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Ore-Armored Fang Pig Eps 59
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Japanese 鉱鎧キバブタ
Romanized Kō Yoroi Gibabuta
Aliases Ore Armor Tusked Pig
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Type Mammal
Capture Level 45
Length 7m
Height 10m
Weight 6.5t
Price 100g of meat / 8000 yen; 1kg of fur / 150,000 yen
Habitat No specific region, Honey Prison
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 127
Anime Episode 59
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The Ore-Armored Fang Pig is a giant boar with a tough hide made of ore, hence its name. There are a few of them serving as execution beasts in Honey Prison, and within the prison's beast ranking, they are considered B-Rank Execution Beasts. Like the rest of the execution beasts, they are controlled by the unique pheromones of the prison's warden, Love.


A Fang Pig's head is completely covered in dark, spiky fur, and their faces resemble a boar with two long fangs and tusks jutting out of their fearsome maw. They have a long, light-colored mane growing from beneath their neck. They have massive thighs and forearms which appear to be covered in scaly ore-armor, much like the rest of the main body. Their shins appear to be exposed, and they appear to have blade-like protrusions growing from their backs.


They are easily susceptible to Love's pheromones making them docile and non-aggressive unless ordered to, and will follow all of Love's and the prison staff's commands without question. Their behavior in the wild is unknown.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Its full strength or abilities are never seen, however its position as an Execution Beast indicates that it is strong enough to execute any of the prisoners within Honey Prison, with the obvious exception to Zebra.


Its tough hide is sold as precious metal, and often crafted into jewelry.

As FoodEdit

Ore Armor Tusked Pigs are ferocious and difficult to capture, but their firm bodies are a high-protein, a low-calorie food. It's a real hit with body-building athletes and Gourmet Hunters.


Mellow Cola ArcEdit

When Toriko and Komatsu went to Honey Prison to release Zebra, Komatsu came face to face with an intimidating Ore-Armored Fang Pig, which naturally horrified him despite the beast's obvious passiveness.



  • Created by Matsumoto Junji-san from Kanagawa prefecture.

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