Outer Space

Outer Space looks like a food paradise those who have eaten ATOM.

The Red Universe (赤い宇宙 Akai Uchū, Viz: "Red Space") is the universe in which the Earth exists and the story takes place.[1]

It is made up of Gourmet Matter (美食物質 (グルメマター) Gurume Matā) which, according to Toriko, becomes visible after eating ATOM, as it revives Gourmet Cells of eyes. Neo came to this universe when escaping from the Blue Nitro, who in turn came in search for it via the Gourmet Hole.

In several chapters,[2] and most prominently in the last one,[3] it is shown that the Outer Space of the Red Universe is actually filled with delicious ingredients and beasts, to the point of Toriko calling it a Gourmet Paradise, with some surpassing even the Earth's strongest beasts in terms of Capture Levels.

Space Ingredients ,Beasts & LocationsEdit


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