Fork-knife-icon  Pointed Carving Knife Nunchucks   Fork-knife-icon
Wagon handling his Nunchuck
Japanese 出刃ヌンチャク
Romanized Deba Nunchaku
Other Pointed Carving Knife Nunchucks;
Butcher Nunchucks
Owner Wagon
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 187
Anime Episode 108
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The Pointed Carving Knife Nunchucks (出刃ヌンチャク Deba Nunchaku) are nunchaku that were used by Wagon when he fought Chiyo. He showed to be very skillful when using them, but according to Chiyo he still had unnecessary movements.


It is a nunchaku of wooden handles with knives at each end, connected by a short chain in the middle.


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