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Fork-knife-icon  Revitalizing Kitchen Knife   Fork-knife-icon
Rev knife
Japanese 蘇生包丁
Romanized Sosei Bōchō
Other Revival Knife
Purpose Revitalizes ingredients and heals damaged tissue
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 187
Anime Episode 108
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The Revitalizing Kitchen Knives (Revival Knife in the English versions) are a special type of knives required to perform the Dark Technique, forged using organisms with regenerative function and minerals that stimulate that function; cutting an ingredient with this knife will make the cells of the ingredient become active and thus revitalizing the wound.

To use this knife a near superhuman ability is needed in order to pass the knife in the gaps between cells without damaging them; if someone can use it freely an ingredient can be eaten almost infinitely by restoring it little by little; in order to complete the regeneration eating high nutritional value ingredients is needed.

The use of the revitalizing kitchen knife is limited by the IGO in fear of them upsetting the circulation of food. The knife can only help the regeneration of an ingredient or person but can't revitalize dead people or beasts.


Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

An apple being revitalized

An apple gets restored

  • In the anime, Ootake's revitalizing knife glows dark with purple sparkles when he uses it, whilst in the manga its appearance does not change. It also happens with Chiru's knives, where they have a golden glow on use.
  • In the explanation that Chiru gives about revitalizing knives, the reptile beast of the manga that has its leg cut and revitalized is replaced in the anime by an apple, likely due to censorship.


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