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Ootake US
Japanese 大竹 (おおたけ)
Romanized Ōtake
English Otake
Aliases Take-chan
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday 5th May
Age 25 (Pre-Time Skip)
29 (Post-Time Skip)
Status Alive
Height 165cm
Weight 58kg
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Fairy Tale Castle (formerly)
Ico bsk Gourmet Corp.
Occupation Chef
Partner Starjun (combo)
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 156
Anime Debut Episode 83
Japanese Voice Hiro Yūki
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And someday I'll create an orphanage where you can eat "GOD"...!! An orphanage that everyone envies... Really sounds like quite a fairy tale, doesn't it?

—Otake recalls about his ambitions at Gourmet Corp. HQ.

Otake is a young chef who was formerly the owner of the 7-star "Fairy Tale Specialty Cooking" restaurant Fairy Tale Castle prior to his abduction by the Gourmet Corp.. He is also an old friend of Komatsu's from their training days to become chefs. After his abduction he became a member of the Gourmet Corp. and formed a combo with one of its top members.


Ootake in OP2

Otake before and after joining the Gourmet Corp.

Before being abducted by the Gourmet Corp., Otake was a short young man no more taller than Komatsu, with short orange hair, brown eyes and simple features who wore a fancy white dress suit.

After being abducted by the Gourmet Corp., Otake's appearance changed drastically due to being infused with Gourmet Cells. He became greatly taller and far more muscular, his features became far more sharper, his hair turned brown and his eyes gained an amber color. His face also became covered in what appears to be swollen veins or scars, although these once later disappear most likely for he having adapted to his Gourmet Cells. He now wears a white chef's outfit with a large white cape and two small patches on the left side of his chest with the emblems of a fork and a spoon.

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Despite his skill as a chef, it has been shown that he is more focused on his fame than his cooking. He cares more about how much money he makes than the quality of food he produces (even though it is quite high-quality). He will go so far as to pay off reporters. He also has no respect for his customers, often calling them "stupid". This is a radical change from his youth, when it is implied by Komatsu that he was just as passionate about food and making people happy as Komatsu currently is. He has also shown to have become distant of his past in not just his views but also his friends, having even forgotten his and Komatsu's old friend Ume but is ultimately still friendly with Komatsu. He still has some attachments to his past as his motivation for getting better was to allow orphans to enjoy good foods. 

Even after joining the Gourmet Corp., he is still shown to act relatively politely and respectful towards Komatsu and has shown no intention to harm him.

Abilities and WeaponsEdit

After being kidnapped by the Gourmet Corp. and joining them, Otake seems to have gotten hold of a certain amount of strength, becoming muscular and slightly bigger than before. Toriko suspects that he has had Gourmet Cells directly injected into his body (mainly due to seeing his facial features). He uses two knifes as weapons. He has some super strength as he could carry his own weight plus Chiyo and jump up on to Chiyo's beast in the sky.

Chef SkillEdit

Hearing the "Voice" of Ingredients: Otake was one of the few chefs in the world that was able to hear the voice of the ingredients in Ichiryu's Full Course Menu.

Food Luck: Otake was selected as Starjun's combo partner due to his impressive Food Luck, something the Sous Chef doesn't have, and it is a much needed ability in order to obtain GOD.


Rev knife

Otake's revitalizing knife.

Revitalizing Knife: Otake is able to perform the Dark Technique and he possesses a Revitalizing Kitchen Knife for it. Upon stabbing someone, the knife leaves no wound behind, though the victim will still feel the pain. Otake's use of the knife suggests that it was primarily used for torture but can be used to heal people as well.




Otake, Komatsu and Ume during their training days.

Otake grew up an orphan and was raised at the Fairy Tale Castle orphanage. After he was finally old enough to leave the orphanage, Otake became an apprentice chef and then befriended his two fellow apprentices Ume and Komatsu. The three worked together in a regular restaurant during their apprenticeship and only ever had a chance to prepare poor ingredients. Otake's goal at the time was seeing everyone who ate his meals enjoy them and speak the words "delicious" every time, however to him, this ideal was but a stepping stone as he considered every goal and opportunity in life to be a stepping stone to new heights, and it was this ideal that he hoped would lead him to greatness. After Otake finally finished his apprenticeship, he opened up his own establishment, however his restaurant received a poor review from a critic and at the time it became his only media coverage.

Unbeknownst to Otake though, the children who now resided at his former orphanage looked up to him as a role model and kept track of all his media coverage and posted drawings of him on their wall and often sent him letters of admiration which he sadly never got a chance to read. The teacher at the orphanage often called Otake to ask his permission in using his name on the meals they served in order to make the children happy by telling them that it was made by Otake and would also ask him if he could pay a visit to the orphans. Otake had no problem with them using his name though, but never had time to actually visit them.

Young Ootake

Otake visits the abandoned orphanage.

