Roboster's exoskeleton appears to be made out of solid metal, with many bolt-like protrusions coming out of its joints. Its pincers are also metallic and resemble sharp metal clippers. It has green bulb-like eyes and on its arms it has black rubber coverings and its mouth appears to resemble a drill. Its overall appearance makes it resemble a robotic lobster but whether it is actually some sort of cybernetic animal or simply has a robotic appearance remains uncertain.


It is a daring animal that will ambush human prey that are even traveling on gigantic transports like the Gourmet Carriage without fear of the Giga Horses. It will cooperate with other animals, such as the Yashimodoki to capture food.


Being that its exoskeleton is made of metal, it likely has higher durability than normal crustaceans. It is a strong and skilled climber, easily capable of scaling the large outer haul of the Gourmet Carriage without much difficulty in order to reach the lounging area of the deck. It also appears to be skilled in ambushing its prey and will work with other animals to do so.


Toriko's Break ArcEdit

A Roboster along with a Yashimodoki attacked the deck of the Gourmet Carriage as it was passing by the Islandhorse. Luckily the two crustaceans were soundly defeated by Coco and Sunny, who had been on the carriage's cruise at the time and they sent the two beasts flying high into the sky with their attacks. The two unlucky beasts then landed on the nearby Islandhorse and fell on top of some unsuspecting Broccobats and a Black Soil Snake (which had been chasing Komatsu and Safla, instantly knocking them out.


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