CloudIcon Poison Rain CloudIcon
Japanese 毒雨 (どくあめ)
Romanized Doku Ame
Type Poison
Location Poison Rain Prairie
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 282
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The Poison Rain is a lethal rain made of poison that falls on the Poison Rain Prairie in the Area 8's mainland.

This unusual climate forms part of the unstable weather of Area 8 caused by Heracles, whose exhalation of a high volume of the air in the continent makes the air pressure stay in a low level. The discharge of that exhalation contains toxins that through updrafts becomes various forms of torrential rainfalls which pours down over the continent in various unusual forms.

On this odd weather condition, the Poison Hail (毒の雹 (どくのひょう) Doku no Hyō) also falls and it can dissolve any object instantaneously.

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