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Japanese パルメ山椒の実
Romanized Parume sanshō no mi
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Type Fruit
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Anime Episode 18
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The Parmesansho Fruit (パルメ山椒の実 Parume sanshō no mi) is unique fruit which combines the taste of Parmesan Cheese and Japanese Pepper.


When prepared together with Horsetail Cinnamon Sticks using a Gourmet Spicer it can be made into a delicious spice which greatly increases the flavor of dishes such as Marbled Pig.


BB Corn ArcEdit

After returning to Hotel Gourmet, Komatsu used his Gourmet Spicer to mix together some Horsetail Cinnamon Sticks with Parmesansho Fruit to create a seasoning for some Marbled Pig meat he was preparing.