Mushroom  Raochu Spring  Sushi
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Type Alcoholic Drink
Capture Level Unknown
Location Winter Islands,
Tou-Chinese Island
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
First Appearance Episode 51
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The Raochu Spring is a natural fountain of aged and refined Chinese-style liquor known as raochu and it can only be found in winter environments. It appeared exclusively in the second Toriko x One Piece Collaboration Special.


It possesses a fine and strong flavor and can warm up the body instantly and fill it with energy. If drank from the leaf of a Mango Karin its effects are increased and can make one stronger, tougher and faster and maybe even bigger, although it is unknown if it will work on humans. It is the favorite drink of the Raochutan and they can be very protective of their precious liquor fountain. The raochu of the Raochu Spring can also be used to make Four Seasons Golden Sauce which greatly improves the taste of the Seafood Fruit and together they are the only known cure for Deep Sea Fever.


Toriko, Luffy and Komatsu went searching for one in Tou-Chinese Island's Mush Room tower to complete their Four Seasons Golden Sauce to cure Chopper of his Deep Sea Fever. They successfully found one in the Mush Room's winter room, however, standing in their way guarding the Raochu Spring was a powerful Raochutan who proved to be a powerful opponent for the two. Luckily combining their strength, Toriko and Luffy successfully defeated it and were able to cure Chopper of his sickness.

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