When "Food King" AIR ripens and falls to the ground, it not only clears rain clouds and can blanket a planet with an atmosphere, it also creates the phenomena known as the Rainbow Bridges. These bridges are created by the shower of light which covers all of Area 8 and are formed by one hundred different colors. The most notable trait of these bridges are that they not only form around Area 8 but they also connect the area to all of the other areas within the Gourmet World

When one known as the Horse King gives birth to a young, it will aim for the moment when AIR ripens and falls to the ground in order to achieve two goals; to inhale the high amounts of fresh air that AIR unleashes so that it may give birth to a healthy child, and for the child to have all the sustenance it needs in order to cross the Rainbow Bridges and let its power be known to all of Gourmet World creatures so that it may take the mantle of Horse King. 

The Rainbow Bridges have been unable to form due to the Blue Nitro's sudden and repeated practice of harvesting the ripened AIR before it can fall, causing the bridges to remain hidden. With this practice causing a severe disruption to the traditional ways of the Herac, the last recorded history of a Herac crossing the Rainbow Bridge was some tens of thousands of years ago, and the last Herac to cross the Rainbow Bridge is the current member of the Eight Kings, Heracles

However, thanks to Komatsu, the Four Heavenly Kings and the Hex Food Beast Knights, using the true preparation for AIR, the Giant Air Fruit was able to release the pent up air, blowing away the clouds and revealing the Rainbow Bridges, for the first time in several millennia's.