One day though, the poor orphanage could only afford cheap ingredients that were poorly detoxified, causing food poisoning to all those at the orphanage and it eventually led to their tragic deaths. Once news of their deaths was released, Otake went to pay his respects to the tragedy-stricken and rundown orphanage, but was horrified and saddened when he saw the countless admiration notes and drawings on the children's wall as well as the negative review he received in the magazine posted there as well with pride by the orphans who admired and rooted for him. Seeing this heavily moved Otake and drove him to tears. He then swore that his new goal would be to not only achieve greatness, but to make his own orphanage someday where children could eat amazing meals like GOD everyday and smile, in hopes of making the deceased orphans truly proud and not have them be saddened in Heaven. Otake then founded his new restaurant Fairy Tale Castle which he named after his old orphanage and specialized only in meals for children. He would then do anything he could to achieve greatness even if it meant bribing critics or thinking little of customers.

Shining Gourami ArcEdit


Otake before his abduction.

Otake is first shown having recently taken 99th place in the IGO's top 100 chefs ranking, showing that he is a very skilled chef. Komatsu goes to meet him and eat his food, but quickly begins to notice strange things going on, such as Otake bribing the reporters and the reporters not even sitting down for a meal. Otake, having been confronted with Komatsu's ethical concerns, expresses his views adamantly but is ultimately shunned by his former friend.

Meteor Garlic ArcEdit

Not long afterward, Otake is kidnapped by the Gourmet Corp.. He is next seen injured and held prisoner in the Gourmet World, and notices Ichiryu's presence in the base.

Bubble Fruit ArcEdit

Chiyo with Ootake and Scum Beast

A changed Otake with Chiyo and a Scum Beast.

After Toriko and Komatsu finished their Food Honor training, Otake is seen flying on a giant skeletal bird creature along with Chiyo and a Golem as they make their way to Shokurin Temple. When arriving at the temple, Komatsu noticed him when he came off the giant bird and quickly goes to him, having been worried for his safety since his kidnapping. Otake greets Komatsu as well but suddenly stabs him; stating he was glad to to see him again too so he could say farewell.

He states that he has become a far more skilled chef then Komatsu as he has been learning to successfully prepare ingredients from the Gourmet World; he then removes the knife from Komatsu only to reveal that the stab wound is gone, he explains that it was actually a precision knife technique that revitalizes the body. He then begins to boast to Komatsu about his recent achievement in forming a combo with a powerful member of the Gourmet Corp..

He and Komatsu then witness Chiyo and Toriko's furious battle, with Toriko seemingly coming out the victor. Otake, shows some interest in Toriko's skill but still looks down on him. Just then a gigantic beast appears in the sky that is being ridden by a GT Robo who orders Otake and Chiyo to retreat as their goal has been accomplished. Before they leave Otake boasts that with his new skills and his new partner he has surpassed Komatsu in every way and that he shall be the one to prepare and eat GOD and conquer the Gourmet World with his new partner Midora, the boss of the Gourmet Corp.. He then grins maliciously as he picks up Chiyo and escapes on the giant beast. As they leave the GT Robo's operator criticizes Otake for telling such an unflattering lie, but Otake dismisses this as a possible truth since all chefs in the Gourmet Corp. are considered Midora's partners, but soon enough he will rise up to Midora's side. For now though, he still remains the one and only partner of the GT Robo's operator, Starjun, the Sous Chef of the Gourmet Corp..

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

As Starjun walks away to gather the other Gourmet Corp. members for the invasion to the fest, Otake wonders and asks him if he will go, without getting response[1]. Much later after the climax of the deadly events of the Cooking Fest, after Komatsu gets kidnapped by the aforementioned sous chef and imprisoned in the dungeon of the Gourmet Corp.'s Gourmet World HQ, a wounded Otake appears there to greet Komatsu once the latter wakes up, and welcomes him to the "soon-to-be defunct" Gourmet Corp. while Komatsu stares on him in confusion. Otake then collapses before Komatsu, and Komatsu proceeds to get him some water and food to recuperate. Otake shocked at Komatsu's kindness begins to explain how he's always envied Komatsu's kindness towards others and ingredients. He then recalls to what led them to become chefs and his own difficult rise to fame and his tragic ordeal involving the orphans of Fairy Tail Castle. He then reveals to Komatsu that he created his own restaurant in honor of the orphanage and hoping to make it a restaurant just for children and hoped to one day make his own orphanage in which children could eat the GOD ingredient whenever they wanted, which is why he joined the Gourmet Corp. as a stepping stone to get closer to GOD, but in the end his efforts were for nothing. Komatsu convinces him otherwise and tells him to not give up on his dream. However Midora's return interrupted their reunion and Komatsu was then taken to the main hall to meet the "boss". There Midora offered to free any chef who could make him a truly delicious meal. Komatsu volunteered and was then taken by Otake to one of the kitchens were Komatsu was able to make a grand assortment of dishes with the simple ingredients he found which truly astonished Otake and truly made him acknowledge Komatsu as his better. After Midora tasted Komatsu's meal, Otake and everyone present was shocked when Midora happily laughed after tasting the truly delicious meal. He then offered Komatsu the chance to leave but Komatsu refused, much to his and everyone's shocked, believing he could do more in his present predicament and he also had faith that Toriko would come find him. Otake was then left speechless by Komatsu's faith and selflessness.


GOD ArcEdit

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

  • In the anime, Otake's Revitalizing Kitchen Knife appears to emit a black glow and has numerous tiny purple particles moving inside of it.


  1. Episode 125

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