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Rainbow Fruit
Rainbow Fruit Tree
Mushroom Statistics Sushi
Japanese Name 虹の実 (にじのみ), Niji no Mi
Type Fruit
Capture Level 12
Location IGO Biotope Garden 8
Weight 1.5-2t
Price App. 500,000,000 yen each
Mushroom Appearances Sushi
Manga Debut Chapter 3
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A legendary fruit that grows in the IGO's 8th Biotope Garden, rumoured to be extinct. When you put it in your mouth, its flavor shifts seven times. It got its name from the way its juice, when evaporating into the air, gives off a rainbow. The color and taste of the fruit depends on the humidity and temperature of the air. The nectar of the fruit is so concentrated that just a single drop could turn a whole 25-meter pool into a huge bowl of fruit juice. It's so delicious that most beasts want to eat it by instinct and try to eat it even while being eaten themselves. It can also be made into wine. Because of it's intensity, people are cautioned against eating too much of it. Combined with alcohol, Rainbow Fruit juice is called Rainbow Cocktail, and it's widely revered by and sought after by bartenders far and wide. It is chosen as the Dessert Course in Toriko's Full Course Menu.

The fruit used to be surrounded by a pack of Troll Kongs who used its sweet scent to attract preys.

While Toriko only took one growing in the 8th Biotope so the Troll Kongs hunting methods would not be ruined, the Bishokukai took each and every one and nearly killed every Troll Kong in their way.


  • The prepared Rainbow Fruit
  • Rainbow Fruit in the OVA
  • Rainbow Fruit size difference
  • Rainbow Fruit from Gourmet Fortune Telling
  • Acacia and his disciples capture the fruit


  • It ranked 28th in the first Popularity Poll with 23 votes, tieing with the Grinpatch.
  • This is the first shown ingredient that ended up as a dish of a Heavenly King.

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